Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pak Zawi...... Art Piece

Traditonal Kelantan Fishing Boat by Pak Zawi

I got email message from Pak Zawi that he has couriered his painting for me which should reached by Thursday. Despite seeing the painting by email,I was still excited to see the art work life. Got a call from the courier service that they have tried to deliver the parcel twice but failed because nobody at home. I realized that they have sent to the wrong address because the house opposite to me has identical address to mine minus the letter G ( mine was No2, Jln 3/5G and hers No2, 3/5 ). Managed to clarify the address with the courier service girl and she promised to send it the next day. Finally I received the parcel from Pak Zawi today and was so happy with what I see.

As if reading my mind Pak Zawi painted the Traditional Kelantan Fishing Boat impressionist style with river and greenery background setting. There was the boat, river with two tone water colors and shadows. The background captured few houses in a greenery lungs and blue whitish sky. I love the painting life more then in the email photo. It will be a special art piece for me not only because of its quality but because it was painted with passion and care from my friend Pak Zawi. I could feel the energy and careful strokes he made in creating this art piece. He was giving his best to deliver me a piece that will make me smile…… Pak Zawi you did a great job, even all my kids love it.
Another important part of a painting is the write up that goes with it. Pak Zawi wrote a wonderful write up about the painting. For art lovers a wall without a painting is like soulless and empty being. A real painting will provide a life to the wall, house and people living in it. If you have an empty wall try get a painting of your taste, especially from a painter you know. It may change your life as it touches mine.
Pak Zawi painting with Mansor Ghazali on my wall


mamasita said...

A beautiful masterpiece! Congrats Pak Zawi!Congrats to the proud owner too!

jaflam said...

Thanks DM and wish you all the best on the upcoming Pahang Artists Exhibition at TV3. I am sure there will be plenty of exciting works on display there.

Pak Zawi said...

Dato' Jaff,
I never expect to be painting for you just yet because I am still in kindergarten compared to the likes of Mansor Ghazali, Fauzul, Fauzan Omar and Dato' Hossein Enas work in your collection.
Alhamdulillah, at this stage of my life Allah has given me the gift to draw and I am sure glad that my paintings bring happiness to you and my other friends. I just draw from my heart just the way I know how. Thanks to Allah it turned out the way you like.
InsyaAllah one or both of my sons will turn up at your open house. I specifically told them to take a photograph with Dato' with the painting in the background for me to blog. So please hang it somewhere even though unframed so that they can be photographed with you.
Now I am all fired up to paint more after seeing you blog about it.
Thank you Dato'

jaflam said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
You have done a great job for me and many of your friends who I believed are as happy as I am when they received your paintings. I know you could only get better because of the passion and energy that you put in it. But then for successful painters their early works carry different prestige and value. I would say that I am lucky to have a copy of your early work which turns out to be a piece that I love.

I purposely put your work alongside one of Malaysian great painter to show viewers that you are not far off and your work will definitely enlighten the wall and a good keep.

Look forward to see your son this Saturday and how I wish you could come along. Take care and enjoy the journey with your brush.

Ydiana said...


I see that you are an art lover and collector. I appreciate art, and I like lively pictures, enough to bring life to an empty wall, but that's just that. :)

jaflam said...

Well Ydiana to luv arts is good enough.... because it gives us the softer dimensions in life to counteract the rat race that flooding our space. If you are free come over to my open house this Saturday.... some exciting friends including bloggers will be around.

A Friend said...

Salam Jaffpoint

I am an art lover and you made a great purchase. I am interested to have Pak Zawi paint a picture for me, if you don't mind, what is the price point?

jaflam said...

Salam Afriend,
Actually Pak Zawi is very flexible when it comes to price. He sells from RM 200 to RM400 and the buyer decides which amount to pay. I paid in between hehee. Hope you will get his work too, in near future.

Pak Zawi said...

Dato' Jaff,
Thanks for the promo. Your answer is most apt. I know how much it is worth to sell you a painting at whatever price. Now it is bearing fruits.
Hopefully more people will get to view my painting at your coming open house. Just hang it somewhere even if it is without a frame.

jaflam said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Your painting will always be special to me, not only because it’s painted by you but also because boat and sea is something very close to my heart.

I will be displaying some of my collections on my open house and yours will definitely be on of them.


Salam Dato..congratulations on your new painting..Pak Zawi's painting.


jaflam said...

Thanks MH, always good to have close friend work and usually I avoided buying painting from artist that I don't know. The tips given to me in buying art work is that you must know the artist track record and future prospective. Whether he is serious painter or just passing through and of course his work must be to your taste and good quality.

Kak Teh said...

dato j, you are lucky to be an owner of a pak zawi. It'll be a whle before we get ours.

jaflam said...

Don't worry Kak Teh I am sure Pak Zawi will paint your request in a zest. The posting may cost quite a bit, best if u pick it up on one of your trip home or make sure its posted in a roll instead of framed!

jaflam said...

Don't worry Kak Teh I am sure Pak Zawi will paint your request in a zest. The posting may cost quite a bit, best if u pick it up on one of your trip home or make sure its posted in a roll instead of framed!

Kama said...

Dato j, I'm afraid your 'penyakit' is contagious. I used to purchase paintings by ITM art students years ago when they put theirs up for exhibition. Those pieces were really good. after looking at Pak Zawi's and mazeri's, i yearn to own theirs too. oh gawd, this is going to be one expensive hobby... hehehe.. tapi it's worth it, i know :)

PS: my apologies for not being able to make it to your open house. as of now (2.30pm) pak abu masih belum balik from golfing in Lembah Beringin and i doubt if we are going to be in time ... :(

Pak Zawi said...

Dato' Jaff,
@Kak Teh,
Tell me what to paint and I will paint it for you. The shipping charges to London cost a whopping RM140 for the min 500 gm, so I guess you better collect it on your/hubby's next trip home.