Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Malay Politics

Ever since Malaysian 12th Election the politics in Malaysia was unsettled. The once mighty Malay political power was now disarrayed and obscured like a ship sailing in a fog. Gone was the day when my Chinese and Indian friends openly acknowledged that they could not match the political skill of the Malays. The Malays are now being challenged openly not only by the non Malay but also their own kind who are now championing equality and Bangsa Malaysia. Unlike the Chinese business and economic dominance the Malay political power is wavering.

Maybe it’s true when they said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts to the bone. It’s the absolute power that finally became the virus that now threatening the Malay political power. Majority of those with power forgets their ultimate responsibilities to look after not only the Malays but other races in Malaysia. Even now in this disarray if somebody are able to unite the Malays from the various political parties, the dominance will become absolute again.

Perhaps that why UMNO is trying their level best to talk and collaborate with PAS and willing to give up supreme positions in few states to prove the above theory. Politics is after all the art of impossibilities. In politics if you gained the trust and confidence of the masses you have the power to win and rule. It’s proven in the fight against Malayan Union and the rise of Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat after being demolished in the epic and 2004 election.

The Governing structure of Malaysia is based on Malay monarchy and pivotal Malay politics. It will not change unless the system was proven to be corrupts and totally unfair to the others. Perhaps it’s not the structure and system failure but rather the failure of the people running the system which resulted in current political turmoil. Will it end in mid September as claimed by Anwar Ibrahim or will it prolonged and killed this country slowly but surely. Definitely PAS and its leadership is the kingmaker here or the king himself. As a Muslim based party lets hope it will be true to its struggle for justice and prosperity of mankind the Islamic way.

Meanwhile everybody will be jittery watching for the PAS move in Perak and Selangor. The PAS President and Spiritual Leader will have to steer the Party to bigger glory without abandoning its principle. If they follow the God way it will be perfect.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Afternoon wih Raden Galoh


Raden will start her Chemo Therapy on Monday 28/7. Will be away to Jakarta today till Thursday but my prayer will always be with her. To Raden cyber friends keep up the good support and prayers.

Long walk from parking lot @ Hindu Temple

The Clinic where Raden is being treated

Arrival of the Kerp, MuteAudio & Talkonly

As most of us have already knew, one of our dear fellow bloggers Raden Galoh has been admitted to General Hospital Kuala Lumpur since Monday due to the relapse of her breast cancer. From her own words the result of the test was not good at all and she is currently waiting for the insertion of chemoport before proceeding with chemo.

Smiles for Raden : Zabs, JaffPoint, Shah, MuteAudio & Kerp

All ears, listening to Raden progress report

“Since Monday I was warded. The news had struck a bigger impact in me. The cancer is found to have spread to 4 areas: the flesh in between the ribs, the liver, the right jaw node and the left shoulder node. The doctor recommended that I undergo chemo again, this time a heavier dose is suggested.But on Tuesday they found out my veins have badly collapsed, maybe too stressed with the chemo attack done 2005. I need a chemoport inserted under my right chest skin to ease this chemo.I waited for the surgeon last nite. He came this morning but a date can't be fixed. He needs to see the chemoport and check the available date. Again, I need to wait”.

Today we were able to assemble the men forward party to visit Raden Galoh at the GHKL. The team comprised of non other then Kerp, Mat Salo, Shah Talkonly, Zabs, MuteAudio and Jaff Point. The meeting point was GHKL @ 12.30 hrs sharp. The parking at GHKL was rather hopeless with hardly any empty parking space for us. Most of us have to take two to three rounds the hospital before giving up and parked at Hindu Temple 1.5 km away.

Zabs .... he looks like one of the Specialist

But it was worth the time and walk when we saw the smiling face of Raden Galoh at Ward 2A Bed 19. She was still the pillar of strength and so happy to see us. Well there were lots of questions from all the busy body men and she maintained her radiance and shared with us first hands on her progress. We spent about an hour with her before bidding good bye.

It was good to be able to meet her and shared our concerned and prayer for her speedy recovery. It is also a reminder to us to be thankful for the good health blessed upon us.

Raden Galoh ..... we all Love you

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ANWAR V SHABERY : The Winner Is ??

It was a good debate and I must credit Datuk Ahmad Shabery for his courage to defend the government policy on oil hike LIVE. Hope more similar debate could be organized on key issues that affecting the Rakyat and Country. I bet almost everybody was watching the live debate last night. My wife has to pick up my children from their tuition class because I do not want to miss the last 10 minutes of the debate.

How did they perform then? Actually Datuk Ahmad Shabery is not the match for Datuk Sri Anwar, courage alone is not sufficient to win the war. You need solid ammunitions and strategy to out wit your enemy. Shabery strategy to attack Anwar on personal basis does not work or rather back fired when it was mostly ignored by Anwar. His knowledge on the micro and macro economy including oil and gas industry was rather weak compared to Anwar stastiscs and points on the subject matter. Being just an Information Minister Shabery has limitation in putting forward killer strategy or concrete measures to out wit Anwar because that can only be done by the PM who has ultimate power on such matter. Despite wavering towards the ends, Shabery tried his level best to attack Anwar till the end. Given time and more exposure he could be a better minister, simply because he is not afraid to engage with all parties which include bloggers, oppositions and NGOs.

But the real winner last night was PETRONAS. Both parties agreed and subscribed that PETRONAS has performed extremely well in safeguarding and delivering its mission and objectives. It has become the backbone to the country financial revenue for the past decades and will remains such for many years to come. Both debaters can’t help but keep referring and praising PETRONAS throughout their one hour session.

The financial performance announced by PETRONAS yesterday reflected another sterling and record breaking performance, contributing RM 67.6 bil which is 44% of Government total revenue for 2008. This is one company that should not be politicized but nourish and promote to safeguard the financial security of the country and future generations.

Meanwhile the concerned by the President of PETRONAS must be addressed by the Government and relevant parties i.e.:
1. It is safe for the Government to be too dependent on oil and gas sector which amounted to 50% of total revenue?
2. What have happened to the other sectors such Manufacturing that has been given so many incentives but minimal economic contributions?
3. The Government must be transparent on the spending of PETRONAS contributions so that the Rakyat will fully understand the truth about PETRONAS role and contributions in nation building.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


This beautiful song is dedicated to my luv Nor and to all my cyber friends have a 'Sempurna' day.

Friday, July 11, 2008

World Heritage Sites - Penang, Malacca & KL ??

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

It was a proud moments for Penang and Malacca when the Unesco listed both George Town and Malacca as World Heritage Sites. In fact Malacca has been doing a great job in the preservation of the historical sites in the City and turning it into star performer for tourism. For a small state without much resources Malacca is very successful in making the Historical City as a must visit tourist site in Malaysia. Penang is not far off but somehow or rather has lost some of it charms as the Pearl of the Orient. Much have to be done for the state to come back to its old glory as tourist premier destination. It is a good challenge for the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to bring back Penang to its old glory, making use of the listing of George Town as World Heritage site as a prime mover to bring back the charm of the city.
KTM Logistics Lorry operating at the Station

Heritage Hotel still operating in the building

All well and fine for Malacca and Penang but I was so disappointed when I took a stroll to the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. After the new Central Station took over as the main hub for the city railway system the old building was left behind without much maintenance and care. Yes the commuter train and cargo/mail section are still operating there but that old majestic historical building was left without much care, maintenance and preservations. There is a Mini Railway Museum in the building but the layout and presentation of displayed items is not much to be proud about. The section on Artist at Work is also poorly done and very unorganized. I guess the intention is good but the implementation is poor like “ melepaskan batuk ditangga aja”. It is definitely not the way to treat a historical buildings and the KTM has done a poor job to turn this site as one of the tourist attraction in KL.
KTM Old eqipments and models on display
Display items in KTM Mini Museum
Art at Work, few resident artists in the building
Art Work not properly displayed or housed

I am confident that the historical buildings along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin i.e. KL Railway Station, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad , Royal Selangor Club, Mesjid Jamek, Central Market etc. ..if properly maintained, preserved, documented and publicized will be the star attraction for historical buildings/sites in KL. It should become the next site to be accepted by Unisco as World Heritage Sites.

Lets hope the KTM, KL Mayor, Minister of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage and all relevant authorities will take a concerted effort in the preservation and conservation of historical sites in KL and make sure that KL will be listed as the next World Heritage Sites for Malaysia.
Food stall... good cheap food but .....???
Dark front passage way ...... so gloomy
Another food stall ...... just like road side stall
Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad at night
Royal Selangor Club
The famous Mesjid Jamek

Friday, July 4, 2008

Anwar V Najib - STATE of WAR

Looking at the STAR front page news and the write up that follows the above topic fit very well on the Anwar – Najib collision and the State of War that arise resulting from the fiasco. It looks like it is just the beginning from many more salvos that will come from both fronts. It reminds me of the battle between two ships in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Capt. Jack Sparrow was supposed to be the leading character or hero but then he was a Pirate that follows very few rules, but then in war there are no rules to follow. Even the Captain on His Majesty ship was a culprit with so many skeletons in the cupboard. The uniform looks good but what underneath is much to be desired.

I am quite ok for them to battle to death, ripping their ships apart and later their souls, but then dragging the State along with their stupid war is just not it. We remember very well the last Sodo Mee episodes that drag the country in mud and rubbish but in the end no real conclusions to it. It put the country economic activities in a reverse drive and the country to popularity for the wrong reason. Are we going through the same rubbish again and let the dark politicians mess the country to up hold their wavering glory.

The real issue that ripping the Rakyat is the skyrocketing fuel, food and cost of living. The wavering economic activities that may come to a halt because of the key leaders focusing on their political survival instead of managing the country. The stock exchange that currently nose diving after zero register yesterday. The manner in which some quarters and state putting the leadership on ransom just because they hold the numbers that tip the balance of power.

The politicians must accept it that this country have move on to the two party system. The Rakyat is not going to tolerate political killing through scandals made in hell. The technology has made it possible for any information or misinformation to reach the public on real time basis. The Rakyat is knowledgeable and educated enough to differentiate between fabrications and the truth. They are brave enough to take the bold steps and calculated risk to change the Government that does not fulfill their reasonable aspirations.

Stop monkeying around and owned up to your sin instead of trying to drag the country and Rakyat into hell with you. Simple God law, your misery is your own doing, you got what you deserved and hopefully along the way God will forgive you and make you realized that you are a poor helpless soul after all.