Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Close Encounter ... A Samad Said

KLCC was unusually busy last Thursday …… 4pm on a working day the place was packed. It must me the Mega Sale at work or success of Visit Malaysia Year campaign.

As usual I will always drop by the PETRONAS Gallery whenever I have free time. I was surprised when the Gallery Director ushered me to Datuk A Samad Said as I entered the space, as if the “Sastarawan Negara” is waiting for me. I play the friendly Malaysian and shook hand with Pak Samad and wife who apparently have been waiting for more then two hours there to be interviewed by some reporter. We chat for a while on his exhibition and of course his frustration having to wait for the reporter. He must have thought I am the reporter when he first shook my hand.

Luckily the reporter and his camera crews arrived shortly after that and I gracefully excused myself to look at the Pak Samad Exhibition that on show. It was a very good exhibition by Pak Samad on his poetry, painting and writings. In fact Pak Samad takes the trouble to explain to me the process of writing his poetry i.e. a few drafts with red ink corrections before balancing the “suku kata” creating a poem with a spirit. The next step is creating a painting out of the poem. I felt very much privileged having Pak Samad explaining his work process using his work book. He did say that his method is based on his 1950s education background and not necessary followed by the new generation’s poetry writer.

That short close encounter made me understand why there is only one Pak Samad . He is a much disciplined person in his work, belief and excellence performance. Of course as we chat away we get to know each other better …. Like our common friend Wan Shukry Wan Karma and Kak Teh who were classmates to his wife. To Pak Samad and wife thanks for the close encounter ……. I hope they will never make you wait that long in future.


Mat Salo said...

Hello Jaff..

I am friends with both Captains Pandi (via a car club) and Yusof (family friend).

Welcome to blogging, Pak. Will look forward to your postings...

jaflam said...

Mat Salo, good to meet u here & i will definately visit your site untuk merapatkan siratulrahim antara kita dan kawan bersama kita Apandi & Yusof.