Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ramli and Sutra Dancers @ India

Ramli Solo Pose @ Homage India

Ramli Ibrahim is one of the most accomplished Odissi dancer in Malaysia and internationally. He dances with absolute passion and grace, as if performing for God. I saw him performed at the Art Space, Concorde Shah Alam and was captivated with the grace and energy that he radiated with all the symbolic moves he made. He is one of the symbols of perfection in performance that should be a showcase to youngsters today. It doesn’t matter what you chose to be but most importantly you must put all your devotion and energy to be the best in your chosen field.

By: Bayu Utomo Radjikin ( M'sia )

By : Jeganathan Ramachandram ( India )

We have a few icons that should be used as the guiding light in generating first class citizen and professionals in Malaysia. Some of the worthy names are Latiff Mohidin ( Painting/ Poetry ) Ramli Ibrahim (Odissi Dance), Royal Prof. Ungku Aziz (Economy), Datuk Dr. Jamilah (Humanitarian), Tun Mahathir (Politics), Datuk Sri Dr. Anuar Ali ( Heart Surgeon), Tan Sri Hassan Merican (Corporate), Datuk Nik Aziz (Islamic Politics), Datuk Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah (Motivation) and many others towering personality.
By: A.V. Ilango ( India )
Ramli the Odissi Master

For those who love Odissi and art do not miss a great exhibition titled “Stirring Odissi “at PETRONAS Gallery, KLCC. It is one of the most exciting exhibition that showcases artwork inspired by the Odessi dance form by 12 painters and 8 photographers from Malaysia and India. The exhibition is part of the Stirring Odissi International festival 2008, spearheaded by the Sutra Dance Theatre under the artistic direction of Ramli Ibrahim.

Odissi originates from Orissa in Eastern India and is one of the 8 recognized Indian classical dance styles. A traditional dance form which has thrived in spite of modernization and globalization, it is performed by dancers all over the world. Since Ramli Ibrahim started performing Odissi in Malaysia in 1983, Malaysian interpretations of Odissi have been received with acclaim in India. Malaysia has since groomed its own Odissi dancers and Sutra Dance Theatre is known internationally for its Odissi productions.
( Source PETRONAS Gallery )
By: Yeoh Jin Leng ( M'sia )
By: A.V. Ilango ( India )


Zawi said...

D Jaff,
To see Ramli Ibrahim perform the Odissi live is one of the unfulfilled dream in me. The first one that he did with the late Mano Maniam where they acted the part where The Guru teaching his disciple should be the intro that a beginner like me should have seen. Alas being located in places so far away from where the action is, only the write up about it is the nearest that I can can enjoy. They should be videotaped and sold to the public for more people to enjoy. It is a great accomplishment for a Malay to master the Indian classical arts and not many Malays like you appreciate what he has accomplished. Ramli Ibrahim now is a Guru himself with Guna and a few others as his pupils. Correct e if I am wrong.

U.Lee said...

Hello Jaflam, WOW! I love your pictures, paintings here. Outstanding!
Malu nak cherita saya ni ta'pernah dengar Odissi dancing.
Not that cultured, ha ha. But love paintings.
When one of these days saya balek kampong, apart from chari banana leaf and nasi kandar, I want to visit the art gallery...
Jaflam I am impressed! I thought Mariners normally have ahemm, other interests? Ha ha, just joking, huh.
Like blowing the ship's horn on New Year's eve night? And getting attention like Brad Pitt? Ha ha.
Have a nice weekend, Lee.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
You are perfectly correct Ramli is an Odissi Guru that has international recognition. He has produced some outstanding students including a Chinese girl. If you are in KL this month you will be able to catch some of the Odissi dace series in conjunction with the Stirring Odissi International Festival 08 program spearheaded by Ramli himself. Otherwise you can see the Sutra Dance Theatre performing at their venue near Tasik Titiwangsa.

Ramli is going to be a legend in Odissi dancing but sadly he hasn't been given the full recognition by Malaysia, what more using him as the role model in developing youngsters. I hope he won't face the same fate as the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee being properly recognized after his death.

jaflam said...

Hai Lee,
Glad that you like the painting and I am sure you will luv Odissi dance as much .... given the opportunity to see one.

I just luv art in many forms because it’s a beauty and captivating .... that includes beautiful lady passing by heheee. The things with painting and dancing is that after mastering the strokes and moves you are free to explore and display your dreams and vision in a borderless platform.

Unlike in reality you are subjected to so many norms and man made barriers. One of the beauties of my sailing days was that, we are always on the move and being subjected to different regimes at all times. We are like chameleon ever changing with climate, cultures, rules and colors of life.

When you are back in KL give me a tinkle, we will go for gallery hopping during the day a pub crawling at nite. I only get drunk with coke nowadays heheeee. Have a good Sunday my friend.

U.Lee said...

Jaflam, because of you, my wife thinks I have gone bonkers with age, or lost my marbles or ada tiga screw longgar.
Why? She happened to be nearby admiring her few cactus plants she recently bought while I read your comments, and Jaflam! When I read your, "gigit jari, my friend...", I suddenly burst out laughing, loud, ARHAAAA HA HA.
Dia terperanjat la! Ha ha. She said, "aiyoooh, HUK say ngor"! Cantonese for, "you gave me a big fright"! Then she laughed saying, "I think age making you gila abit, can suddenly laugh like that". Ha ha ha.
Jaflam, I have not heard that expression, 'gigit jari' saya ingat about 30 years! Again from another Malay friend, and also in almost similar situation as yours.

Only yesterday I read someone's blog and she in her posting exclaimed, "buat sakit jantung".
Jaflam, now you know why I had so many Malay friends before, even today, as I find Malay people have a fantastic sense of humour and Malay expressions can really be hilarious! And ahemmm, the girls too when I tease them.

Never a dull moment with my Malay friends those days as we would laugh like crazy when buka cheritas at kedai kopis.
And I had some pak ciks minum dua cup kopi, they lepas handbrake and make me laugh with their typical kampong style expressions.

Jaflam, terima kaseh seribu!....YOU MADE MY DAY!
Don't be surprised you see your this expression, "gigit jari" one of these days in a posting, ha ha.
And Jaflam, I will certainly make 'nombor sepuluh' bila saya balek kampong one of these days..nanti an extra one day before I visit her, ha ha, will tell her I have a date with my friend, Jaflam...nak pergi tengok art gallery, then go minum Coca Cola.

You think she will believe me?
By the way, you are a very cultured man, not only tengok Odissi dances, but your description to me so flowery like an Odissi dance.
Jaflam! You da MAN! Saya Gigit jari, kawan! Lee.

jaflam said...

Hai Lee,
Happy that you had the biggest laugh and being able to touch one of your most nostalgic moments with the rascals from Kampung Baru. Couldn't imagine what story to tell now if we remain to be the nerd, good boys that keep holding mama sarong and shout oh my God every time the girls touch our bump. It reminds me of my shore adventure with Cadet John Smith from Midlands. We were having a drink at Club Mediterranean, Takoradi, Ghana then a big mama came and holds his bump, he was frozen and whispered harshly to me “Oh my God she touched my hip ". He must be a cherry boy then.

By the way Lee, keep that Coca Cola outing our secret or your no 10 will think that we are really sober nuts.

Ydiana said...

Hi Dato'

I'm not a culturally inclined person (tho' once in a while I did go for a Dewan Philharmonic or Istana Budaya performances). But I've heard of Ramli Ibrahim, and if I'm not mistaken is and Engineering graduate. He did engineering to fulfill his parents' dream, and once graduated, he pursue his own dreams to become a dancer. Amazing.

jaflam said...

Hello Ydiana,
Ramli love and passion for dance overcome his technical qualifications as an engineer. He made his mark and name in Australia and International arena before coming back to Malaysia to set up the Sutra Dance Theatre. I hope your passion for piano and song writing will in the near future blooms and make its mark in the industry.

My brother in law was a talented musician/singer/ jiggles producer despite his lack of paper qualifications. His passion made it possible for him to own a Musical Studio.

Dreaming is part of planning and tools for achieving.

Ann said...

Hi Jaflam,

New to blogging of two months. I google searched fern, and hit your blog. I love plants and flowers.Your belimbing Besi reminded ot years ago, when I visited my Malay friend in the kampong in Sibu. She gave me these sour fruits from the trunks of her trees. Never had them since. Love your blog.

By the way, is Ramli Ibrahim Datuk Khoo Kay Khim's son? I know kay Khin and his wife.

Check out my blog:
I have lots of pix of Malaysian/Singaporeon and New Zealand plants.

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