Friday, February 29, 2008

Posters War & Ground News Here and There

N 26 Bangi State Seat former YB Dato' Dr. Amran was dropped and replaced with Datuk Mohd Fathil Daud. Reason given for the change was due to poor service record but unfortunately the replacement was unknown to the Bangi community. He will be facing PAS candidate Dr. Shafie Abu Bakar former ADUN of Bangi. I welcomed the change of BN candidate but unfortunately the replacement was unknown personality to me …. and hope not another Magician.

I was talking to a Deputy Division Head of UMNO in Johor whose name was slated for this election after serving the Division for more then 20 years. Unfortunately his name was dropped in the last minute intense lobbying or maybe they were giving him false hope all along. I managed to call him and advised him to be patient and take it as a “hikmah dalam perjuangan”. Having known him for more then 3 decades I thought he would make a good YB that really serve the community.

They said Kelantan is hot and BN is hoping to take over the state after 18 years of failures. They hope to bring home thousands of Kelantanese from KL to swing the vote in Kelantan. On the second thought they were worried that the KL Kelantanese will swing the vote further to PAS because of their exposure to the urban issues in KL. A comment from a friend regarding the Kelantanese – They will take anything that you gave and even agreed to your negative comments on PAS but when they reached KB they will still vote for PAS. For all you know BN may win Kelantan if they did not bring the spoiler back from KL.

Selangor MB said that 8 seats in Selangor are vulnerable due to various reasons. Let see if they could overcome the weaknesses in time and win the seats again, but my bet its going to be tough this election especially in urban areas. The quality of candidates will be a major factor for the voters. Fellow voters do your little research on the track records, manifestos, promises and candidates then ……. on 8th March carry out your duty as RESPONSIBLE Citizen of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Dear DJ,

I know you are one of the keris family but ironically the photos showed otherwise. Maybe you have something to tell - pictures can tell a thousand words? Maybe it's also timely for you to prepare for the next election as the people's rep after your official retirement. We can help start building your election machinery after this election. You have the bloggers votes already in advance. (rosn2000)

Zawi said...

D Jaff,
BN needs a total overhaul to be acceptable again. They are now viewed as rotten to the core. The good ones seemed to be sidestepped as happened to your good friend and in Kelantan Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.
The problem Kelantan BN is facing is their own members voting against them just for this election. That speaks volume for the people leading the party now. The fear of The SIL becoming PM is real and people will go to any length to prevent that from happening. People are donating money to help Chegu Bard down the SIL.

jaflam said...

Salam Rosn,
Actually I believed the Party is important but the person representing the party is more important. People yearned for quality representative. The UMNO charter and constitution is all good but sometimes the selected leader mess up the trust given to them..... that what really spoil the party. Thank you for your support and believe that I should offer my service to our hometown in future. Who knows if he YB upset me so much on their poor service.... I may change my mind.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Thank you for the updates on the ground in KB. I read about Datuk Zaid contributions to the handicapped people in KB and his foundation, very proud of him being recognized as one of the philanthropist in Asia. Unfortunately smart and straight talk person like him is a threat to some useless leaders.

I met the UMNO candidate for my constituent just now, he look like a nice guy but unfortunately nobody knows him here .... he needs to work very hard to win the PRU12

Mat Salo said...

Bang DJ,

Sir,disagree on your comment above. If you are an UMNO candidate, what is there to work hard for? You only have to toe the party line and let the MACHINERY take over. And the oppo? Now they're they ones having to bust ass!

Oh yes, they DO look like nice guys. But wait until they get in power. Of course there are exceptions to the rule here, people like Zaid and Datuk Ron --nice guys simply finish last in UMNO.

There-in lies the irony. UMNO actually has some good and effective leaders --but unfortunately they wont last.

Salaam mengundi Bang DJ, unfortunately I wont have the chance to exercise my rights :(

jaflam said...

Salam MS,
Sorry that you have to miss the PRU 12, especially when you are quite into it.

You are half right about the BN machinery might, as the ruling party with 5 decades of experience they have great advantage but at the same time like huge organization they also have weaknesses with regards to sluggishness, out of touch on the ground, bureaucratic etc. Changing people mindset is not easy and it takes times and persistence. The BA have to capitalize on the weaknesses of BN and be consistent in their struggle ... their candidate must be known figure with integrity and familiar with their constituents. Unfortunately what I see on the ground here is not like what you think, the BN is struggling here to keep the seat ...... may the best man win!!!!

zulfa said...

dear sir,
too bad for me as i am at sea now and failed to be a voter ,this time. i would like to see some changes and now is the time. i think a lot of malaysians are well educated and informed ths making them thinking people now and bN are definitely not for thinking people.

we need shipping minister as in EU countries and i will stand behind u if u are contesting. we have to make them aware that malaysia is a maritime nation. to glory we steer!

south china sea is showing her fury again and we failed to carry out some essential things

jaflam said...

Dear Zulfa,
Thank you for dropping by and sorry that you going to miss the election. Perhaps they should start thinking about Mariners/ staff working offshore to exercise their right during election, just like postal votes or electronic voting. If people can transferred billions of dollars online I am sure secured system can be developed for e-voting. Let’s push for it in the next election.

I fully agreed with you that we should have Shipping Minister if the country is serious about capitalizing the assets and resources of our Maritime heritage, but unfortunately no serious effort or desires towards that at the moment.

Let hope strong message will be made in the election to effect great changes.

Zabs said...

Salam DJaf,
Kalau DR. Mas( S/U Parlimen) pun kena drop, apatah lagi Dr Amran, baru DUN je...
Di Rembau, YB DUN Chembong (EXCO lagi), anak kampong saya, baru 1 penggal, dah kena drop. Dengarnya SIL tak mahu dia betanding lagi. Nasib dialah kan.
Apa pun kita tunggu seminggu lagi...

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
Its true so many factors for dropping candidates..... some legitimate and some not so legitimate. Some because of not making the grades and some because of too good and a threat to others.

There is always a blessing in disguise..... after 8 April we will know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dear DJ,
Its nice to hear mariners making a point. We have been saying all night long about making Malaysia a maritime nation. In actual fact we have been a maritime nation before and present except that we still think we are not. Thus it's timely that voters demand for a new Minister for Maritime Affairs in the new cabinet. Wonder if there's any x-mariners becoming candidate this time around? If not DJ you have to change your mind before the next election. (rosn2000)

jaflam said...

Dear Rosnan,

Datuk Yusof Mahal is contesting the Labuan Parliament seat. I just came back from Labuan and I think he will win hands down. As a marine engineer he can starts he ball rolling on the Maritime/ Shipping Minister portfolio.

Need to talk to him after the election to push on mariner’s issues and welfares. Salam

Kak Teh said...

salam, looks like we'll be watching from afar. Not many postal voters from here i think as not many people had time to register as postal voters.

jaflam said...

Salam Kak Teh,
Thanks for dropping by and hope you and family are fine despite not voting this time.

But I guess the anxiety will still be high despite the distance .... let hope the result will be good for Malaysia on a whole.

On a lighter note I met Capt Halim at Miri yesterday evening .. he was all excited when I told him we met recently in KL.