Friday, October 30, 2009

PKR out of Trends.....

More then a year ago it was trendy to be against the Government and Government bashing was the name of the game. Almost everybody that I talked to before have nothing good to say about the government and full of complaints. It was puzzling to me because despite the many floors, I always hold the ground that there are also plenty good things that have been done by the ruling government all these years, otherwise we will be more like the under developed third world countries with unending feuds and extreme poverty crisis. Despite the cynical and mocking remarks by many I see the changing of batons from Tun Abdullah Badawi to Datuk Sri Najib Abd Razak as refreshing with light of hope.

It looks like within the short time of taking over the Government, Najib has managed to instill confidence into the Government and rakyat. He managed to put in quick fixes and long term plan and strategy that shift the misconception of the ruling Government. Despite many still rumbling about the understanding of 1 Malaysia concept, but in general the acceptance of rakyat, government and private institutions on the Concept is falling into place. It is now about delivering the visions and objectives line up to invoke radical changes for the benefit of the rakyat and nation. It’s no more about politicians and individuals…… those who could not deliver will perish faster then they realized.

What is happening to Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties? PAS almost has a fatal blow when Nik Aziz demands for EGM to remove so called anti PR leaders. The management team managed to water it down to a Seminar that supposed to address the issue but then the in fighting is not going to end in the near future. The in fighting will continues until one of the team is being reduced to a minimal. PKR is having it nightmares now with more leaders and wakil rakyat leaving the party. It’s difficult to live on empty promises and so far not much can be seen on good changes in the PR ruled states. The art of blaming the BN for all misdeeds does not hold water anymore…… unless the PR can shows monumental changes in economy and governance they are going to be out of trends. It looks like the troubles brewing in PKR and PAS will become cancerous if effective medication or surgery is not being dispensed timely. The resignation of Jeffrey Kitingan, Badrul Hisahm and Zaid sabbatical may just be the tip of the ice berg that will finally sink the ship called PKR.

Having said that the BN is not on stable ground either. The feuding MCA and out of trends MIC may become a parasite that suck all the good blood in BN. They have to shape up fast or may have to be shift out in an orderly manner. UMNO have to walk the talk and delivered all the changes expected by the rakyat. Eventually they have to touch the heart of every rakyat by their doing and not political gimmicks. Gone are the days of fancy cars, cigars and mega villas. They have to live like the rakyat and behave like a WAKIL RAKYAT not TUAN kepada RAKYAT. They must capture this changing trend fast and be once again the evergreen reliable , fashionable and fatally effective governing machine.

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Anonymous said...

Salam Capt.

I believe you generation (and mine too), at one time were familiar with "Melayu tak bloeh buat Sains", "Melayu tak boleh buat Mathematik", Melayu tak boleh masuk aliran Sains, et al.

But it takes courage from Mlay leaders to ensure that Malays got the OPPORTUNITY to further themselves. Now, Melayu jadi Engineers, Akauntan, Doktor et al. melayu jadi Kepten Kapal, Melayu jadi Juruterbang, dan Melayu jadi Kepten KAPAL SELAM.

If that is Assobiyyah, I say so be it, as we need the Malays/Muslims to have the capacity and availability to enhance their technical competency.

Leat we forget, it ius the resulyt of the Opportunity given that we have Malays/Muslims heart surgeon by virtue of Malays scholarships at IJN that are capable to operate on PAS leaders thge like of Allahyarham Ustad Fadhil Nor, Dr Harun Din, Haji Hadi et al.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73