Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pak Lah got MPs Backing : Get Down to WorkLah

The Star - Umno MPs back Abdullah
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno MPs have pledged support to party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a day after former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad shocked the nation by quitting the party.

In a special meeting with Abdullah at the Parliament House here on Tuesday, the MPs gave their commitment to Abdullah that none of them would heed Dr Mahathir's call for them to also quit Umno.

Yes it’s a free country and anybody can say and do what they like within the confinement of the law, but then the continuous politicking after the PRU 12 is getting to everybody nerves. The public has been harassed everyday with political antics from BN and PR to the point that their productivity suffered. A lot of energy, time and money have been spent to entertain these political antics instead of focusing on the real issues facing by the Rakyat. The price of rice, foodstuffs, iron, fuel, services etc are rising like nobody business and causing the lower income group major difficulties.

Get down to worklah, BN be a better governor of Federal Government and States under your control and PK deliver what you have promised in the 5 states you ruled. The Rakyat has given their mandate and verdict, get down to worklah, five years down the line you can seek the Rakyat mandate again. They will judge you based on your performance not the "sandiwara" you played.

Let the UMNO members cleaned their house in any way they want and don't drag the Rakyat and country with it. The future of UMNO will be decided by its members alone, I don't think the 3 million members could not decide for themselves. At 62 years old if you still could not decide what is good for yourself then you are doomed to perish.

The UMNO MPs have given Pak Lah the backing, give him the space to do what is right for the Party, after all he is the Captain. If he is not good for the party take him down in accordance to the rules of the games. Jangan curi ayamlah.


cakapaje said...

Salam Dato',

I wholehearted agree with you, sir.

jaflam said...

Thanks Shah, have a great day, I enjoyed the songs at your site very much. You are quite a sentimental person heheee.

Anonymous said...

dear dato'

it is rather difficult to think of a single moment of time when the Malay politics is totally free from politicking. It is something very typical. Before the election, after the election, anytime is just the right time for politicking. No issues? Not a problem. They can weave issues out of moonbeams. Speaking about support, real or faked, since when the PM and the party president didn't support.
Work? I dont see such thing as their raison d'etre. How many times do we see a minister with a small notebook in his hand and talking to some people with a serious face while making notes?

kingmaker65 said...

Salam Dato', at last we meet again. how are you now sir? I see that you blog nowadays. Tahniah diatas blog Dato'. Saya doakan Dato' sekeluarga diberkati & dirahmati oleh ALLAH swt selalu.
Hope to see you again. Take care Dato'...

jaflam said...

Thanks for dropping by and hope you are keeping well with life and bz. Take care will see you again.