Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jaff Art Gallery..... online now

Flower pot by Rafi Ghani
I have decided to launch my Jaff Art Gallery ( to share my art collections with friends and art lover in the cyber space. It will also be the place where I safe keep the soft copy of my collections and interacts with others that shares similar interests.

As a start I share with you my latest collection Sepasang Serama by Nazri, a self taught artist from Kuantan. He is a very good realist artist making his Serama paintings something that I could not resists. In fact at the recent Pahang Artist Association Exhibition at TV3 four of his Serama Series paintings were bought by prominent personalities icluding Dato Seri Jamaludin Jarjis (Malaysian Ambassador to US ) and Yusof Gajah (renowned artist ). I wish Nazri all the best and hope he will produced more master pieces for the art scene.

Friday, October 30, 2009

PKR out of Trends.....

More then a year ago it was trendy to be against the Government and Government bashing was the name of the game. Almost everybody that I talked to before have nothing good to say about the government and full of complaints. It was puzzling to me because despite the many floors, I always hold the ground that there are also plenty good things that have been done by the ruling government all these years, otherwise we will be more like the under developed third world countries with unending feuds and extreme poverty crisis. Despite the cynical and mocking remarks by many I see the changing of batons from Tun Abdullah Badawi to Datuk Sri Najib Abd Razak as refreshing with light of hope.

It looks like within the short time of taking over the Government, Najib has managed to instill confidence into the Government and rakyat. He managed to put in quick fixes and long term plan and strategy that shift the misconception of the ruling Government. Despite many still rumbling about the understanding of 1 Malaysia concept, but in general the acceptance of rakyat, government and private institutions on the Concept is falling into place. It is now about delivering the visions and objectives line up to invoke radical changes for the benefit of the rakyat and nation. It’s no more about politicians and individuals…… those who could not deliver will perish faster then they realized.

What is happening to Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties? PAS almost has a fatal blow when Nik Aziz demands for EGM to remove so called anti PR leaders. The management team managed to water it down to a Seminar that supposed to address the issue but then the in fighting is not going to end in the near future. The in fighting will continues until one of the team is being reduced to a minimal. PKR is having it nightmares now with more leaders and wakil rakyat leaving the party. It’s difficult to live on empty promises and so far not much can be seen on good changes in the PR ruled states. The art of blaming the BN for all misdeeds does not hold water anymore…… unless the PR can shows monumental changes in economy and governance they are going to be out of trends. It looks like the troubles brewing in PKR and PAS will become cancerous if effective medication or surgery is not being dispensed timely. The resignation of Jeffrey Kitingan, Badrul Hisahm and Zaid sabbatical may just be the tip of the ice berg that will finally sink the ship called PKR.

Having said that the BN is not on stable ground either. The feuding MCA and out of trends MIC may become a parasite that suck all the good blood in BN. They have to shape up fast or may have to be shift out in an orderly manner. UMNO have to walk the talk and delivered all the changes expected by the rakyat. Eventually they have to touch the heart of every rakyat by their doing and not political gimmicks. Gone are the days of fancy cars, cigars and mega villas. They have to live like the rakyat and behave like a WAKIL RAKYAT not TUAN kepada RAKYAT. They must capture this changing trend fast and be once again the evergreen reliable , fashionable and fatally effective governing machine.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pahang Artists Exhibition @TV3

Datuk Maznah receiving gift from Primeworks COO

VVIP, organisers and participating artists
There is something about art …. It’s attracts me like magnet, what more if the event is being organized by friend. So to be at Pahang Artists Art Exhibition @ TV3, was not an option but rather a must. Datin Mamasita did a great job organizing the event that was officiated by YB Datuk Maznah, Deputy Minister of Human Resource. The opening went on smoothly and we had tea with the Deputy Minister after that ….. She was passionate about developing and supporting the Pahang Artists. There were few blogger friends including Putri Kama, NanaDJ, Wan Rusli and few others that I didn’t catch their names at the launch and tea.

I won’t talk about the painting on display; suffice to say that there are many great works that will capture your eyes and maybe your pocket. I end up buying a painting “ Se Pasang Ayam Serama “ by Nazri. The painting reminds me of the ayam serama that I used to keep. Serama the beautiful bantam chicken that very majestic, bold and colorful originated from Malaysia. See for yourself from the paintings of Serama (smallest chicken in the world) by Nazri .

The exhibition will be on from 9 – 5 pm until 3rd November 2009, so if you are free come by and enjoy the beautiful paintings from the Pahang Artists. If you decided to purchase any of the artwork, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Padang Earthquake victims. Congratulations to Mamasita for the success of the exhibition.
Sepasang Serama by Nazri ( mine now )
Some of the paintings on display
TV3 staff and guests watching the exhibition
Two old ladies with batik sarongs
Fishing boats in port
Rapids in art
Tioman Peak...
Painting of Datuk Maznah three sons
Part of the men at the launching
Ladies in support... NanaDJ, Kama ...
Arts on display....

Friday, October 9, 2009

Night and Day.... Abu Yusof

Night and Day ... 4'x5' Acrylic on Canvas

After buying Pak Zawi painting my art craze seeped in again. I have been avoiding gallery and art exhibition simply because I am running out of wall to hang my collections. Now I am breaking the rules again and today I bought another exciting art piece titled “ Night and Day” by Abu Yusof. The abstract painting reflects the current chaotic social ills and mad race that made differentiation between good and bad so faint. Luckily God made night and day otherwise we would not know when to stop work and sleep. We will be lost in the chase for wealth and power because, truth and honesty does not matter anymore.

This art piece from Abu Yusof reminds me not to be trapped in the rat race and pollution of the mind. I have to swim away from the strong current that dragging me to the ocean. I am happy in my port and with my new art piece “ Night and Day”. For those who love art, see if you could relates yourself with this exciting work from Abu Yusof. Break away from bad politics be it in the office or at Bagan Pinang.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pak Zawi...... Art Piece

Traditonal Kelantan Fishing Boat by Pak Zawi

I got email message from Pak Zawi that he has couriered his painting for me which should reached by Thursday. Despite seeing the painting by email,I was still excited to see the art work life. Got a call from the courier service that they have tried to deliver the parcel twice but failed because nobody at home. I realized that they have sent to the wrong address because the house opposite to me has identical address to mine minus the letter G ( mine was No2, Jln 3/5G and hers No2, 3/5 ). Managed to clarify the address with the courier service girl and she promised to send it the next day. Finally I received the parcel from Pak Zawi today and was so happy with what I see.

As if reading my mind Pak Zawi painted the Traditional Kelantan Fishing Boat impressionist style with river and greenery background setting. There was the boat, river with two tone water colors and shadows. The background captured few houses in a greenery lungs and blue whitish sky. I love the painting life more then in the email photo. It will be a special art piece for me not only because of its quality but because it was painted with passion and care from my friend Pak Zawi. I could feel the energy and careful strokes he made in creating this art piece. He was giving his best to deliver me a piece that will make me smile…… Pak Zawi you did a great job, even all my kids love it.
Another important part of a painting is the write up that goes with it. Pak Zawi wrote a wonderful write up about the painting. For art lovers a wall without a painting is like soulless and empty being. A real painting will provide a life to the wall, house and people living in it. If you have an empty wall try get a painting of your taste, especially from a painter you know. It may change your life as it touches mine.
Pak Zawi painting with Mansor Ghazali on my wall