Sunday, July 8, 2007

Walk the pounds away

At last I am back to my healthy lifestyle and routine after going hay wire for the last few months. The morning brisk walking with my significant half around Tasik Cempaka about 4 km routes has been my favorite’s activities for the past few years. Somehow my new hobby "Golf" has managed to disrupt my healthy lifestyle. The pressure from colleges for me to take up golf after leaving the game about 15 years ago – really upset my routine. Actually I am quite happy with golf because it’s quite a challenge to hit the small ball over 18 holes - a lot of skill and paitence is needed. The four hours taken to complete the game provide and avenue for closer bonding between golf buddies. Now that I am able to play tolerable golf I have decided to keep my golf to minimum and catch up with my weekends brisk walking.

Actually the brisk walking not only contribute tremendously to my health and provides an effective therapy for me and wife. The one hour routine provide and excellent setting for us to communicate and talk on many issues in a pressure less environment. She will tell about her office politics, progress on research and projects and most importantly how she and kids is doing. I will usually be a good listener and provides advice on critical issues she is facing or bothering her. I will also share with her on my current issues and thoughts. But really that one hour routine followed by breakfast at our favorite’s restaurant i.e. Puteri Bongsu and Larizz provides a therapy that money can’t buy. I found out that by missing the healthy routine its not only strained our health but also our communications therapy.

I am sure my simple therapy is applicable to all of us – in our busy and hectic weekdays schedules we just seemed not be able to communicate effectively with our significant half. We are always chasing time to send children to school, tuition, groceries and watching favorites TV programs, meetings friends etc. It is important that we spent time together in a relax environment …… it can also be going to movie or window shopping etc to take up the strain from our wife which have been acting as superwomen all week.

I am not about to give up golf but will scheduled it such that I won’t miss my morning walk two weeks in a row. More driving range than the green or perhaps weekdays golfing where possible.


Apandi said...

Good one bang, now maybe you should take up mountain biking he he he

The Ancient Mariner said...

I brisk walk almost every morning sampai nak gila but my tummy still centre forward .. maybe I'm missing something?

jaflam said...

Hai YA & Apandi, thank you for dropping by. Thank you for the suggestion but I am a bit late for the mountain biking .... but I will watch you from the bottom.

YA maybe u need more then the walking .... try some sit up and arobic, it may works. But then who cares even with the tummy you are still a handsome veteran.

Mr McGoo said...

Hi Jaff,
About the stubborn tummy, its one of the most wonderful protruding creation that man can boast off publicly hahaha. Coz the other protrusion is privy to the beholder only. Being at this age, and living a lifestyle of "sorry i have no time lah", we are actually not being fair to our own health condition, coz we are too busy with other worldly duties and what not, that even if we were to study time management, we cant even manage our own desire and priorities. Brisk walking is good, golfing is good, some doctors even prescribe regular sex is good for our mental & physical well being. A different doctor told that, even with a balanced diet or fasting or tummy whirling, whatever, a minimal weight may be reduced but the tummy will still be stubborn. Forget about slimming pills lah, it will only slimmer your pockets. Coz the stubborn fat could not be broken down vigorously due to our weak metabolism rate. And you cannot depend on viagra to boost your metabolics eh. If it doesnt protrude, it will only sag a bit. So to take it positively, lets admire our own beautiful meadow hill & of our colleagues. What a nice, round, golf bonker! haha.

jaflam said...

Hai Mcgoo,

You are right as we grow older, all the spare tyres get hardened except for the one you wish most.

But then those above 70s trimmed and running like a rabbit round the lake really challenged me to keep walking at least. Of course on top of that the pretty sights is kind of bonus and spirit booster.
Lets enjoy all the games while we still can.