Friday, August 31, 2007

MERDEKA 50 - Magican and Magic Man

As a tribute to Merdeka 50, I decided to pen down my encounter with the magician and magic man around me.


It was a very important occasion for my daughter who scored straight As in her PMR recently and the event was organized by the school to honor more then 100 students that have scored straight As in their SPM and PMR 2006. By 8.30 am the hall have been filled by parents, excellent students and teachers, more then 300 in total. The VVIP was YB Dato’ Dr. Aki who is going to officiate and honor the students. The event was scheduled to start at 9.00 am but by 10.00 am there is no sign of our YB. Everybody was restless including me.

Finally at 10.30 am the YB arrived with his Toyota Harrier, shakes hand with the reception party and went on stage to deliver his speech. There is no apology for being late and he started to tell the students about latest issues including his schooling day’s adventures. He was proud to inform the audience that he was not a bright student while at school and somehow managed to further his studies to PhD level despite having to repeat some of the examinations in his life. He informed the audience that he could not stay back because he has two other political events to attend. In fact right after his speech he just walked straight to the door to his car. The poor organizer has to chase him and gave the memento to him at the car.

A very disappointing act to the hundreds of excellent students and family. I really hope he will never be appointed again as YB next election .


At our get together meeting it was decided that a Cooperative or Association to be set up as a platform to carry out activities that assists our home town especially the students and community. In fact I was told that the idea came from a deputy minister that hailed from our home town. Everybody was excited of the prospect on the support and opportunities that can be given by our deputy minister. After a few coordination meetings it was agreed that a team will make an official call to our deputy minister to discuss on the formation of the cooperative and seek his commitment. The meeting was scheduled at 9.00 am at Putrajaya and everybody assembled at the deputy minister office well before 9.00 am. It was not until 10.30 am that we get to see the deputy minister and he pledged that he was not aware of our visit and could only spare 10 minutes for us. Most of the team member was his super senior and one of them in fact is his uncle. In the meeting he informed us that he could not promise to support our initiatives but advised us to collect as much money from members as possible ( RM 500K ) so that the association will be financially strong for him to recommend us to the Chief Minister for project award considerations. One of our members told him that our main intention is give back to our home town community since we have already made it in KL. To my surprise he unashamedly told us that we should take care of our self and members first and don’t worry about contributing back to the home town. In our post mortem meeting almost all of us agreed that we have been mislead on his interest regarding the formation of the association and definitely he has different value then us in term of sincerely contributing back to our home town community. We have decided that we will move forward and formed the association without hoping of any support from him and maintained our key objective of serving and giving back to our community back home.


For the past seven years Ustaz Idris has carried out his Silat Gayong class at the playground in front of my house. His students are mostly the neighborhood children ranges from 4 to 18 years old. Sometimes the student’s enrollment dwindled to ten only but he kept his class and teaches the children the heritage art of self defense which instill discipline, comradeship and honor among the pesilat.

In fact he also conducts similar class at other places on other nights including UKM, Kajang, and Bandar Putra etc. He has few hundreds students under him now. Each student only paid a mere RM10 per month. I am sure that for most of the time he has to fork out his own money to ensure his silat class moves on. I began to wonder the amount of patience and love he had in ensuring the art of Silat Gayong live on for hundred years to come. This guy never thinks of money to ensure he serves the society and mankinds. I for one benefited from his noble effort with three of my children now holding red and green belts.


Hj. Sam has been my neighbor for more then 14 years now. He is a very simple man who will do most of his work personally instead of farming it out. He is always thoughtful of his neighbors and ready to give a hand to anybody in needs. When one of our neighbors has a martial problem he became a shoulder to lean on, motivating and encouraging the wife to be patience despite the husband taking a second wife. They divorced for a while but later on remarried and now happy ever after. I could not imagine how the wife could make it without his support and empathy.

As for me I very much blessed to have him as my neighbor. Every time I am out station he is there to assist my family on whatever problems that may arise. When my alarm system goes off at 3 am, he will be the one calling me asking if everything is ok and even keep a lookout from his house to ensure we are safe. Sometimes when we were all out of the house the alarm goes off and without fail he will take the troubled to climb over my fence and look around to ensure my house is safe. In fact when one of our neighbor mothers suffers a depression he took the trouble to help her through encouragement and traditional healing.

When the world is going haywire caused by the Magician we kind of lost hope but then there is always the Magic Man that ensures goodness prevail.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Silat Kids

The best time to instill the spirit of courage, discipline and survival among the kids is when they are young. Like what the Malay proverb says " kalau hendak meletur aur biar lah dari rebung ". As they grow older the period of teaching and disciplining tend to disappear and you have to start treating them like friends ..... teach and develop them in a friendly manner.

The silat kids were thought not only the art of self defence but discipline, integrity and bravery. It was reflected in their determination during the grading test at padang UKM recently. In fact I was told by some of the fathers that their children could hardly sleep that night practicing their steps and movements for the test. Early in the morning they woke up and donned their silat uniform and excited to rush to the padang for the test and to meet their silat mates.

The pictures tell the rest of the stories ........

Big and small

Pair of 5 yrs old doing their movements

Breakfast on site

Check up girls

Green Belts club

Age and gender not an issue here

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Orang Utan .... Orang Bandar

Orang Bandar

Orang Utan

MIRA enjoying the attraction ....

MAX .... relax ...and dreaming

ESAH ..... in cage "Meroyan"

Sampan V Dragon Boat

Waterfront Kuching

Kuching oh Kuching

Kuching was cloudy and rainy when we gathered to start off our teambuilding trip to Matang Wild life Centre. There were three bus loads of nature lovers rearing to go despite the threatening weather. We are going to the Orang Utan rehabilitation and conservation centre at Matang Wild Life Centre in the Kubah National Park about 1.5 hour bus ride from Kuching. The 2,230 hectors National Park is part of the Sarawak State government initiative in the conservation of wild life and nature.

By joining the trip I improved my basic knowledge on the endangered species orang utan. In fact orang utan can only be found in two parts of the world i.e. Borneo and Northern Sumatra (Acheh). Its populations was 8,000 in 1989 but now reduced to 2,000 only. Its lifespan is about 40 yrs in nature and 60 yrs in captivity. Its DNA is 97% same with human, making it our closest relatives. Very slow in breeding with 8 to 9 yrs between each pregnancy. The pregnancy period is 8 – 9 months and the baby will stick to its mother between 2 – 3 years before roaming free. They feed on plants shoot with durian as one of the favorite diet. The orang utan nest is made of tree branches & twigs and is 40 – 50 ft above the ground. They change their nest every night????

At the Matang Wild Life Centre we were taken for a short jungle tracking before reaching the orang utan sanctuary. We were first introduced to “Mira” – a three years old orphan that looks very much at home at the sanctuary. She was free to play around and enjoyed the attention given to her. Next was “Esah” with her two years old baby clinging and playing around with her in the cage. She was not allowed to roam freely because of her depression that caused her to act aggressively to female visitors. We were told she was ok with male visitors though!!! Maybe she was having “ sakit meroyan “ like some unfortunate women did after delivery. There was another 19 yrs old male orang utan named “ Max “. They could not set him free because he is very aggressive and unable to survive in the jungle. So used to captivity life – food and lodging provided !!!. Actually the centre acts as an orphanage, training and treatment centre for the orang utan.

Looks like even orang utan have their problems either because of their own doing or caused by human reducing their roaming territories. Despite the close DNA between orang utan and human, they were never close to us in term of intelligence and capability. Capability to do good deeds or destroying the world we are living in. It make me realized the truth reminder given to us by God Almighty that human is a very special creation that can be like an Angel when following the humanly nature but worst then the animal when overcome by animal desires.