Friday, February 29, 2008

Posters War & Ground News Here and There

N 26 Bangi State Seat former YB Dato' Dr. Amran was dropped and replaced with Datuk Mohd Fathil Daud. Reason given for the change was due to poor service record but unfortunately the replacement was unknown to the Bangi community. He will be facing PAS candidate Dr. Shafie Abu Bakar former ADUN of Bangi. I welcomed the change of BN candidate but unfortunately the replacement was unknown personality to me …. and hope not another Magician.

I was talking to a Deputy Division Head of UMNO in Johor whose name was slated for this election after serving the Division for more then 20 years. Unfortunately his name was dropped in the last minute intense lobbying or maybe they were giving him false hope all along. I managed to call him and advised him to be patient and take it as a “hikmah dalam perjuangan”. Having known him for more then 3 decades I thought he would make a good YB that really serve the community.

They said Kelantan is hot and BN is hoping to take over the state after 18 years of failures. They hope to bring home thousands of Kelantanese from KL to swing the vote in Kelantan. On the second thought they were worried that the KL Kelantanese will swing the vote further to PAS because of their exposure to the urban issues in KL. A comment from a friend regarding the Kelantanese – They will take anything that you gave and even agreed to your negative comments on PAS but when they reached KB they will still vote for PAS. For all you know BN may win Kelantan if they did not bring the spoiler back from KL.

Selangor MB said that 8 seats in Selangor are vulnerable due to various reasons. Let see if they could overcome the weaknesses in time and win the seats again, but my bet its going to be tough this election especially in urban areas. The quality of candidates will be a major factor for the voters. Fellow voters do your little research on the track records, manifestos, promises and candidates then ……. on 8th March carry out your duty as RESPONSIBLE Citizen of Malaysia.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Election fever is in the air, it’s like the hay fever pollens swarming the air and getting everybody allergic to it. Here are some of the symptoms of Election Fever for your reference.


1. The missing Yang Berhormat (YB) is now walking the kampung and making appointments to see you and friends.
2. The stock exchange is going bearish and dividends from your savings doubled.
3. The politicians start singing “Your wish is my command …. You to me are everything the sweetest things …. etc …
4. Not only the old pot holes are being repaired but the good road are being resurfaced
5. Promise and sacrifices are the order of the day. I will runs 5km daily despite my old age or stay bachelor despite above 40s ….. all for you Rakyat


1. Make yourself busy instead of seeing the missing YB.
2. Take the dividends and bonus but make sure your vote is secret.
3. You can hear them singing but don’t trust the lyrics. Give them what they deserved based on their performance
4. Called the YB office if they missed your roads.
5. Let them run 100 kms …. if poor record and too old dumped them. If they did not believe in family life would they really look after the people??????????

Please feel free to add on to the SYMPTOMS and MEDICATIONS of the Election Fever for the benefit of Cyber Community.