Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flower Therapy - Taman Ku

One of the most satisfying things to do is creating and tending your own garden. Watching the plants grow bearing flowers and fruits that attracts birds, butterfly, bees and squirrels. Walking bare foots on the grass while spraying waters to the plants and your kids. It’s a life therapy, taking you away from all the madness of traffic jams and human rat race. Taking you away from pollution and hypocrisy. For a while let’s enjoy the plants of my garden.

Taman ku .... do your own garden

Heliconia Millipedes

Heliconia Turbo 2

Spanish Dancer

Birds of Paradise more then 15 yrs old

Bunga kertas dan Pandan

Heliconia Turbo 1

Belimbing Besi

Bonsai Ku

Chinese Fern

Rambutan Gading ... still green

Papaya ..... yummy


cakapaje said...

Salam Dato',

OK, you're a keen gardener too, just like my emak. Me, only when I have to don on the 'buruh paksaan' hat forced by my emak ;)

That Spanish Dancer, it looks more like a Daun Ketum. And your bonsai looks new with very little trimming or wires to keep the branches in place. Or perhaps, you removed the unsightly lot for the picture taking. But, its cute. Still, I take my hats off to you for growing the belimbing besi. Not many young people know of the plant, what else the gums are squirming just at the thought of the fruit! :)

jaflam said...

Salam Shah,
Next time your mum send you to hard labor, try talking to the plants it will make the plants grow faster/healthier and you happier. The plants will zikir for your happiness and jodoh heheeeeee.

The Bonsai is small, only 2" tall every 4 months I will remove all the leaf and do some pruning on the branches. Need to talk more with the little guy. Never seen daun ketum before so could not see he similarity of it with my favorite spanish dancer.

Pak Idrus said...

jaflam, you do have a great garden there.

Plants are good therapy and if we treat it with passionate love, it would return that love in so many ways, that would surely made our day. Plant is the source of our energy for without plant we would not survived on this planet.

I live in a small area so to get the effect of the greens I made my surrounding the Kampong look.

Like you I enjoyed been with all those plants. Have a nice day.

Shirzad Lifeboat said...

dear dato'

a certain hanna rion said, "the greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses." my small obsession with gardening began quite some years ago. It was the writer S.H. Alattas who introduced me to this new indulgence. According to him, there is a Japanese proverb that says: "a man must do three things in his lifetime - plant a tree, write a book and bear a son." although i still cant think of the underlying philosophy behind the proverb, ive chosen to construct (i hope this the right word to use) ever-changing series of the kyoto gardens (or at least i thought so) in front of my small house and read the meanings behind such gardens which among other things is "simplicity".
I notice this feature is present in your garden. The spacious rich green lawn gives the sense of openness. The choice of the various species of heliconias including or especially birds of paradise add to the touch of exquisiteness. The presence of the bonsai denotes a little play of the japanese element at the heart of it. the various palms are set against the backdrop of their big brother, the coconut tree. About the belimbing besi, now that reminds of the same plant my late grandpa used to have in his yard. Belimbing besi reminds me of a evil character in a bangsawan series i used to watch when i was a kid.
Not only the shots on your garden help to restore senses, but they refresh memories of nearly forgotten times.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam dato,

whoaa...wonderful garden you've got there sir. its huge and spacious. beautiful. having said that, wouldnt it be a good idea if fountain with running water is to be built? just a mere suggestion je dato. i mean, you have wonderful collection of flora, its only natural to balance it with say,...a fauna or two...hehehe...

*bila nak ajak pegi makan nasik? i can always beg shah to give me a lift...hehehe...bagi dia serba salah sikit...

jaflam said...

Salam Pak Idrus,
I have seen your beautiful garden through your early posting. You have proven that we do not need big space to start a garden, I even have a few plants in my office to have that that living environment.

I used to tell my staff that if the plants around the office die, it shows that they have no love for the office.

jaflam said...

Hai Shirzad,
Thanks for the interesting interpretation of my garden and glad to know that you too have high interest in gardening. We have two common interests now. The Japanese gardens are very intrinsic and symbolic with philosophy embedded in it. I used to spend many hours enjoying them, especially the one in Kyoto.

I also have a small herbal garden as part of the mystic of traditional medicine.

jaflam said...

Salam Kerp,
Very sharp and true observation on the lack of water elements in my garden. Actually a garden without water is quite incomplete, like the saying in the Quran about the Garden of Heaven with rivers running underneath it. I would love to have it but my earlier effort to have portable fountains and tempayan with water lily was a failure due to frogs and mosquitoes breeding in them.

We are making a new attempt to have a small fixed pond and dropping fountains in the garden. If the design and price is right you will get to see it in the near future.

Not only that you will also enjoy tea in my garden. InshaAllah I will plan for our little bloggers gathering at my home.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i believe there's a certain type of fish that eats mozzie larvae. but maybe its not enough to prevent mozz from breeding i guess.

*i love gatherings...saya muka tak malu i'm looking forward for anyone to organise one. but i still have to depend on either shah or mat salo to take me...hehehe...

thanks, dato.

jaflam said...

Morning Kerp,
Not to worry they will be more then happy to be at your service what more your company.

We will find a reason to meet even when Minty turn out to be a cat for Shah.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaflam, you changed your profil pic. When you dropped into my blog, terperanjat saya pagi pagi ni, for a moment thought Dr M da datang, arhaaa ha ha.
You you not only an expert at guiding ships thru the Suez and Panama canals without having a scratch, not to mention ports in Sarawak *wink*...I can see gardening and landscaping another of your talents.
Hey! I love your garden.
Pity disini, only can enjoy lima bulan sahajah...
send me telegram when your rambutans da merah.
Ahhh, I love blimbing...we get them here, from Vietnam and Thailand in the markets.
And your pgotography outstanding!
By the way, ta'nampak orchids?
That's a huge 1 acre garden you have, ha ha. Boleh have badminton court.
I was admiring your beautiful pictures of the paintings.
Jaflam, you my kind of man, painting lover, photography, gardening, appreciate lovely women, ha ha....jangan lupa that rambutans, ha ha.
You stay easy and keep well, Jaf, Lee.

elviza said...

wah lah weh... I am so green with envy.

You have a magnificent garden my friend.

Do you know how to make drunken sailor goes around the pagola (betul ker eja nih?) faster?

jaflam said...

Hai U Lee,
Thanks for dropping by mate, if not for his bigger nose and brain my profile shot could easily disguise as Dr.M heheee.

Actually I do have collections of Orchids but unfortunately they refused to flowers for this photography. Not to worry when the rambutan ripens up I will send you some in cyber, I can tell you its one of the best rambutans in Bangi Valley ..... big, sweet and yummy.

Lee we have much in common, except that you beat me with the guitar, I can't play guitar, can sing but always out of tune heheee. Take care and stay cool.

jaflam said...

Elo Elviza,
Hope my garden stimulates your Hasan story ... that hot on trail.

Gardening is a mixed between art and science and seeing your creations blooming is something irresistible.

Sailors never get drunk, they just got tipsy or hangover. To prove a point they usually managed to drive home without realizing how the hell they get to the gangway

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaf, hey, you beat me in a lot of things....I can't steer a ship? Boat boleh. Ha ha. And re my guitar, my wife or rather at that time my girlfriend still bought it for my birthday, wayyyyy back.
I can only strum and ikut sikit sikt, but cannot behave like Elvis...yet, and get all shook up. Arhaaa ha ha.
My talents re gardening nil. Reason being I am afraid of worms.
Bet that shocked you, huh? For a hantu who brings iguanas and snakes to class to frighten my teachers and students...the girls mostly.
But worms are slimy la, aku geli.
By the way, your kebun ada those big jambus?
We get them here, again from Thailand.
But talk about jambus, I love those red succulent jambu ayer, I think they are called.
Used to have Malay friends wayyyy back in Kampong Baru, KL they had those big trees and the red jambus, sedap la, we climb up after school and maken,,,tetapi ada keranga, alamak, kena gigit dalam seluar, kita lompat like rap dancing, ha ha.
Okay, now when winter comes, I pop over to your blog look at your garden feel warm, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Jaf, Lee.

jaflam said...

Elo U Lee,
Now I know your secret on the special guitar, the way you are holding it, like a pro or like you never want to let it goooo.

Kalau dia merajuk you can always take out the guitar and hold it tight, hold it tender to proof that you never change from the days she capture you.

Your detail remembrance of the good times and encounters amazed me. You never forget a thing when it comes to ladies that pass through your life..... that what I the Master of Love.

I have been to Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto and knew how cold the winter can be .... but then now you have warm garden to hop to. Take care Bro Lee.

Zawi said...

Datuk Jaff,
Shah mentioned the belimbing as belimbing besi, we Kelantanese refer to that kind of belimbing as belimbing buluh. It is not edible fresh but to be placed in other dishes for the sour taste.
The papaya is ripening. I love the papaya.
Hope to gather at your place one day to see the garden.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Thanks for dropping by, yes the belimbing besi was handy when we made our asam pedas johor. It gave that special kind of sour taste that other ingredients could not provide.

Yes I will make a small gathering among us in the near future and informed you well in advance for planning purpose. Meanwhile enjoy your new toys that have been providing interesting shots

Ydiana said...

Salam Dato'

I read U.Lee's praising your garden so I just had to check out. Beautiful indeed. I am very new to gardening, so hopefully I can learn a few things from you, especially whether I can plant a papaya and mango tree from the seed?

Btw, do you happen to stay in a 'Camelot'?

jaflam said...

Hai YDiana,
Thanks for strolling in my garden. Actually my modest home and garden occupied 9,500 sq ft only, but my love for plants and nature made it possible to put various themes in it, like heliconias, palm & ferns, orchids, herbals and fruits trees. Shirzad was` quite right the garden reflects the owner in many ways.

Yes you can plant mango and papaya using the seeds. Sow the seeds in shaded controlled area where you can water and observed the growth easily. When they are strong and big enough moved them to your favorite locations. Enjoy your gardening and have a good week.

Ydiana said...

Hi Dato'

thanks for the tips. Sorry it may sound st..d, but I heard a few versions, I'm not sure which to follow. I will definitely try your method soon. but first I need to buy again that sweet solo papaya and my favorite mango from SS15.

Pardon me, but I'm quite curious. Do happen to stay in USJ 5?

jaflam said...

Hello ydiana,
Yes you need your favorite papaya and mango to get the right seeds. Sometimes for mango people buy ready seedling from nursery so that they get bigger plant faster.

I live in Bandar Baru Bangi at a neighborhood called Bangi Valley. Almost bought a house in USJ before but was worried about the planes noise then. Cheers.