Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jaff Art Gallery..... online now

Flower pot by Rafi Ghani
I have decided to launch my Jaff Art Gallery ( to share my art collections with friends and art lover in the cyber space. It will also be the place where I safe keep the soft copy of my collections and interacts with others that shares similar interests.

As a start I share with you my latest collection Sepasang Serama by Nazri, a self taught artist from Kuantan. He is a very good realist artist making his Serama paintings something that I could not resists. In fact at the recent Pahang Artist Association Exhibition at TV3 four of his Serama Series paintings were bought by prominent personalities icluding Dato Seri Jamaludin Jarjis (Malaysian Ambassador to US ) and Yusof Gajah (renowned artist ). I wish Nazri all the best and hope he will produced more master pieces for the art scene.


mamasita said...

Waah Tok! Congrats! Dah buat Art Gallery at your blog! Great job!
Sorry I didn't come earlier..again my Kubang Buaya area takde internet! Gearramm.

In KL pulak, my K.Damansara rented house blum pasang kat KL kena rely at the kopitiam and in Kuantan kena bersidai kat kopitiam jugak.

Our exhibition will be on until the 3rd November. I hope TV3 bagi extension until Friday..belum confirm dapat but maybe boleh.

Nak try to put U-tube MHI on the Pahang Art exhibition in my blog.U-tube reject sebab their time limit about 10 mins. Mine 13 mins.So kena compress lagi. Hopefully dapat embedd in my blog by today.

Thank you for your very strong support on the Pahang artworks.

jaflam said...

DM,Happy that you have a successful exhibition. I started JAG to share my interests and collections with art lovers. Hopefully it will keep my artworks records current aswell.

Pak Zawi said...

Salam Dato' Jaff,
Congratulations on the launching of your Cyber Gallery. This way more people will be able to appreciate your personal collection.

jaflam said...

Slm Pak Zawi,
Hope you have settled down back home and bz painting again. I hope JAG will contribute to keep the art scene alive and happening. The more we talk and write about art the more popular the subject matter will be. Look forward for your next art posting.