Friday, July 31, 2009

ISA Rally .... Sick Mind

Just came back from working trip to Jakarta last Wednesday. It was good trip except for the cancelled Mas flight on Tuesday that took off the smiles from passengers faces. The hotels, offices and shopping centers in Jakarta looks like a high security zones. Security services must be a good business in Indonesia. Definitely I would not fancy myself living in Jakarta or even try to compare Malaysia and Indonesia. Living here is just too good to compare with most of our neighboring states. It was bad enough that every bombing in Indonesia will be linked to Nordin Mat Top (a Malaysian) and Malaysian bashing seemed to be a good past time for them.

Now with the planned anti ISA rally, the Pakatan Rakyat and associates is hoping to turn Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, where rally has became their natural habit. The ISA was in place to secure the security of the nation and innocent rakyat from those who wish to see Malaysia goes down the drain and in chaos. The things that need to be improved perhaps is in ensuring that the law being used fairly. Further more the Prime Minister has declared that the law will be reviewed for the better.

No the Pakatan Rakyat and associates could not leave the country in peace and used every opportunity to politicize issues. The headway made by BN on the confidence building initiatives has caused panic in the opposition front. They are back to their old fashion way of streets demonstrations. I hope the police will take early action to ensure Kuala Lumpur remains a peaceful and harmony city. For those who love streets demonstrations so much please move over to Jakarta your idol city.


Kama said...

Well said, Jaflam. Tak lalu dah I tengok these goons taking to the streets at the merest excuse. Banyak cara lain yg lebih effective.

btw, plse e-mail me at today. ada hal sikit..:-)

jaflam said...

hai kama,
I was told by some friends passing the rally area that most of the streets demonstrators were Malays including young girls. Ironically they were shouting hidup Anwar instead of abolish ISA?

Unfortunate that these educated lots can't think rationally what is good for the country and Malays and fell for the political gimmicks.