Sunday, November 15, 2009

Najib Moves.... Tumbuk & Tepis

Tumbuk & Tepis
So much happenings out there, especially in the political scenes that never seemed to subside despite almost two years after PRU 12. The politicians are getting at each others throats and most parties from both fronts are having a turbulence times including MCA, PPP, PAS, PKR, MIC etc. Even our Tok Guru Nik Aziz is having a tough time with his Haj trip, son in law and the party itself. MCA is having a three corners fight where most likely all of them are going to be dumped by the members. Dr.Asri is now testing his popularity against JAIS and as he has threathened to join a political party if cornered to the wall…. I wonder which party will he be joining. While the others are having difficult times UMNO and Dato Sri Najib seemed to be doing rather well and gaining momentum in getting support from the rakyat. His confidence building strategy and actions seemed to be capturing the populous hearts. The normal strategy of PR in blaming everything to UMNO seemed to be out of trends.

I was talking to a friend who is a great supporter of Pakatan Rakyat and you would not believe what he told me. He said that Najib has been using Indian bomoh, that why now all the people likes him and forget about his misdeeds. It really made me laughed at how an educated guy can even think that way. On the hand it made my observations about Najib and his government almost spot on, which is he is going on a right track in terms of strategy and activities in moving the country forward. After gaining confidence from the rakyat now he is making his impact on the regional and international scenes. The visit by Presidents of China and Indonesia speaks for itself. The APEC meeting at Singapore provided him with a perfect stage for the second stage campaign. Congratulations to the Foreign Minister who has been working very hard in making sure the second stage campaign a success.

There is still about three years before PRU13 lets hope it's not wasted on political gimmicks, but instead fully used for economic and nation building that much needed by the rakyat.

Meanwhile I am enjoying my painting with the second piece almost done. It’s a continuation of my Gerak Series titled Tumbuk & Tepis. In life we have to do all sorts of movements to survive and counteract the bad moves by our enemy. Like in silat at times we have to Tepis, while in another we have to Tumbuk to survive. The second painting reflects the reality of life where we just can’t stand still to survive this challenging world.
Gerak .... Tumbuk & Tepis


mamasita said...

One of these days kita buat dinner kat restoran and lelong your paintings and Pak Zawi punya for charity nak??
You and Pak Zawi rupanya ada bakat melukis yang terpendam lama sangat!!

jaflam said...

Slm DM,
No problem when the work is good enough i will be happy to do that especially for charity. We are just enjoying the painting journey and not too worry about the destination and result so much.

Pak Zawi said...

Dato' Jaff,
Congratulations on the publication of your second painting. Now who says you must have a qualification in fine art to be an artist?
Datin's idea is very good. I am all for it but please allow me time to get better too as auctioning one of mine at the moment may not bring in much return as my work is at the lowest level of the price scale. Proceed may not even cover the cost of the dinner served at the 'restoren' and Dato' Sak may have to cough up more money to meet the expense hehehehe.

jaflam said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Very true we are not ready for it, perhaps later when we are more famous and the painting can fetch better price we can do the charity gig. Otherwise rugi pulak Datin Mamasita nanti. Anyway i am enjoying my painting hobby better now that the ideas flow more easily.