Friday, May 2, 2008

BUM 2008 - View from the Bridge

Desiderata .... Chairman BUM 2008

Panelists Jac, Rocky, Dato S Ahmad, Zorro, Dr Lim

Ancient Mariner, Jaff Point & Dato Syd Ahmad

Thanks to Ancient Mariner for inviting me to be his guest for BUM 2008 to meet fellow bloggers and observed the discourse on Civil Society. It was a relax, no protocols environment with line up of good experienced speakers with mixed participants stretching 4 generations age gaps, truly cyber where age doesn’t matter.

I managed to sit in for the first session but have to rush back for my daughter birthday party immediately after that. The line up for first session includes Rocky’s Bru, Dato Syed Ahmad Aidid, Dr Azmi Sharom, Dr Lim, Jacqueline and Zorro as Chairman. Some of the issues and pointers raised include:

1. Rocky shared his views and experienced in pushing for Bloggrs Association and freedom of alternative/ online media. The fear and need for self censorship.
2. Dato Syed Ahmad Aidid touched on the need for bloggers to focus on every aspects of civil society such as safety, security, environment, judiciary, governance etc. Blogging must be used as a means to generate civil society or civic society as he claimed. He did mention that he may not have to leave the bench if bloggers were as powerful as it is today. He is also considering heavily joining the blogging community soon.

Dr Azmi ... from KL to Penang all PR States

3. Dr Azmi shared his experience on University student’s excitement in PRU12 results. They believed that their voices have finally been heard and counted. He also raised the trends among students that have avoided main stream media and depended mostly on online news. He did cautioned the legal fraternity not to be too excited with the superficial changes announced by the Government but instead to demand for absolute changes in the division of power between the executive and judiciary.

Dr Lim ..... fear factor

4. Dr Lim emphasized on the need to fight against institution or media that create fear and divisions among the races and society. He felt that the popularity of the blogging community must be used to demolish races political bias and propagate equality in society.

5. Jac shared about her and Flaming Policy in blogging. The need for rules and regulations in blogging especially for online media like hers.

Haris of PP and the crowds

I truly enjoyed the discourse which further enhanced my belief that the blogging community if properly shaped and organized will be the power house of future governance, guardians of injustice, platform for universal network and news and catalyst for development of civil society. Meanwhile the blogging community must continued to use its new found popularity, energy and power in ensuring the BN and PR governed with the interest of Rakyat as a top priority. It must be used to fight injustice, corruptions, abuse of power and conservation of the environment to facilitate sustainable development.

For the bloggers we have no choice but to be responsible, credible and self regulate ourselves to remain as the key factor and power house for the Rakyat.

Congratulations to the organizers and I shared some shots and Rocky’s write up on the event for your reading pleasure.

Rocky the Bru

The 4th estate has failed us? Politically-appointed editors to blame?The role of the mainstream media (MSM) came under heavy scrutiny at the Bloggers' Universe Malaysia 2008 held for the second year in a row at the Lake View Club, Subang. Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament says the 4th Estate has failed the people and called on Malaysians to reclaim the integrity of the profession. Citizen Nades defended journalists and blamed politically-appointed Editors and draconian Press laws for the failure of a big chunk of the MSM in serving the people. Zorro, Kee Tuan Chye, Jeyapelan Mahesan, and Desiderata, among others, spoke on the the issue.

Jeff Ooi took part in the conference via a pre-recorded video clip. Steven Gan could not make it but BUM 2008 had Nades and RPK. I spoke of what the National Alliance of Bloggers was up to the last one year and of my fear that the New Media, bloggers in particular, may one day entertain self-censorship as a compromise with advertisers and Government.The 2pm-midnight event attracted some 200 bloggers, activists, journalists and politicians. Desi and Zorro moderated the two sessions and they have both kindly agreed to plan for BUM 2009.Syabas to Desi and Gang for another excellent party!p.s. RTM, Bernama, the Star, Utusan, the (new!) Malay Mail and several other papers covered the event.

The crowds ..... life reporting on HP.

Raja Petra ...... close up


cakapaje said...

Salam Dato,

I say, I missed it didn't I? But honestly, I was just not in the right context just now. Really wanted to go much beforehand...sigh. But thanks for filling me in :)

jaflam said...

Salam Shah,
I almost missed it as well because of other important agenda but managed to squeeze one session to have a feel on what is going on there.

Whatever you are doing now, I wish you all the best and success.

The Ancient Mariner said...

My pleasure bro. But you missed a great kambing panggang dinner.

cakapaje said...

Salam again Dato',

If you are up to it, could you read my latest entry and give some ideas. Thank you.

jaflam said...

No problem mate, i see what i can do with it. Regards.

jaflam said...

Make sure they have more kambing panggang next year.Rgds

Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
Thank you for this update.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaflam, very interesting posting. For me its nice to get glimpses of whats happening in Malaysia.
Good photographs too.
By the way, we have BUM brand shoes for sale here, infact I'm wearing one daily, ha ha.
You keep well, Jaf, Lee.

jaflam said...

Hello U Lee,
You are right BUM is a popular brand even here in KL.

We have cyber BUM now here.

jaflam said...
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jaflam said...

You are most welcome Zabs.

Tavia said...

Keep up the good work.