Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pahang Artists Exhibition @TV3

Datuk Maznah receiving gift from Primeworks COO

VVIP, organisers and participating artists
There is something about art …. It’s attracts me like magnet, what more if the event is being organized by friend. So to be at Pahang Artists Art Exhibition @ TV3, was not an option but rather a must. Datin Mamasita did a great job organizing the event that was officiated by YB Datuk Maznah, Deputy Minister of Human Resource. The opening went on smoothly and we had tea with the Deputy Minister after that ….. She was passionate about developing and supporting the Pahang Artists. There were few blogger friends including Putri Kama, NanaDJ, Wan Rusli and few others that I didn’t catch their names at the launch and tea.

I won’t talk about the painting on display; suffice to say that there are many great works that will capture your eyes and maybe your pocket. I end up buying a painting “ Se Pasang Ayam Serama “ by Nazri. The painting reminds me of the ayam serama that I used to keep. Serama the beautiful bantam chicken that very majestic, bold and colorful originated from Malaysia. See for yourself from the paintings of Serama (smallest chicken in the world) by Nazri .

The exhibition will be on from 9 – 5 pm until 3rd November 2009, so if you are free come by and enjoy the beautiful paintings from the Pahang Artists. If you decided to purchase any of the artwork, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Padang Earthquake victims. Congratulations to Mamasita for the success of the exhibition.
Sepasang Serama by Nazri ( mine now )
Some of the paintings on display
TV3 staff and guests watching the exhibition
Two old ladies with batik sarongs
Fishing boats in port
Rapids in art
Tioman Peak...
Painting of Datuk Maznah three sons
Part of the men at the launching
Ladies in support... NanaDJ, Kama ...
Arts on display....


Kama said...

After looking at you dok ligan the ayam serama series, I kind of congak2 .."ni mesti Datuk Jeff beli nanti". :-) Nice to have met you again.

jaflam said...

Hai Kama,
The painting was too good for me to let it go. Just like the Rambutan yang you dok ushar hehee. Hope your plan Exhibition for the Kelantan Artists will materialize soon.

sakmongkol AK47 said...

Tok! I finally get to leave a comment. The internet system in my area in Kuantan tak sudah2 upgrading! Almost 3 days dah including today..hehe

I just drove back into KL..thank you Tok for the very beautiful entry you've just put up. You're one of the best a friend can have! Thank you for helping to highlight the Pahang Art Exhibition.I am eveready to blog about Puteri's coming Art Exhibition..hehehe

Waah..cantiknya your snapshot of the ayam serama! Hidup betul!

jaflam said...

Happy to support your noble work and art promotion. Actually I just pickup photography and still learning to take artistic shots. I remember Datuk Maznah mentioned abut the listing of Pahang Artists your association published, appreciate if I could have a copy. Have a good interview at MHI tomorrow.

mamasita said...

Hahaha..baru prasan I pakai Ariff punya sakmongkol thingy!

Most of us..99% were not aware such a directory existed! hahaha..kena tanya the politician herself dimana buku tu..hahaha

Pak Zawi said...

Pahang artists are one lucky lot. They not only have hardworking Mamasita with the full backing of Dato' Arif but also a Deputy Minister to support them.
Soon the Malaysian Ambassador to USA will be coming over to buy most of the paintings to be used as gifts to Diplomats in Washington. One of the paintings may even reach the Oval Office of the President of USA! How much luckier can they be?

jaflam said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Your observation is very true and hopes the artists will take the opportunity to produce high quality paintings that will take them further outside Malaysia.

Maybe it’s about time the Kelantan Association did the same things by getting support from credible politicians and successful kelantanese businessman.

abuyusof said...

very happy to know you bought a painting by nazri.. he's a good friend of mine and a really good realist artist..

jaflam said...

Slm Abu Yusof,
Good to know that you and Nazri are good friend. He is very talented and i am happy to keep one of his serama series. Hope you are doing well and coming up with new interesting work. Noticed that Ismadi is coming up with his solo exhibition early next year.