Friday, June 12, 2009

The Art of Mansor Ghazalli 1953-2008

Self Potrait 1955

Doa recitals for late Mansor Ghazalli

Mansor Ghazalli brother, Raja Ahmad and Prof Zakaria

Kedai Padang Regas 1986 ( DJ Collection )
In memory of one of Malaysian great painter and a dear friend that passed away on 10th June 2009 (Age 79). In 1962 he was among the first Malaysian sent to UK to study Art and came back to be a very dedicated art teacher in Batu Pahat. True to his passion he teaches painting even after his retirement on voluntary basis and my 12 year old daughter was one of his last students.

Tg. Labuh 2002 ( DJ Collection )

Bagan 1986 (DJ Collection)

Padang Sekolah 1981 ( DJ Collection )

Sg Lembing 2007 ( DJ Collection)
I spent many hours talking to this great man about art and life. His simplistic attitude towards life and art convinced me that you don't need to proof anything to anybody as long as you have done your best in whatever your chosen endeavor. To him it's ok just to paint and not worried about selling the works. He told me a story that once when the surau call for donation for it's expansion, he gave two of his paintings so that it can be sold and the money given to the surau. Unfortunately nobody took up the offer to buy it at RM 250 each, although it valued more than RM 1,000 each. He was sad but its ok, the painting was later sold at an art exhibition at RM 2,000 'each.

Despite our short acquaintance I benefited so much from this very humble great painter and will treasured our friendship for a lifetime. Managed to buy a few of his great paintings for my personal collections. For those who are interested in his works do visit RA Gallery at No 6, Jalan Aman, Off Jln Tun Abd Razak, Kl ( Tel: 03 2161 7341). The exhibition “The Art of Mansor Ghazalli will end on 20 June 2009.

Parang Tritis, Jogjakarta 2008

Washing Cloth by River, K.Kangsar 1966
Rumah Setinggan( Pelarian Kemboja), Pekan 2005

Tali Air 1982 ( DJ Collectioon)

Morib 96 ( DJ Collection)

Gombak 97 ( DJ Collection)

Untitle 97 ( DJ Collection )

Untitle 96 ( DJ Collection )

Jenalek 97 ( DJ Collection )

Morib 96 ( DJ Collection )

Pekan, Pahang 97 ( DJ Collection )
Jambatan ke Bukit Chandan ( DJ Collection )
Dari Bukit Residen, K.Kagsar ( DJ Collection )
UT 97 ( DJ Collection )
Kuala Kangsar 97 ( DJ Collection )

Paramatta Square, NSW '86 ( DJ Collection )


Dainna B said...

On behalf of my family, thank you for a lovely write up on my late Ayah Ngah.

He was so special to us all. Our visits to Bangi will not be the same again..

Semoga Allah SWT mencucuri rahmatNya ke atas roh allahyarham. Al-fatihah! ...

Dainna Baharuddin

jaflam said...

Dear Dianna,
There so much to write about him especially his kindness and sincerity in life and works. He paints with so much grace and ease which reflects his principle in life. In a few outings I had with him I was amazed how he could paints so fast and easy with fantastic results. He was a true master painter with so much energy and passion until his last day.

He was about the only person I knew that not worried about popularity and money despite his magical touch in watercolor painting.

Like you and family, I will miss him dearly too. Take care.

tmc said...

thank you for writing such a beautiful entry on my grandfather..


jaflam said...

You are most welcome Fatimah, a bit of his humbleness will take us miles ahead of others.

Mat Salo said...

Waaah.. lucky you Bang DJ to have Ayah Ngah's art in your possession!

Glad you and family made it back from umroh safely.

Met up with AG at M'sia Hall Bayswater a few weeks back.. Am already on my barge. Hopefully we get to catch up the next time.

jaflam said...

Salam MS,
Yes I am lucky to be able to keep some of your Ayah Ngah great works. Luckier to enjoy his sincere friendship too.

Gd to hear that you have a good holiday in UK and met AG. Hope we be able to meet up again during your next break. Take care.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful collection you have there. If you are ever interested to sell the Padang Rengas or Bukit Residen ones, please let me know!