Friday, July 10, 2009

Goodbye PPSMI....

At last the Government made the right decision to revoke PPSMI and took necessary steps to strengthen the teaching of English in schools. Yes it’s important that our students must be able to speak and write good English to face future challenges but not at the expense of Bahasa Malaysia and rural students. Research has been made on this issue by reputable professors and the result was very clear on the failure of the system.

Dr Mahathir as usual is making noises now that his policy has been reversed but he must realized that six years has been given to full fill his failed dreams. Yes he is forward looking in ideas and thinking but then not all his ideas are practical and successful. He made many major successes during his administration but at the same time quite a few blunders. It’s ok to give opinion and recommendations but let the current leaders decide what is best for the people.

Personally I have studied locally and abroad as well as in Sekolah Melayu and English School. Mark my word the reversal of PPSMI will not cause the downfall of Malaysia in facing global challenges. The down fall will be caused by our attitude to learning and sustaining our good values which is dissipating faster then we realized. The craze for power beyond the good of people and nation will be another factor that will kill Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

And the on the exam paper for the next 4 years -or some sort of deadline they shld have on the left page in malay and on the right side in enlisg language all the questions for the exams. But student must answer in English.
I tell u what. coming from malay school my English was weak. When i masuk skolah berasas English i was struggling. Then when i went for higher education i was still struggling and ppl still corrected my english.
Being bully bila keja dgn chaya nun alif punya company , macam lak kita bodoh. english diaorg pun teruk tapi mereka ada confident.
But i am still trying to cope with that.
dah tu pulak kat rumah my brother insisstd upon malay newspaper, where i have no other english reading material to read. it is hard actually to cope.
masa saya amik ielts ada this man from ukm tutor for being a teacher nak sambung buat masters. tapi he flunked his simple ielts test. and kept on taken the exams oterhwise jpa and university in england wont accept him and not get the clearance. so there it goes.
i was there when it happened. it was funny as he was paying extra fee for quick processing for result. I was like never mind i just wait the results as it is as extra rm30 is a lot of money then. But he flunked again.
When i was sekolah kebangsaan- my class mates - - cakap omputih macam cakap dari bulan. dan kami bukan lah duduk di pedalaman.
cikgu pun takboleh cakap omputih.
bila cikgu pelatih datang kena training ajar english mereka selalu backfired by the almost zero ability to cakap decent omputih. Mereka selalu kena failed or review again as if itu adalah kegagalan mereka. padahal mereka cuma disitu dari 3 bulan atau 6 bulan sahaja. tapi mereka selalu kena panggil dibelakang oleh pensyarah mereka kena la teruk.
itu saya boleh ingat.
bahan bacaan masa saya remaja untuk buku dan akhbar berbahasa inggeris adalah kurang. nak beli tak mampu. mak tak keja, bapa bagi air liur je. bila belajar dlam bahasa inggeris di pusat pengajian tinggi adalah susah kerana tiba tiba sahaja overnite b malayssia didnt applied. after all all the term in english. so masa tu la is are were tungganglanggang . to read a chapter of ilmiah book wld take a long time. camana tu?
so i think it is best to start again like before- lce/mce time. but it must be done in stages ie: the questions must be in dual language for the next couple of years then only phased it out to english only. But the answers must be in English.
But the stupid minister pulak jgn duduk kaya poket sendiri sja. mereka kena change the methods in teaching English and conduct extra classes after school or weekends. more english books and english magazine like national geographic educational , briattnica etc digets etc.
dan cikgu yg buat Tesl yg normally anak somebody lord lord tu jgn lah sbb mak bapak ada connections so anak tak leh di antar ke luar bandar.
pulled strings etc. after all anak mereka dapat ke england or doing tesl courses tyu sebb latar belakang result mereka yg ok dan english result yg cantik ye la mak bapak dok keja kat kl, educated.
so made the whole issue pointless sending this KL 's some one's daughter to England utk TESL tapi tak nak nak amik posting kat kelantan, hulu serawak etc.

mMedia TV kena kawal cakap dan apllications bahasa mereka. Yang baca berita tu tak payah lah berslang. kalau saya dengar new kat tv2/1 apek ni berslang. tapi campur nak kata merica tak juga tapi punya la tebal dan bergulung sampai nak faham english news pun susah. They need to speak plain english without any slang.

banyak lagi but cukup stakat ni.