Saturday, January 31, 2009

Berita Harian @ Amal untuk Gaza

Syabas kepada Berita Harian yang telah berjaya menganjurkan majlis jualan amal untuk Tabung Gaza di Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya hari ini. Majlis mendapat sambutan hangat daripada orang ramai dan artis negara yang hadir. Ini yang dikatakan artis prihatin, mendermakan barang barang untuk dilelong dan sama sama menjual barang barang terpakai untuk mangsa kezaliman Israel di Gaza.
Ramli MS .... lelong baju, seluar dan jaket
Kami sekeluarga turut meramaikan majlis sambil menderma. Itulah sedikit yang dapat kami buat untuk saudara Islam yang menderita di Gaza, semoga umat Islam yang berjumlah 1.6 billion di dunia ini akan turut sama membantu dalam apa cara sekali pun demi keamanan sejagat.

Mawi & Ekin turut sama .... Icecream lelong $10

Kak Anita & Suami ..... jangan marahlah bang

Orang yang sangat ramai

Erra & Suami ...... 7 bulan mengandung masih manisss

Ahhh Abg Mahathir dah senyum .... senang hati Kak Nita

Rosyam Noor ...... jual apa tuuuu

Mawi .... dah kahwin pun masih menjadi pujaan ramai

DJs Hot FM ...... masih Hot walaupun dukung anak

Pelawak kita dan peminat

Chef Wan dan Sarina......buat demo masak lagi

Dress me up Mak ooi

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bye bye BUSHman, Welcome Obama

Bush Hug & Crocodile Rock
The most hated world leader and worst USA President finally end his day of disservice yesterday at Capitol Hill. His service was sealed with the bloods of more the 1,200 Palestinians killed by the Israeli in Gaza City. His greatest achievements includes invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Destabilization of Pakistan, Manslaughter of the Palestinians by Israeli, Financial and Economic Disaster of USA & Global and victimizing Muslims of the world through terrorism fear factor.
Lets dance to the future

President Barack H. Obama gave an inspiring Presidential inauguration speech underlining all the challenges and way forward for a better America and the rest of the world. While focusing on the new future, he kept reminding the crowd on the sacrifice of the past freedom fighters and good values that need to be preserved. His words of change and hope provide the warmth throughout the world but then the reality of those words is yet to be seen and realized. Let hope he will be true to his words and promise in making USA and rest of the world a better and tolerant place to live in.
Kenyan dance for Obama

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kuala Terengganu Go Green

Despite all the promises and gifts from BN, the people of Kuala Terengganu had chosen PAS to represent them in Parliament. What went wrong to the mighty UMNO and BN machinery? Its looks like the strategy doesn’t work and the people are still strongly inclined to the opposition as clearly shown in the last general election.

UMNO definitely need major change and sugary to stay relevant. Their coming election in March can be the much needed sugary to save the organization or the fatal strike that will blow her offshore.

Friday, January 9, 2009


National Mosque Friday 9th Jan 09.... Save Gaza

Tun Mahathir giving a speech ..... trial the killer

The National Mosque organized “sembahyang hajat” for the Palestinians immediately after Friday prayer today. It was followed by the launching of Boycott Israel & USA products by Tun Dr. Mahathir. In his speech Tun called Malaysians and the global community to boycott Israel and USA products including the US dollars.

Although the UN Security Council has passed the resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza, Israel seemed adamant with its cruelty to continue killing the innocent Palestinians. In passing the resolution USA was the only country that remained neutral while all the other 14 members supported the motion. More than 750 Palestinians have died in the Israel cruelty against humanity up to now and many more will die if the war is allowed to continue.

1) Keep up the demonstration against Israel brutality in Gaza
2) BOYCOTT all Israel and USA goods and currency
3) Keep praying for God justice against Israel
4) Keep up the moral and financial support to Palestinians – DONATE
5) Spreads the words on Israel cruelty to the people around you and the world community


Demonstrators in full force ........ Boycott Israel & USA

Haji taking a best shot ...... spread the words & pic on Israel cruelty

Media in full force and support

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

STOP the Kiling by Israel @ Gaza City

Children killed by Israeli in Gaza

Updated 8 Jan 2009

Let's support Mercy Malaysia effort to help the Palestinians!

Mercy Malaysia has, on 30th December 2008, formed an Emergency Response Assessment Team to face the humanitarian crisis in Gaza strip. The team has been promptly dispatched to Egypt led by President, Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood and Exco Member Norazam Ab. Samah.
The air strike and ground offensive on Gaza - as reported by AlJazeera - have killed more than 700 Palestinians, 219 of which are children. More than 3000 have been wounded.

Therefore, Mercy Malaysia appeals to generous Malaysians to send it cash donations. Contributions will support Mercy Malaysia to procure emergency surgical kits, medicines and hospital equipments to help the hospitals in Gaza.

1) Cheque is to be made payable to “MERCY MALAYSIA” and addressed to Mercy Malaysia, Level 2, Podium Block, City Point, Kompleks Dayabumi, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

2) Cash donations can be made via on-line transmission or deposit at CIMB Bank Account No: 1424-000-6561053.

3)Donation form can be downloaded from here.

Further enquiries are to be directed to +603-22733999 or
Let us make a difference by whatever little we have. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your generosity.

At the last Friday prayer the Imam Mesjid Negara was in tears while reciting the DOA for the safety of innocent Palestinians in the Gaza City, that have been bombarded by the cruel Israeli air attack. More than five hundred people mostly civilians and children had died in the current Israel aggression against the helpless Palestinians. The world stands helpless to the human killing simply because the USA was supporting the Israel aggression by blocking even the condemnation of Israel by the UN Security Council.

From the first day of its formation Israel never had any peace moments with its neighbors. Supported by the USA and its allies the Israeli has been the aggressors invading its neighbors. Now they are at peak of madness and aggression by slaughtering the Palestinians in the Gaza City.

So shall the world just stand and look at the killing of the innocent Palestinian, just because USA is supporting Israel. The USA had caused the destruction of peace in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and many other countries of the world, so much so they have been branded as the pariah super power of the world. Israel would not be brave even to start the war without the USA support. In fact they can be easily beaten by some of its neighbors without the support.

The world, especially the Muslims must stand united and expressed their physical displeasure to Israel and USA. In fact they must do more than that by giving all support to the Palestinians that currently being under seized. We must stand and act to stop the war by:

1. Intensifying demonstrations against the war in Gaza and condemning Israel and its allies.
2. Give material and moral support to the Palestinians.
3. Boycott all Israel and USA goods and currency.
4. Stop all dealing with the two countries
5. OIC must lead the action and boycott against Israel and USA
6. Use oil and gas as weapons to fight against them
7. Withdraw all investment from the two countries

The world and Muslims must fully believe that Israel and US are not invincible and can be beaten in many ways. War is not the only weapon to beat them in fact they can be easily beaten if the world decided to boycott them in terms of trade, financial and economic dealings. In fact USA is at the brink of bankruptcy due to the current financial and economic crisis there. Can the world survive and prosper without Israel and USA. I strongly believe we can, in fact it will be a better place to live without them.