Friday, February 8, 2008


Election fever is in the air, it’s like the hay fever pollens swarming the air and getting everybody allergic to it. Here are some of the symptoms of Election Fever for your reference.


1. The missing Yang Berhormat (YB) is now walking the kampung and making appointments to see you and friends.
2. The stock exchange is going bearish and dividends from your savings doubled.
3. The politicians start singing “Your wish is my command …. You to me are everything the sweetest things …. etc …
4. Not only the old pot holes are being repaired but the good road are being resurfaced
5. Promise and sacrifices are the order of the day. I will runs 5km daily despite my old age or stay bachelor despite above 40s ….. all for you Rakyat


1. Make yourself busy instead of seeing the missing YB.
2. Take the dividends and bonus but make sure your vote is secret.
3. You can hear them singing but don’t trust the lyrics. Give them what they deserved based on their performance
4. Called the YB office if they missed your roads.
5. Let them run 100 kms …. if poor record and too old dumped them. If they did not believe in family life would they really look after the people??????????

Please feel free to add on to the SYMPTOMS and MEDICATIONS of the Election Fever for the benefit of Cyber Community.


Kak Teh said...

Babies get kissed, old pensioners get help to cross the road, the sick get visits and the list goes on.

I've done my bit on the campaign trail and it is the same here, there and everywhere.

Zawi said...

The latest thing here is they call you for a gathering and there will be lucky draws so that you will listen to all the boring speeches bearing all the promises they will make. Tomorrow it will be around my place after they have done it in several other places.

jaflam said...

Kak Teh,
Anything to get their picture in the news..... how nice if they just could stay that way for 5 years. The Magician is making the free show again.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Lucky draws??? Must be good prizes too. I bet they thought they would be as lucky as the winner of the lucky draw. Cukup cukup lah bersandiwara ..... just give what the people truly deserved all the times not Election Fever time.

Zawi said...

Hampers and cellphones are among the prizes. It happenend that tonite Datuk Ibrahim Ali(now an opposition) will be giving a ceramah in Pasir Mas so what better way to keep them away from going to his ceramah.
Just now 4 helicopters carrying the DPM and his entourage flew low over my house. They are opening an army camp by the border of Thailand. I guess helicopters criss crossing the country is another indicator that the GE is near. The PM will fly in his new Airbus 319 of course.

U.Lee said...

Hello Jaflam, General elections akan datang?
I guess politicians are the same all over, you see them before elections, then they do the missing act that even David Copperfield cannot imitate.
G. Bush senior said "read my lips, I will not raise taxes". He got elected, tiga bulan later he spoke a language nobody understood and raised taxes.
Sini pun sama juga.
Our premier said the same thing. He got elected. 4 months later, he raised taxes.
So, last elections, one of the VIPS came knocking on my door and did he get an earful from me. I took no prisoners...told him straight, "you ask for my vote, then first thing you guys when get elected, you raise your salary. Raise our taxes to pay for your salary".
Of course he denied, "I said, "$1.00 says you will within 6 months".
He walked away, with couple of his followers giving me looks and I think what they said under their breath not printable. Arhha ha ha.
One VIP rang my house. I answered, "sorry, I belong to the communist part".
Rrrrrrr. He hung up. Ha ha.
Happy new year to you, Jaflam. Best regards, Lee.

Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
My medication is, keep reading the newspaper, but don't believe everything that is printed. You might also find some of their faults.
On another note, please read my linking tag, you are on. TQ.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Sepatah kata Zabs .... manis nya gula gula kempen tahun ni ... handphone semua mahu !!!! I hope they are not using the old Nuri to fly around .... dangerous especially if misusing Govt assets.

jaflam said...

U Lee thanks for dropping by after your few days of heavy CNY dinners. Actually tonight they are having the National Chinese New Year Bash at jalan Bukit Bintang. The whole area will be full of lights and Tang Longs .... foods and shows.

I was with my family for the last two days at the Pavilion, window shopping and to see latest movies. Great shopping place and plenty of laughs watching CG7 and CUCI.

It’s really good of you to put it straight to the politicians. I really hope more Malaysian will be a thinking voter this year. Vote in the best among them ..... kick out the politicians that looking after themselves more then looking after the people. The same rule goes to the ruling party or the opposition. The people need to change so that the top leaders will not take our view for granted when choosing the candidates. Although politics generally are dirty nowadays but I am sure there are good politicians out there who will make the difference. My slogans VOTE FOR OUR RIGHT ...... VOTE IN THE BEST !!! WAKIL RAKYAT NOT WAKIL DIRI SENDIRI.

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
You are right although there not much in today papers, we must keep reading them and differentiate between the truths and make believe. Sometimes the opposition papers are also over the board.

We just have to be smart voters and readers otherwise ... we become a horse with blinkers.

Will hop over to your site after this. Take care and all the best.

The Ancient Mariner said...

The rakyat must be made to realise that it is a grave sin to return corrupt politicians back into power, somewhat akin to 'bersubahat' or becoming accessories after the fact. But the tragic part is that we are mostly not angry enough and tend to dismiss this as just 'dah memang rezeki dia' etc.

Apo nak jadi nogori kito ni, jang?

jaflam said...

Salam Yusof,
Well the time have come for the Rakyat to make decision. By early March they are going to the poll station..... I hope they will cast their vote with responsibility and without anger. Meanwhile let see how the convincing game among the politicians going to be. We may not be the best in term of fairness in campaign but definitely better then many others. The Election Fever in ON.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Jaflam,

Can I be different here? Ha ha. Can I talk on another topic? I came here on a lighter heady topic.

Thank you for your lovely sharing of your encounter in Manila. Wow! You certainly got style. Do you by any chance has some fav love poems? Come share with us in my entry. I would love to hear any that you have.

Anyway, here's wishing you and your lovely partner of 19 years,

'happy valentine's day'

david santos said...

Good posting, Jaflam, thank you.

Happy Valentin Day!

Mior Azhar said...

You nail it. Couldn't express it better.

jaflam said...

Dear Ruby,
Here you can swing and change anyway you want.... welcome the breather.

To be honest with you I am quite bad with poem ...... most of my catchy lines are from songs that I love. Usually it works ... heheeee.
Like you I love good songs too much ...... but mind you I can't sing.

Thank you for your kind wishes to me and my full time lover. Take care and stay cool.

jaflam said...

Dear David,
Thank you for droppping by and glad that you enjoyed the site.

Have a happy day and good year.

jaflam said...


Thank you for dropping by and agreeing to my views.

By saying it out here it’s kind of a therapy..... kalau tak dapat ubah dengan tangan ..... gunakan perkataan .... atau diam dan tidak setuju dalam hati. I am half way there by writing it here heheeee.

Mat Salo said...

Bang Jaffar,

Been traveling and when I got back to the rig only to find my satellite link had "issues". Now we're good to go.

Re: elections. What can I say? I'm pissed because again I will not be allowed to vote by virtue of me being on a floating "prison". You know the score. But in this age of SSLs, https, secure transactions and the like, there is just no excuse. If I was in town working in the office I'd gladly pay my own way back home just to exercise my right. Why should only military personnel have the right?

But at least I'll be "entertained" watching the electoral process from afar...the antics of our desperadoes belching empty promises if that's any consolation.


BTW, nice pix of my orang kampuang Capt. Yusof at the IKMAL do. But I like the usher girls better. :)

jaflam said...

Salam MS,
Sorry that you have to miss the election. Actually its a very important and interesting event. Its about the only time when the voters are the king ..... and the wakil rakyat candidate become your true servant.

I hope the voters will not only look at the party but also the integrity and performance of the candidates before casting their votes.

Anonymous said...

Dear DJ,

Talking about election, I would rather have you as the wakil rakyat in the next election. After your retirement in the next few years, it would be worth your wisdom to represent Parlimen Mersing or ADUN Tenggaroh/Endau. Having been breed in Mersing, then travelled the world and back in action in the Klang Valley, I believe you can do more good than harm to the people of Mersing. Of course like you always said, not for glory sake but as a way to give back to society. Give it a ponder after this election day and gear up for the next one, I presume you will have the enviable support of the Bloggers Incorporated and the the loyal Mersing folks. (rosn2000)

jaflam said...

Salam Nan,
Thank you for dropping by and your kind thought for me serve Mersing as politicians. Actually I do believe that politician is a very important component of the society and can make many good changes for the benefit of the society. Sadly we lack politicians that put the people and country in front of their personal interest. I am not worried about the people support but maybe I just could not stand the many dirty antics governing the politics nowadays. Given the choice I would rather become a philanthropist.