Thursday, December 10, 2009

PKFZ SCANDAL ... Arrests Stage

Its looks like the long wait for actions against those responsible for the PKFZ fiasco has finally happened. Three arrests and more to come promised the AGs, its looks like more heads will rolls and it will be a good reminder for those in power not to make similar mistakes for the love of money. As much as I am happy that action being taken by the Government to prosecute those responsible in the scandal but I could not avoid my sadness seeing familiar face being charged in court.

OC Phang used to be a good friend when I was serving Marine Department and I always remembered her as a jovial non nonsense lady that never short of jokes. She served well in Ministry of Transport before being promoted to lead Port Klang Authority. She creates history in a way in leading the Malaysian Premier Port and International Association of Ports & Harbours. I hope she can defend all charges levelled on her. Being in the Maritime Industry for more then three decades give me the opportunity to understand the fiasco slightly better than general public.

The simple rules that should be observed by politicians from both fronts is that the people will no more tolerate abuse of power and self enriching in the expense of rakyat. If you cannot served for the interests of nation building and rakyat just take off and leave the job to the better person. There are still many in the Government and Pakatan Rakyat who are still living in their own wonderland defending their clans and agents. Stop it before it’s too late.

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