Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ANWAR V SHABERY : The Winner Is ??

It was a good debate and I must credit Datuk Ahmad Shabery for his courage to defend the government policy on oil hike LIVE. Hope more similar debate could be organized on key issues that affecting the Rakyat and Country. I bet almost everybody was watching the live debate last night. My wife has to pick up my children from their tuition class because I do not want to miss the last 10 minutes of the debate.

How did they perform then? Actually Datuk Ahmad Shabery is not the match for Datuk Sri Anwar, courage alone is not sufficient to win the war. You need solid ammunitions and strategy to out wit your enemy. Shabery strategy to attack Anwar on personal basis does not work or rather back fired when it was mostly ignored by Anwar. His knowledge on the micro and macro economy including oil and gas industry was rather weak compared to Anwar stastiscs and points on the subject matter. Being just an Information Minister Shabery has limitation in putting forward killer strategy or concrete measures to out wit Anwar because that can only be done by the PM who has ultimate power on such matter. Despite wavering towards the ends, Shabery tried his level best to attack Anwar till the end. Given time and more exposure he could be a better minister, simply because he is not afraid to engage with all parties which include bloggers, oppositions and NGOs.

But the real winner last night was PETRONAS. Both parties agreed and subscribed that PETRONAS has performed extremely well in safeguarding and delivering its mission and objectives. It has become the backbone to the country financial revenue for the past decades and will remains such for many years to come. Both debaters can’t help but keep referring and praising PETRONAS throughout their one hour session.

The financial performance announced by PETRONAS yesterday reflected another sterling and record breaking performance, contributing RM 67.6 bil which is 44% of Government total revenue for 2008. This is one company that should not be politicized but nourish and promote to safeguard the financial security of the country and future generations.

Meanwhile the concerned by the President of PETRONAS must be addressed by the Government and relevant parties i.e.:
1. It is safe for the Government to be too dependent on oil and gas sector which amounted to 50% of total revenue?
2. What have happened to the other sectors such Manufacturing that has been given so many incentives but minimal economic contributions?
3. The Government must be transparent on the spending of PETRONAS contributions so that the Rakyat will fully understand the truth about PETRONAS role and contributions in nation building.


Hi&Lo said...

Dato Jaff,

Am very worried private sector still overdependent on govt initiative. For e.g., when govt announced cutback on meetings in hotels, the industry claimed it would lose business by up to 20%.

The competitive advantage we had in the past was not enhanced but allowed to slip thru the years with the opening up of former communist regimes like Vietnam and China.

The govt talked so much abt moving up the value chain but it's all rethorics with no follow up actions.

If without Petronas, I don't know where we will be. Palm oil is doing very well.

I think we are not very good at conserving wealth. Too much pembaziran and leakages in the economy. Overpoliticking is also a major worry cos policies and implementation influence the direction and not on real necessity.

cakapaje said...

Salam Dato',

Agreed, Petroas should not be politicised by anyone. Unfortunately, its being used by the gomen in a very unscrupulous manner, i.e. the revenue spread in an inner circle close to the gomen. That, is what the hue and cry is all about.

We had rubber which was downscale although our rubber is still the best due to R&D of RRI. The when rubber wood price went up, the new generation of rubber trees were genetically designed to yield more wood instead of latex. When rubber price went up, the new generation tappers went melopong as their trees latex yield is comparatively lower.

Likewise with Palm Oil where we are still advance. The came the call for bio-fuel. In the end, both are going nowhere.

Our industrial section remains stagnant or declining simply because other nations, Thailand for e.g., offer better incentives and human development. Forget China as now several companies are regretting going there. If they do, its only for the large market and not the skilled workforce. Question is, what is the gomen doing about human development when the distinction mark (A2) for spm level, for example, is now 70, compared to 95 during the late 1970's and early '80's?

To me, the gomen is not developing the people to reach greater heights; they are hoodwinking us with our under achievement! And all because they want to show the rakyat and the world that they are supposedly doing a great job. Bull!

My apologies Dato', for a rather long reply and perhaps, some harsh words. If ever, they are not meant towards you or your readers but the gomen itself.

jaflam said...

Dear Hi & Lo and Shah,

Thank you for your comments and I believed there are much truth in them and hope that things will change for the better.

Unfortunately NO, with the arrest of Anwar, things will get worst. It has become the headlines of all International Media. Let hope there will brain left in the power that be or we may be going deeper into the garbage bin.

Sorry that I could not give much constructive reply ... just too sad with the turn of even.

Ydiana said...

Salam Dato'

Its sad what's happening to Anwar now. Too many people are afraid of him, they go all out to diminish him from any political power. One can only pray and hope that our nation is saved from all these political monsters.

Yes, Petronas did very well, there's no two question about it. But I can't help thinking, out of Rm 223 billion, the pre tax profit is only Rm 95 billion. There's a huge RM 127 billion on operating costs which is so huge, percentage wise, and dollarwise. It shows a lot of wastage, over spending and inefficiencies. Just my honest opinion.

Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
Benar seperti kata Dato', tidak ada siapa yang boleh menafikan sumbangan besar yang telah diberikan oleh Petonas.
Apa yang dipertikaikan ialah, walau sebanyak manapun sumbangan itu diterima, jika tidak diuruskan dengan baik, tidak banyak manfaat yang akan diperoleh rakyat.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dato J,

when anwar presented his points with facts and figure, sabery was more interested at hitting his opponest way below the belt. when you're in public discussion in trying to find ways to the best solution possible regarding the price woes, sabery went astray out of topic. as much am no anwar's fan, you need more than Paklah to defeat him. he's one intelligent guy, this anwar.

jaflam said...

Hello Ydiana,
I am glad that they have released Anwar on police bail. It avoids unnecessary tension and animosity in the country. Treat him fairly an in accordance to proper legal procedures instead of intimidating measures.

Being in the oil and gas industry I have the privilege on the business matrix and works of the industry. PETRONAS moved down from 121 to 95th position in Global Fortune 500 this year. It is the most profitable company in Asia with top Return of Assets and Return of Revenue.

Of course it has to do better in cost management, efficiency and productivity to achieve it dreams to be among the Global Champion Company of the world. PETRONAS is not perfect but closest in the Region. Hope the other GLC will be able to match PETRONAS in the near future.

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
Itulah yag menyedihkan sedikit apabila pulangan besar dari PETRONAS tidak sampai kepada masyarakat sasaran dan juga apabila pembaziran berlaku dalam pengurusan kewangan.

Mungkin PETRONAS perlu menjalankan lebih banyak aktiviti kemasyarakatan secara terus kepada Rakyat berbanding apa yang telah dilakukan selama ini. PETRONAS perlu merubah stretegi supaya lebih dekat dan mesra kepada rakyat termiskin.

jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
Fully agreed with your observation. Shabery should have been more prepared in terms of fact and figures instead of history. Unfortunately most of BN politicians are similar in nature not much substance, too complacent to do their home work.

Selalunya orang senang dan berkuasa ni kurang nak belajar dan membaca.

Hi&Lo said...

Dato Jaff,

I don't know much abt Petronas other than what I read in the papers.

Petronas has done exceedingly well. It will achieve its true potential if politicians lay off from its policies and implementation. Let it run as a business entity free from political interference. It must not be another extension of political patronage.

So far Petronas has practised good corporate governance and social responsibility. Hope it won't rest on its laurel.

jaflam said...

Dear hi&lo,
PETRONAS is a gold mine and all the pirates have been eying it for a long time, they are dying to lay their hand on the bounty.

The Global Business environment is highly competitive, the moment PETRONAS slack down or being mismanaged it will become like other unproductive National Company i.e. PERTAMINA, Nigerian National Oil Company etc.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaflam, very good, interesting post this.
From what I read in the press, Anwar is a brilliant strategist, and a dashing, diplomatic figure t boot too.
Oh yes, we had another half page again of Anwar's problems...4th one in 7 days.
It is surprising to me and my friends here that Canada is paying attention more to Malaysia's present polotical stir frying than the coming China Olympics, ha ha.
You have a great weekend, Jaf, jangan lupa water your papaya plants, Lee.

jaflam said...

Hai Lee,
It looks like Anwar fever has gripped Toronto too. Yes he is an interesting and smart man, whether you like him or hate him you have to recognize his ability to survive and thrive in a very difficult situation.

It takes more then just an ordinary politician from a small nation like Malaysia to overshadow news on China Olympics and for US to issue official reminder to Malaysia to treat his sodomy charge with fairness.

There are going to be more gripping drama on this but unfortunately it going to pull down the country reputation with it.