Friday, July 31, 2009

ISA Rally .... Sick Mind

Just came back from working trip to Jakarta last Wednesday. It was good trip except for the cancelled Mas flight on Tuesday that took off the smiles from passengers faces. The hotels, offices and shopping centers in Jakarta looks like a high security zones. Security services must be a good business in Indonesia. Definitely I would not fancy myself living in Jakarta or even try to compare Malaysia and Indonesia. Living here is just too good to compare with most of our neighboring states. It was bad enough that every bombing in Indonesia will be linked to Nordin Mat Top (a Malaysian) and Malaysian bashing seemed to be a good past time for them.

Now with the planned anti ISA rally, the Pakatan Rakyat and associates is hoping to turn Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, where rally has became their natural habit. The ISA was in place to secure the security of the nation and innocent rakyat from those who wish to see Malaysia goes down the drain and in chaos. The things that need to be improved perhaps is in ensuring that the law being used fairly. Further more the Prime Minister has declared that the law will be reviewed for the better.

No the Pakatan Rakyat and associates could not leave the country in peace and used every opportunity to politicize issues. The headway made by BN on the confidence building initiatives has caused panic in the opposition front. They are back to their old fashion way of streets demonstrations. I hope the police will take early action to ensure Kuala Lumpur remains a peaceful and harmony city. For those who love streets demonstrations so much please move over to Jakarta your idol city.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ancient Mariner@ Capt. Yusof Ahmad ...In Memory

Updated on July 20 @ 10:37 a.m. from Elviza

This is a message from Captain’s daughter, Aisyah:
“Dear All,
On behalf of my family, thank you for your kind words and wishes. We’re not sure how to contact all his friends, so hope this will reach some, if not most.
There will be a Tahlil tonight after Isyak prayers at Surau An Nai’mah next to our residence at Tiara Kelana Condo in SS 7 Kelana Jaya. It would mean a lot to us if you could attend.

Thank you.
Aisyah Yusof (Captain’s daughter)

My deepest condolence to the wife and family of Capt. Yusof Ahmad @ Ancient Mariner that passed away last night. He passed away at the age of 64 after serving the maritime industry more then three decades.

For the last few years he has been blogging under the name Ancient Mariner highlighting current issues without any fear or favor. He will be well remembered among the bloggers and maritime community.

I have lost a dear friend that shared many common interests, especially in our endeavor to uplift the maritime professionals through Malaysian Maritime Institute ( IKMAL ).

Semoga Allah kurniakan keredaan dan keampunanNya keatas arwah bersama mereka yang soleh dan beriman. Al Fatihah.
Arwah selamat dikebumikan di Linggi - kampung halamannya pada 19 Julai 2009.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Manik Urai..Menang dan Kalah

65 undi memisahkan yang menang dan kalah di Manik Urai memberi pengajaran kepada PAS dan UMNO. Yang menang tetap menang dan yang kalah tetap kalah tetapi yang mengambil pengajaran dan tindakan daripada pertandingan ini akan memenangi pertandingan akan datang.

PAS perlu sedar bahawa mereka tidak kebal di negeri sendiri dan Nik Aziz bukan lagi menjadi talian hayat untuk menang pada masa hadapan. Sikap mencerca dan mencaci sesama Islam mungkin boleh diterima oleh penyokong tegar PAS tetapi pada amnya rakyat ramai tidak boleh menerima cara ini dijadikan cara berkempen. Perbuatan mengkafirkan sesama Islam akan membawa padah kepada parti itu jika ia diteruskan memandangkan ia merupakan kawan karib DAP dewasa ini. PAS perlu membuktikan bukan sahaja mereka membangunkan syiar Islam tetapi juga sosio- ekonomi masyarakat Islam terutama dinegeri yang mereka perintah. Kemunduran bukan lagi satu pilihan dan pemimpin perlu keluarkan rakyat daripada belenggu kemiskinan disamping meningkatkan iman dan taqwa mereka.

UMNO pula perlu sedar bahawa mereka masih belum cukup kuat dan perlu berkerja lebih keras untuk memenangi kepercayaan rakyat. Walaupun banyak tindakan baik yang telah di ambil oleh PM Najib tetapi ia belum lagi menggambarkan keikhlasan yang sebenar. Masa diperlukan bagi membuktikan bahawa UMNO dan BN ikhlas dalam memperjuankan nasib dan keperluan rakyat. Mereka perlu membuktikan yang sikap mementingkan diri dan gaya hidup terlebih mewah yang mereka anuti telah berkubur. Laungan Satu Malaysia, rakyat didahulukan dan pencapaian diutamakan akan hanya diterima rakyat apabila segala tindakan dan pentadbiran kerajaan benar benar mencerminkan selogan tersebut. Segala kekayaan negara dan diri hendaklah digunakan untuk kepentingan rakyat dan negara bukan untuk bermegah diri atau membina istana tanpa penghuni.

Majoriti rakyat negara ini berpelajaran dan tidak buta hati dan perasaan atau taksub dengan kempen murahan dan fanatik selamanya. Dalam zaman IT dan Teknologi ini segala maklumat dihujung jari dan rakyat hendaklah didedahkan dengan ilmu penilian maklumat yang baik dan sihat. Apabila ini dapat diterapkan maka segala keputusan yang dibuat akan bersandarkan kepada fakta betul. Ia akan menjana keputusabn tepat yang membantu kepada kesejahtraan rakyat dan negara.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Najib 100 Good Days

He did very well despite various efforts by the Pakatan Rakyat to underrate and sabotaged his leadership. The strategy to focus on balanced score card in terms of people interests, economic recovery, performance and reforms managed to raise his popularity to 65% and climbing. Definitely he is not dancing to the opposition music but instead focus on the tactical and strategic moves that provide immediate gains and long term major impact.

His future success will depend on the deliverables of the KPIs he promised. The performance of cabinet ministers, wakil rakyat and government machineries will also be the key factors to the future success. They simply have to focus on people interests and performance in line with the Najib leadership style. Its looks like the PR rhetoric of blaming everything to the government is wavering and falling apart. The squabbling between the DAP, PAS and PKR is now surfacing in almost all states runs by the coalition. The fact remains that talking and promising is easier then fulfilling it.

Personally I am happy with the various initiatives and reforms made by Najib and hope his team will work harder consistently to serve the people and nation. Forget about the third bridge and Singapore, instead focus on delivering his promises and breaking new frontiers. Ensure that the new business model is big enough for all Malaysians and global breakthrough as major opportunities for all.

Reward the performers and removed those who could not delivers or refused to change. The attitude and lifestyle of wastage and corruptions among all leaders must be changed in order to gain the full confidence of the rakyat once again. All the best to you and team and may God be with you in serving the people and nation.
By Lee Wei Lian
KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 — To mark his 100th day in office, the prime minister pledged that his government would be accountable to voters.

He also announced a slew of measures, including a cut in road tolls and an increase in the number of individual taxi permits, in a bid to build on his high approval rating so far to win back support for the Barisan Nasional (BN).

In a televised address to the nation, Datuk Seri Najib Razak also outlined the focus of his administration would be in six key areas:

• The prevention of crime;
• The fight against corruption;
• Access to quality education;
• The improvement of the living standards for the lower income group;
• Improvement of rural infrastructure;;
• Improvement of public transportation.

“We must be responsible to the rakyat. It is all about performance now, performance driven government,” he told a special gathering at the KLCC Convention Centre here to mark his 100 days in office.

Despite scoring an approval rating of 65 per cent in a recent poll by the independent Merdeka Center, Najib has come under fire from his allies and rivals alike in recent days, especially over his reversal of the English policy and also the economic liberalisation programme.
He appears to be ignoring the criticism and is now staking his administration on winning over ordinary Malaysians.

Besides offering motorists a 20 per cent discount for those who use toll roads more than 80 times a month and increasing the number of individual taxi permits by 3,000, he also announced:

• The allocation of 44,000 units in public housing projects to be offered for sale to tenants;
• A 50 per cent reduction in license fees for petty traders in the Federal Territories;
• Drastic steps to be taken to combat crime and graft of which details would be announced later;
• A pledge to settle birth registration issues in east Malaysia;
• A pledge to settle citizenship applications in East Malaysia;
• A pledge to build up to 1,500 kilometres of rural roads;
• Efforts to be made to improve water and electricity supply to east Malaysia;
• A reduction in the cost of motorcycle riding courses from RM500 to RM211;
• A new Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia with 10 billion units offered for sale to all Malaysians above 18.

The prime minister stayed on his signature 1 Malaysia message throughout the event and the festivities reflected that.

There was no talk of the supremacy or privileges of any ethnic group.
Instead, the increasingly familiar refrain of unity among all races and putting the public first was repeated several times.

Formalities were noticeably low key, save for the red carpet, and the seating arrangements were deliberately left open to encourage cabinet ministers to mingle with the public.
“Whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Iban, Kadazan, Bidayuh, Orang Asli, Siamese, we are all Malaysian citizens. If we can move together as one team, one people, one nation, we will be greatly successful,” said Najib.

Perhaps to drive home his commitment towards fostering racial unity and acceptance, the printed text of his speech was delivered to him by a symbolic retinue of 11 children consisting of different ethnicities from east and west Malaysia.

The most humorous moments came when Najib reminisced about his walkabouts during the first few days of office, when he visited derelict flats, ate “tosai” in Brickfields, bought fake Louise Vuitton bags at Petaling street and inhaled the stinking pollution at the infamous Pudu bus station so much so that “the smell still sticks till today.”

He noted that his directives to improve conditions at the locales he visited are being carried out quickly, including a makeover of the Pudu bus station and plans for a Little India in Brickfields.
He left unanswered, however, the question of what happens if the prime minister is too busy or unable to do walkabouts?

Najib also extended an olive branch to critics of the government’s human rights record.
“The era of government knows best is over,” he said. “We will consult the public including on the review of the Internal Security Act and this includes consulting the Bar Council and other NGOs.”

Friday, July 10, 2009

Goodbye PPSMI....

At last the Government made the right decision to revoke PPSMI and took necessary steps to strengthen the teaching of English in schools. Yes it’s important that our students must be able to speak and write good English to face future challenges but not at the expense of Bahasa Malaysia and rural students. Research has been made on this issue by reputable professors and the result was very clear on the failure of the system.

Dr Mahathir as usual is making noises now that his policy has been reversed but he must realized that six years has been given to full fill his failed dreams. Yes he is forward looking in ideas and thinking but then not all his ideas are practical and successful. He made many major successes during his administration but at the same time quite a few blunders. It’s ok to give opinion and recommendations but let the current leaders decide what is best for the people.

Personally I have studied locally and abroad as well as in Sekolah Melayu and English School. Mark my word the reversal of PPSMI will not cause the downfall of Malaysia in facing global challenges. The down fall will be caused by our attitude to learning and sustaining our good values which is dissipating faster then we realized. The craze for power beyond the good of people and nation will be another factor that will kill Malaysia.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lim Guan Eng ... Kg Buah Pala

Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri tersohor DAP yang memerintah Penang tidak mampu menyelesaikan isu Kg Buah Pala yang melibatkan tanah dua hektar lebih. Bukan dia sahaja yang tidak mampu, negeri Penang pun tidak mampu dari segi kewangan untuk menyelesaikan kemelut tersebut. Hiaran bin ajaib kemana perginya cerdik pandai DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat yang sentiasa ada jawapan kepada semua masallah.... yang sentiasa betul dan orang lain semuanya salah.

Lebih mengelikan hati bila tak dapat selesaikan kemelut itu, nak salahkan pula BN dan minta kerajaan pusat bantu selesaikan isu. Pada pandangan saya kalau isu sebegini pun tak dapat selesaikan letak saja jawatan dan beri peluang orang lain perintah Penang. Memang senang mengutuk dan mengata orang tetap bila kena pada batang hidung sendiri baru rasa bahangnya. Kumpulkanlah cerdik pandai DAP seperti ayahnda Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh dan Anwar Ibrahim yang pasti ada resepi ajaib untuk masallah ini.

Mungkin kemelut ini akan mengajar Guan Eng supaya tumpukan usaha untuk majukan Penang dan berlaku adil kepada semua kaum dan kurangkan sifat menuduh dan memperlekehkan orang lain.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alahai Nik Aziz... Kekasih DAP

Nampaknya Tok Guru Nik Aziz kekasih DAP masih lagi bersandiwara kononnya mahu berdebat dengan PM DS Najib. Setelah menyamakan UMNO dengan Komunis dan Ayah Pin, tanpa malu dan segan berhajat hendak berdebat menegakkan benang yang basah ..... kononnya PAS sahaja yang Islam dan DAP dan PKR lebih Islam daripada UMNO. Mungkin Tok Guru tua PAS ini masih menganuti pemikiran fanatik perpecahan sesama Islam seperti di Iraq, Afganistan dan Palestin dimana orang Islam sanggup berbunuhan sesama sendiri dan dijajah oleh tangan tangan kafir.

Permainan politik Nik Aziz yang jelas jauh menyimpang daripada ajaran Islam ini nampaknya mulai memakan diri dan meletakkan dirinya ketahap benci dan mual oleh rakyat biasa yang masih cintakan kedamaian negara lebih daripada politik. Apabila DAP Kedah menghentam Menteri Besar PAS di Kedah Nik Aziz senyap dan sunyi tidak berani mempertahankan kerajaan dan pendirian PAS. Masallah merobohkan pusat sembelihan babi pun tidak mahu dipertahankan apa lagi cabaran Karpal Sing supaya melangkah mayat dia dulu jika PAS hendak mendirikan negara Islam di Malaysia.

Dalam kelemahan dan keburukan UMNO dan BN yang memerintah lebih daripada 50 tahun, Islam terus berkembang dan sejahtra di Malaysia. Rakyat masih boleh hidup dengan aman damai dan negara terus maju diiktiraf dunia. PAS masih boleh hidup dan berkembang dinegara ini. Janganlah cuba menutup kelemahan diri dengan mengkafirkan sesama Islam. Majukanlah Kelantan yang tuan perintah sehingga tidak ada fakir miskin disana dan damai seperti Madinah.

Islam mementingkan kesederhanaan dan tolerasi jadi janganlah didik anak buah tuan menjadi fanatik yang tidak dapat membezakan buruk dan baik kerana taksub dengan politik.


Time to talk apparently for Nik Aziz, with the PM. - Picture by Jack OoiKOTA BAHARU, July 5 — PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is ready to meet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to discuss the proposed debate between them.

The Kelantan menteri besar said the meeting, however, was not a pre-condition for the debate but more towards discussing its guideline.

Speaking to reporters at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport here on his return from Kuala Lumpur, Nik Aziz said the official letter inviting the Najib to the debate had already been sent.
“We have not received any response yet,” he added.

Asked to comment on claims that the debate invitation was to divert attention from the collapse of the proposed unity government talks, Nik Aziz said, the call for a debate with Umno was not new.

“We have been wanting to debate with Umno since PAS’ inception in 1951,” he said.
He added that his invitation to Najib for the debate was made following a police report lodged by the Umno Youth claiming that Nik Aziz’s ceramah was seditious as he likened Umno to communism and deviant teaching.

Nik Aziz said there would be no end to the standoff between PAS and Umno if the two parties did not come face-to-face in a debate.

“I just want to ask two things — why reject Islam and embrace nationalism, and what is wrong with the policy implemented by PAS, especially in Kelantan,” he said.