Friday, May 22, 2009

Zambry Perak MB: Nizar nak jugak!

So it's Zambry again as MB of Perak, ruling by Court of Appeal.
As usual the loser will never accept the verdict and keep being sore losers.
For simple man without much political priorities the issue was quite straight forward.
But then for those with political and power madness, life without it is like living in hell.
Let's see who will catch the swine flue eventually.
Actually the ordinary rakyat couldn't care less whether it's BN or PR ruling the state as long as their interests are being taken care off !

Zambry is MB, rules court


PUTRAJAYA, May 22 - The Court of Appeal today returned a unanimous decision that Barisan Nasional's Datuk Zambry Abd Kadir is the rightful Perak mentri besar, ruling that his Pakatan Rakyat rival Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddinn had ceased to command the majority in the Perak state assembly.

The judges also ruled that the Sultan was right in appointing Zambry the MB and that there was no need for a vote of no confidence in the House against Nizar.

The three-member Bench comprising Justices Md Raus Shariff, Zainun Ali and Ahmad Maarop delivered judgment after hearing submissions from both parties yesterday.

However, the Court of Appeal decision is not expected to bring an end to the crisis in Perak as the parties can still appeal to the Federal Court.

This afternoon, security at the Court of Appeal was tight with police taking extra precautions in allowing people into the courtroom.

Nizar's counsel Sulaiman Abdullah said he would be filing an appeal.
Hundreds of PR supporters gathered briefly outside the court complex after the ruling was pronounced, and shouted slogans to back Nizar.
Neither Nizar nor Zambry were present in court today.

The DAP's Lim Kit Siang, who was present in court, said today's decision could spark more unhappiness with the administration of Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Najib is seen as the man who engineered the Perak power grab in February that plunged the state into a constitutional crisis.

Lim said the best solution remains the dissolution of the state assembly to pave the way for fresh elections.

Yesterday Nizar had also said he wanted fresh elections whatever the court decision today was.
Last week the Kuala Lumpur High Court had ruled that Nizar was the rightful mentri besar because according to the state constitution the only way to remove an MB was through a vote of no confidence in the legislature.

The Sultan, the court ruled, could not dismiss a state's chief executive.
The Court of Appeal disagreed today, and accepted Zambry's argument that Nizar had already lost the support of a majority of the assembly when he went to seek the Sultan's consent for the legislature to be dissolved.


faida said...

perkataan 'loser' tu loose sangat. maksud awak siapa ye yang loser tu? hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Kanggaroo Court of Malaysia

jaflam said...

Hai faida,
Dlm pusingan ini yang kalah Nizar,tapi pusingan seterusnya belum tahu. Yang penting kalau sudah bawa kes ke mahkamah, bila Hakim buat keputusan yg tidak memihak kpd kita jangan pertikai. Sebab kita berkepentigan, timbangan kita memang memihak kpd diri kita.

Klu kita buka minda kita dapat lihat siapa sore losers dlm kes ini.

jaflam said...

Same old story when the court favor Nizar it's the Apex Court of justice and the minute the ruling favor Zambry it became Kanggaroo Court. Grow up or live in kanggaroo land Australia.