Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kak Teh & Awang Goneng @ BTS

Isn't it Lovely ... Kak Teh & Awang Goneng
It was a very special occasion for very special friends. Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary to Wan A Hulaimi and Zaharah may the past happiness flourish as the years goes by. Of course to Awang Goneng well done on the success of GUiT, it is an inspirations to other bloggers who may in future follow your footsteps in publishing their exciting entries.
Bowl of Tea .... Bloggers Tea Session

Many thanks to fellow bloggers Zawi, Akmal, Zabs, Mat Salo, Elviza & Luqman, Dr Bubbles, Ancient Mariner, Kak Teh and Awang Goneng who made the meeting possible, full of laughter and memorable. We finally put a face to the virtual names. Many thanks to Kak Teh and Awang Goneng who made the time to be with us beside their hectic scheduled and having to rush for a wedding after that.
Name to a Face, Zabs, Akmal & Zawi

Based on the success of the Bloggers Tea Session ( BTS ) we should try and arrange similar BTS in the future. It’s great to be able to communicate virtually on a regular basis but the meeting will definitely foster higher level of friendship, sharing and comradeship among us.
Mat Salo @ Work
Dr Bubbles in Actionnnn


Zawi said...

"Terma kasih seribu" to borrow U Lee's expression of gratitude for your contibution to make the signing of GUIT a truly memorable event. Let's support Awang Goneng in whatever way we can so that he will succeed and pave the way for budding writers like Mat Salo to emulate. IMHO Malaysian publishers will now open their eyes toward bloggers who can write books not just for the local market but also to the world at large.
Awang Goneng's success will be the bloggers success and hopefully there will be many more Awang Gonengs later.
Hey Dr.Bubbles when are you going to start on your GUIP? (P for Pahang).
Jaff, thanks for the write up from your perspective.

bergen said...

Sir, I got here via uncle Zabs. Read about the signing event but I missed it and I don't feel too good about it but there's nothing I can do about it. But Zabs says I can. He says Awang Goneng and Kak Teh are gonna be in this country until January. Is that true? I got here the book GUIT and it would be a big deal if I could get Sir Awang Goneng to write something in there like 'To Bergen' or something thereabout.

Do you know how can I get to them before they leave for London since I don't think I don't have the money to follow them all the way there for just for 'To Bergen' kinda thing.

Sorry, if this bothers you, sir.

Kak Teh said...

Thank you so much for everything - the gathering made a special day even more special for both of us.
I love the pix of DR Bubbles !

Tumpang lalu, Bergen, just send me an email and we can meet up. Am sure there'll be more signings and also a reading session on 29th Dec in Bangsar.

By the way, its 0628 and I am bursting to tell the world that GUiT made it to number one non fiction at MPH!!!

Thanks for the support. zawi, thanks!!

drbubbles said...

Alamak! I was caught red handed arranging GUIT for photo-op!

Pak Zawi, GUIP? How about GUIK to begin dulu?hehehe

Mat Salo said...

Bang Jaff..

That's Zabs camera I'm holding! Looks like I'm getting famous.. or notorious seems more like it eh? Ha-ha.

I think your are the right person to carry the mantle of 'patron of the arts Bang..

P.S. Bumped into Capt. Pandi in SS3yesterday...

Akmal said...

Very glad to meet all of you that day. Guess I got to thank the organizer ;). This to me is a two-generations-hang-out, and it is good! Many things to learn from all you guys.
Good day(",).

Zabs said...

Salam Jaflam,
This is another version of the BTS, and a good one too. The photos are original, and now we know why a few of them dissappear for a while, and come back with newly bought GUiT.
On another note, I took the previlege of telling Bergen about AG and Kak Teh's intention to stay until Jan, and you should know how to contact them. I hope you don't mind.TQ.

Zabs said...

Salam Jaflam,
This is another version of the BTS, and a good one too. The photos are original, and now we know why a few of them dissappear for a while, and come back with newly bought GUiT.
On another note, I took the previlege of telling Bergen about AG and Kak Teh's intention to stay until Jan, and you should know how to contact them. I hope you don't mind.TQ.

jaflam said...

Well Zawi, see how little support in many places takes GUiT to MPH No 1 non fiction. I fully agreed with you that more quality books will be published in the near future ... AG have broken the ice the others just have to navigate through.... you yourself have a flare in writing ... i will be among the first to buy your book nanti... jafflam signing off from Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok

jaflam said...

Bergen, thanks for dropping by. Your request has been granted ... pls communicate directly with Kak Teh on your GUiT signing. We hope to have another BTS before Zawi goes back to Kelantan & Kak Teh & Awang Goneng goes back to London. Will keep you posted.

jaflam said...

Kak Teh, we were honored to be able to celebrate your Anniversary at BTS @ KLCC. As you can see everybody happy meeting you and Awang Goneng and of course to get their GUiT signed. All the best always to both of you.

jaflam said...

Dr Bubbles, its great meeting you and the bubbles you created around you. KinoK must have thought that you are one of their new staff from HQ.

MS, the good thing about you is that even when you hold others, it looks like yours. Pro and responsibility..... I am very happy that we met at last.

jaflam said...

Akmal, your presence definitely completes the generations range. As much as you learned from us the seniors we have the opportunity to catch up on interests and lifestyle of teenagers like you. All the best in your studies.

Zabs, thanks for capturing the event well and for supporting the session. Others at KinoK must have thought that you and Mat Salo were pro from one of the leading dailies. A good picture paint a thousand story and capture a history.... well done mate.

Zawi said...

You were in Bangkok? No wonder I saw the mark of somebody from Bangkok on my sitemeter. Its marked as Krung Thep or something.
Is the old Patpong still there? Used to visit the place to see some shows during the Jahiliah days. Let us see you blog about the present Bangkok.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Jaflam,

Did I manage to leave a comment here? Duh! I did but I wonder if it was successful then. Tell me, otherwise I will do it again. Cheers.

jaflam said...

Hai Ruby, i guess your comment doesn’t get through b'coz i only received the above. Sometimes the computer did walk out on us when we need it the most. Great to note that you have a wonderful meeting with Kak Teh, AG and the rest.

jaflam said...

Zawi, it was quite a good trip to Bangkok since I was just accompanying my better half who was presenting a paper at Asia Pacific Rims University Assoc. International Conference on Distance Learning &Internet @ Chulalakorn University. Most of the time shopping aja. I just came back today .... let me see if I could write something on the trip & Bangkok as i see it.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Jaflam,

Oh dear..this is the downside of electronics, but nevermind, I still love the cutting edge electronics of ours.

I was saying what a great meet you guys must have had at Kino. Judging from the photos you guys had a blast of a time. I also pointed out, it was nice of you being pro-active in organising the meet.

Sorry I could not make it for this one, as the saying goes, we plan, God decides.

I managed to meet up with Kak Teh and it turned out I met 10 people a few days ago at Dome KLCC. That was a great meet too.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

jaflam said...

Ruby, Selamat Hari Raya Haji to you and family. Hope you will always be given strength, courage and health to continue your good deeds.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaf, wow! Really nice to see the real people behind their respective callsigns.
Yes, I can imagine you guys having the time of your lives with blogging world's greats Kak Teh and Awang Goneng to name a few.
Anyway, I take this opportunity to wish you and all at home, seasons greetings, happy holidays and a very happy new year. Lee.

jaflam said...

U Lee, many thanks for the visit and seasons greetings.

Wish You and Family Merry X'mas & Happy New Year. May year 2008 brings you good health, happiness ad prosperity.

elviza said...

Dear Jaff,

Sorry this comment is rather late and really, I have no plausible excuse to give :-)

Anyway, I didnt get to properly thank you for the lovely coffee and pizza you bought us that day. So, thank you.

Luqman and I look forward to meet you again in the future.

jaflam said...

Hai Elviza,
Not to worry the pleasure is mine to be able to buy drinks at the BTS. Its great meeting you and cute Luqman and we shall meet again in the near future.

Happy New Year & All the Best for 2008 to you and family.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Jaflam,

Long time tak dengar. How are you? Anyway, here's wishing you and family:


jaflam said...

Dear Ruby,

Many thanks for yor kind wish. A bit bz lately but managed to write something for the ending of 2007. Happy New Year & All the Best to you and famiy.

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