Monday, June 14, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Break

Managed to go for a short holiday with the family at Kota Kinabalu last weekend. Much needed break for all of us.... thanks to my darling wife for all the arrangements.

We stayed at Nexus Resort.... one of the best resort in KK

On way to Mt. Kinabalu we stopped at

Part of Nexus, Karambunai

Mt. Kinabalu right behind.....

Karambunai beach... just before sunset

Kids walking by the beach..... they neeed the holiday as much


Pak Zawi said...

We enjoy the Nabalu market too. On my last trip we wanted to stop on the return leg to KK. Unfortunately it was raining heavily and very foggy so we missed the place.

jaflam said...

Actually it is the best spot to get perfect view of Mt Kinabalu bcoz by the time we reached the Kinabalu Park the peak was covered with clouds already. Shopping was fun at Nabalu too.