Friday, July 4, 2008

Anwar V Najib - STATE of WAR

Looking at the STAR front page news and the write up that follows the above topic fit very well on the Anwar – Najib collision and the State of War that arise resulting from the fiasco. It looks like it is just the beginning from many more salvos that will come from both fronts. It reminds me of the battle between two ships in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Capt. Jack Sparrow was supposed to be the leading character or hero but then he was a Pirate that follows very few rules, but then in war there are no rules to follow. Even the Captain on His Majesty ship was a culprit with so many skeletons in the cupboard. The uniform looks good but what underneath is much to be desired.

I am quite ok for them to battle to death, ripping their ships apart and later their souls, but then dragging the State along with their stupid war is just not it. We remember very well the last Sodo Mee episodes that drag the country in mud and rubbish but in the end no real conclusions to it. It put the country economic activities in a reverse drive and the country to popularity for the wrong reason. Are we going through the same rubbish again and let the dark politicians mess the country to up hold their wavering glory.

The real issue that ripping the Rakyat is the skyrocketing fuel, food and cost of living. The wavering economic activities that may come to a halt because of the key leaders focusing on their political survival instead of managing the country. The stock exchange that currently nose diving after zero register yesterday. The manner in which some quarters and state putting the leadership on ransom just because they hold the numbers that tip the balance of power.

The politicians must accept it that this country have move on to the two party system. The Rakyat is not going to tolerate political killing through scandals made in hell. The technology has made it possible for any information or misinformation to reach the public on real time basis. The Rakyat is knowledgeable and educated enough to differentiate between fabrications and the truth. They are brave enough to take the bold steps and calculated risk to change the Government that does not fulfill their reasonable aspirations.

Stop monkeying around and owned up to your sin instead of trying to drag the country and Rakyat into hell with you. Simple God law, your misery is your own doing, you got what you deserved and hopefully along the way God will forgive you and make you realized that you are a poor helpless soul after all.


cakapaje said...

Salam Dato',

Bravo! Nicely put ;) My only fear now is that Allah s.w.t. may bring about a calamity on Malaysia due to individual politicking while the rakyat suffer.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaflam, wow! You sure doing some stir frying and goreng ikan here, ha ha.
I have lost touch with Malaysian politics, apart the odd news we see on BBC TV or CBC ....very rarely in our papers as G. Bush occupies everything!

We recently had a top Minister going around with a lovely lady who dresses at social functions like competiting with JLo...then the papers did some sniffing around and Holy Smoke!
They found she had a boyfriend before with the Hells Angels...
And this Minister, his otak da mabuk or kelang kabote left his briefcase with top secret briefs in her apartment. He said he went there for kopi? Nak tipu pun itu macham punya cherita, ha ha.

Habis cherita...the Press went downtown with him....they goreng and bungkus him....he got kicked out fast! Now sending out resumes, ha ha.
Our papers here love to goreng VIPS, they don't take prisoners, ha ha.

I always knew Mariners an outspoken lot, *wink*, ha ha. Jaflam, you my kind of Mariner. Lee.

jaflam said...

Salam Shah,
In my simple observations around the country and religious venues, majority of Rakyat is God fearing souls. This can be seen at the suraus in the shopping complex, highway or even offices. The temples and churches are also well patronized.

Since there are many among us who practiced the words of God and stand up against evil, InshaAllah the majority will be saved against disasters. Let hope that we could passed through all this dark patches with only the culprits being punished for their sin.

Kadaq dan kadar adalah ketentuan Allah. Kadar dapat diubah hanya denga Doa berserta ikhtiar dan Sedekah yang diredai Allah.

Rahmat Allah akan di tarik balik daripada insan insan yang : Takbur, Lalai beramal dalam kemewahan serta terus melakukan shirik and kufur kepada NYA.

jaflam said...

Hello Lee,
Love your cars but hate dirty stupid politicians.

Unfortunately some of the main papers here are more interested in doing cover ups instead of reporting the truth. They thought the salad dressing will cover up the vegetables. The cover ups are sometimes so sloppy that even the blind could see.

The public scrutiny on runaway politicians is getting better but the MSM need to buck up further. We need to make high noises until they behave like true professionals.

Hey Lee I am still dreaming about the Porsche laaa.

U.Lee said...

Jaflam...I can't wait to tell you this,...this morning in my comment above I mentioned we rarely get to read of Malaysian news...22 years here, hardly.
Then petang ini, I balek kick up my feet, minum my ice coffee and glanced at our National Post newspaper, terperanjat say la.

And there half a full first saya thought one of our Ministers naik gatal, fooling around, then saw 'Malaysia';...and Jaflam, the title in BIG BOLD print, "Sex allegations mire Malaysian political scene".
Also showed a fairly large picture of Anwar Ibrahim getting in or out of a car and smiling broadly. I see what you meant by "sodo mee", ha ha...I thought a new recipie for Bangi's mee rebus, arhaaa ha ha.

Alamak...whats going on Jaflam? Kesian Anwar...for some reason I like him, brilliant fellow, seen him many times old days too,....and lagi satu kali ada cherita of 'sodo mee'?

Okay, being a Canadian, none of my business, but reading our papers today, something doesn't seem right.

Wow! It must be something BIG to appear stengah page in our papers...G. Bush only 5 sentences attending G8 meeting, ha ha. Talk about coincidence.
You have a good weekend, jangan lupa water your garden, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Dato'

I agree with you all the way on this. But like Lee mentioned that in Canada, or any other countries, once a politician are down with scandal, they're really down.. politically. In fact, Japan for example, even without evidence, they will voluntarily resign once there is a scandalous situation. But not here in Malaysia Boleh... you can get away with all that and even murder! Really hope to see some change soon, but that sleepy head has to go first.

jaflam said...

Hai Lee,
I believed since it hit half page main news in Toronto, it will hit all the major papers of the world.

The result is detrimental to Malaysian flagging economy. The analysts will say unstable political situations, legal and government system subject to abuse and the investors and fund managers will shy away from Malaysia. Stock exchange will nose dive, ratings will also be revised downward. Recession will find its way in while inflation starts ballooning. Bad news for the Rakyat and country.

I have to keep my money and stop dreaming about the Porsche heheee.

jaflam said...

Ehemm Ydiana,
I guess it will take a bit more time and pressure for our leaders to own up to their misdeeds or scandals. The MCA and Gerakan leaderships have shown this trend while the others still want to cling to their glorious job no matter what!!!

Till death do we part their solemn oath to the post. Let hope and work our way to the new level of integrity and accountability.

Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
Seperti TDM pernah kata, kalau di Jepun, dah lama diorang buat Harakiri dah.
Ceria2 telenovela pun tak begini songsang plot2 ceritanya...

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
Sepandai pandai tupai melompat akhirnya akan jatuh kebumi jua.

It’s a matter of time the truth will revel itself. Hopefully they will be suffocated with their own lies and misdeeds. Meanwhile its sad looking the Rakyat and country being rape this way. Its like an armada without command, everybody is charting their own course and in close quarters positions.

U.Lee said...

Jaf, Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong.
Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.
There are two kinds of people I always take a big pinch of salt listening to them...politicians, lawyers.

The best example was G. Bush Senior of his famous, "Read my lips, I will not raise taxes"!
Not even tiga bulan, he raised and his excuse can make a six year old ketawa!

And today in our papers, that fellow Barak Obama going in for US presidential he not only gostan on what he three months ago promised if voted, he changing gears like driving a Porsche Carerra 4S, as well doing U turns...and not even elected yet. Habis la cherita macham ini, ha ha.

But Canada holds the world record till today...the people not only kicked out the Prime Minister, but 3/4 of his gang as well the party till not enough seats to seat in Parliament.
From a majority to no more in parliament! Canadians are very mild people, only gila baseball, ice hockey and golf...but if a politician tries any Tango or Ronggeng, we know how to goreng them, ha ha.
And today that nightmare of losing a party haunts every PM who takes office.
Everytime a politician does something gila, we'll see in the papers, "just you elections"! Ha ha. Lee.

jaflam said...

Hai Lee,
Your observations and treatments for politicians are spot on. They need to be reminded at all times that they are the servant of Rakyat that nominated them and they can be disposed off when out of course and use.

To certain extent the Malaysian has started flexing their voting power by handing over 5 states to the oppositions in last general elections. It looks like this trend will be the order of the day ..... we haven't quite reached the Canada maturity but definitely next time around the scandalous and corrupt leaders will have no space here.

But unfortunately right now it looks like the Government is not doing much to satisfy the Rakyat and the opposition is making to much drama out of everything to unseat the ruling party. All energy and resources are being channeled to this garbage bin instead of solving the real issues that choking the Rakyat.

Lee many thanks for your valuable input from the Canada /US scene.

Mat Salo said...

Bang DJ,

Sori lama tak jengok. Masaalah satellite dish kat kapal and other network problems. At least I'm able to post this - back in your days, talipon pun takda (except expensive Immarsat). Ha, syukur jer la.

Am in full agreement here. What's worse is, if there's an unseen hand here and it seems to point to the No. 1 who like nothing better than to finish off both rivals. This means he has not being paying attention to the real issues facing our nation: skyrocketing inflation or how to address Malaysia's business competitiveness. We're in for some very rough times in the global capital markets and depa occupied with various rencah in to spice up mee sodo. This is NOT what the rakyat voted them in for and it breaks the sacred covenant. Of course, in the process Malaysia's name gets dragged down and we become a laughing stock. So-called Islamic country kunon when the latest buzzword is "susceptible to an**" Apa nih? How, as a nation, did we stoop so low? OK enough.

Ha ha looks like you're doing a lot of 'promotion' for Bangi bang.. and oh, wonderful garden you get there. Would love to come visit someday..

jaflam said...

Salam MS,
Good to hear that you are fine despite the long silence. Worried kalau kalau kena kidnap dengan team A ke ????

Well just doing my bit for Bangi and you are most welcome to my garden any time for coffee or tea.

Take care my fren.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Ydiana, we are not following the Canadians. Instead we are following the Americans such as Bill Clinton. Or so it seems.

U.Lee said...

Hey Jaf, what's happening in Malaysia? I mentioned in my 1st comment 22 years we hardly read or hear about Malaysia...then day before, half a page about Anwar and "sodo mee".

Petang ni, I minum my ice coffee, sikit lagi terselak!
Lagi satu kali, big BOLD letters, this time in our Toronto Star papers, title, ' Malaysian melodrama entraps private eye'.

An Indian private eye da chabut with his family unknown destination...he involved in allegations re your deputy PM.

Holy Smoke! This one about the murder of a Mongolian woman re sexual relationship with the VIP.

22 years hardly any thing about Malaysia, now our Canadian press going downtown with Malaysian news, about, quote, "allegations of sex, lies, murder, and 'sodo mee'". ...ada Mongolian girl involved too now.

Even G. Bush and our PM attending G8 meeting in Japan small print, very yawwnny reading I guess, but this Malaysian news now getting very interesting.

And to think our Minister here only fooling around with a lady who had a boyfriend with the Hells Angels'. Now habis more news.

Really regret to hear about all this...better to read about durians in season, or holidays there, ya? Lee.

jaflam said...

Hai Lee,
At least now you can brag to your friends in Toronto that your x-Kampung is famous after all but sayang for the wrong reason pulak.

Now you get the full picture and see how juicy it was ..... including Mongolian beauty that was blasted to pieces with C4 ... it’s a world record my friend! It made your Canadian Minister scandal looks like cheap drama. And now we lost the pink panther that made all the SDs ?

The good news is, now its Durian season again and soon my rambutan will turn yellow. I will give you a shout if they need Charles Bronson look alike to help up with the mess here heheee!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

well said, dato!

my apology for being late but never too late to give my 2sens worth.

this whole saga will not help ease the people's vurden. period!

but hell no, like it or not we are being dragged into mud together. whether or not they did it the media should stop blowing it up. its the rising cost of living, and the people's plight that SHOULD get the headlines and front page. i'm sick of all these circus show. too much clowns will only put or country in bad shape.

jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
Saw some good shots of you at 100 days All Blogs meet, so knew that you are fine & happening.

Well yesterday the Executive Director of MIER predicted that our KLSE will nose dive to 900 pts before the year end and main reason because of the political uncertainty situations here. Inflation has already affected the people and recession will follow suit. It does not need a top economist to predict this.

Let hope the Government will take concrete effective measures to over come the real people issues and resolved the political fiasco that gripping the nation.

Letting the time pass me by said...

Let the showdown begin... winners take all....

Kita pun sudah tak tahan tengok politik Malaysia yang semakin tak matang... macam-macam unsur dah masuk... semua unsur negatif... tak de langsung cerita positif dalam politik Malaysia...

Apa nak jadi???