Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Celebrating Kak Teh & Awang Goneng

Putri Kama & Kak Teh.... after 30 years... Tom at the back

Dr. Nor, Kak Teh & Scent of Woman .... pretty ladies

I was delighted to be invited to a special dinner for Kak Teh and Awang Goneng hosted by lovely couple Putri Kama and Pak Abu at Royal Lake Club yesterday. The Chinese food was sumptuous while the company simply amazing and full of fun and merry. Apparently Putri Kama last met Kak Teh 30 years ago and wanted so much to have a great reunion ….. I guessed she met the KPI with flying color. As usual when bloggers get together you will expect plenty of noises, laughter and surprises.

Pokku, Uncle Som, Awang Goneng and Ian..... the soup was good!

I personally was jolted with few surprises, meeting “new blogging friends” whom actually I have known for many years like Tom and Tireless Mum. Of course it was great to meet Sakmongkol, Mamasita, The scent of a women, NanaDJ and hubby, Ishak and wife and many others in person. It was also a pleasant surprise to know that Radin Galoh was a friend of my wife from Sekolah Menengah Sains Cheras. I could see that both Kak Teh and Awang Goneng enjoyed the occasion so much moving from table to table sharing jokes and latest thoughts.

How could you end a beautiful night without a song or songs? Well the short karaoke session was an eye opener by itself. Now I knew that Putri Kama can sing like an artist while many other hidden talents were finally discovered. It was a night to remember and many thanks to Putri Kama and Pak Abu, our perfect host.

Sakmongkol & Mamasita ... happy and manjanya

Elviza making faces ..... Mambang Hijau having another soup

Nuraina & Dr. Nor .... Rocky on serious talk @ back

The men bloggers .... or man on the blog* block

He is mine....... they were good singers

Rocky, Mahadzir and Jaff point ... cool

Putri Kama .... Juara Karoake Lake Club

Lovely couples ....... happy bloggers

Long lost friends ..... of Sekolah Menengah Sains Cheras


Pokku said...

It was indeed a wonderful evening. Puteri can really sing (that's my professional verdict).
By the way, "My Way" was not bad!
Thanks for the pics.

jaflam said...

Thanks Pokku and it good to see you lastnite. I was hoping to hear some oldies from you actually hehehe.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

It was fun to finally meet up with fellow bloggers last nite. And you, Sir, sang "My Way" like a pro..Pleased to make acquaintance with you.

My salam to Datin.

jaflam said...

We are certainly happy to meet you Ida. It's good thing they invented Karoake ... otherwise i could not follow the music hehee. Take care

mamasita said...

Hai Dato',
What a great pleasure to have met you last night.You are such a humble, cheerful and a very friendly guy.

Please call us whenever you can so that we can get better acquainted.

O my..what a great time we all had kan?

Maybe we all should take turns to host this kind of bloggers meet regularly.
Makan kenyang2 and then sessi bergambar and then karaoke.

Aisay..it was such a lovely night..salam to Datin yer..

NanaDJ said...

Nice meeting you and Dr Nor. Yes, you really sing like a pro too. We must have gatherings like this again.
Salam to you both

elviza said...

Ahem Dato!

Pesal gambar orang lain lawa ajer... bila tiba gambar I, macam gitu lak shot nya. Sajer lah tuh...

Raden Galoh said...

Salam DJ...

Happy sgt I followed my instinct... yg I rasa mcm kenal je your wife tu... rupanya my senior!

Best sgt and you know what? Tireless Mom pun my senior kat UIAM... small world kan?

jaflam said...

Slm Datin Mamasita,
It was my pleasure to meet you and hubby. We certainly will meet again in near future for coffee or something since now we have good reason to repay Putri Kama & Pak Abu kindness.

This kind of gathering will not only foster closer relationships between bloggers but good for health and act as stress remover.

My regards to Dato Sok.

jaflam said...

Dear NanaDJ,
Fully agreed to have more of this get together. Maybe the ladies will organise and let the hubby pays hehehee.Regards to your hubby pls.

jaflam said...

Hai Elviza,
Even when you make faces you still looks good .... don't change you are such a sweet thing hehee.

jaflam said...

Slm Radin,
Life is full of suprises and the world is small especially when we open our hearts to friendships.

It is people like us that make this world a better place to live on. You keep strong and take care. Our prayers will always be with you.

Kak Teh said...

Dato J, both my husband and I were so happy that you and datin were there. I didnt know how to get in touch with you as I had lost your number and I was internetless all the time. I cant describe the feeling I felt that evening. and we talked about it until the wee hours of the morning. Thank you everyone and thank you Puteri and Pak Abu.

norizan said...

Dear DD,
Yes indeed the nite was memorable, fun and full of laughter. It was wonderful to be able to meet all your bloggers friends. What a small world Raden is my long lost adik! at sms selangor. We are planning to meet again with all the sms selangor alumni this Raya at our Villa Nor. Hope others can join us too. Welcome back to Kak Teh and Abang Awang. Salam to all the pretty ladies of the nite and next blogger gathering for sure I will tag along you luv.

jaflam said...

Dear Kak Teh,
It is always good to meet you and hubby and whatmore with great crowds that we had. In fact it was the first time my wife join me on bloggers get together, simply because to meet both of you. She enjoyed the meeting so much and hope to come along in future.We must catch up before you leave town. Salam to AG.

jaflam said...

Hai Luv,
Good to have your first comment on this blog... the blog you created actually.Happy that you enjoyed the nite and hope you be able to keep me company in future. Thanks for your early Raya Open House invitation to our blogging friends and it will definately put more fun and happiness in our annual special kenduri raya. Have a great day and take care luv.

Tom said...

Haha...it has been a very, very long time since I last heard of that nickname!

It is nice to finally meet you and Datin.

jaflam said...

Hai Tom,
Happy to meet you .... teman sekampung and recalling good old days in Mersing.

Like u despite being born in BP, I always treat Mersing as my real kampung. Nostalgic and beautiful town.

You take care and all the best.

tireless mom said...

Dear Capt,

It was wonderful to meet you again. The night flew very fast, was hoping to catch up more with you and Dr Nor. When time permits I hope.

jaflam said...

Hai Tireless Mom,
Really good to see you in the same cirlce of bloggers group and look forward for future get together. We will fill in the missing gap then and shares more cyber stories.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Dato' J,

If there was one person who was utterly surprised that night upon meeting you, it was definitely ME. So that meet in Makkah earlier wasn't the last yah? Alhamdullilah, silaturahim diperpanjangkan.

Keep in touch okay. My salams to Dr Nor.

jaflam said...

Dear Kay_leeda,
It was a pleasent surprise to meet you again... InshaAllah we will meet again in near future since we are in same circle of bloggers. The fun and great bloggers circle heheee.

You take care and keep writing.