Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Parliment at Work - Bloopers of the Week

Careless Whisper ... Whammm

The Parliament sitting was extended for two more days to push through unfinished business and legislations. It has been hot with many bloopers and unprecedented antics following the 30 mins life show.

The top bloopers happened yesterday when Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Idris Harun used Tamil word which he claimed " Sit Down " against his distracters. When the Speaker said he did not understand the word N Goblakrishnan walked up to the Speaker and whispered to him the meaning of the word which he claimed obscene. Woww that caused the up roar in the Dewan until N Gobalikrishnan apologized for his action.

The second blooper of the week was when Deputy Minister of Health Datuk Dr Latiff made a statement that doctors were given "licence to heal" as well as "licence to kill". He must be crazy or nut to issue such statements in the Parliament or is he doing it to attract attention of the media or his boss ?

Lesson learnt, stick to Bahasa Malaysia or language you know best instead of making a fool of yourself. Think, think and think before you open your mouth to avoid portraying your stupidity to the world. To Goblakrishnan plan your walk and talk .... in his case good intention does not include breaking the rule of the house. With the 30 mins life telecast and coverage by media, now the Rakyat can see partial performance of their Yang Berkhidmat in Parliament.


Anonymous said...

dear dato'

it is rather sad to note that this supposedly "dewan yang mulia" is no longer "dimuliakan" by those who are supposedly to be "honourable members".
The place seems to have evolved into a centre of exchanging "names" like "bodoh", "monkey" and whatknots or even about the female menstruaation. The fact that it was the BN MPS who said all those things makes it even more unfortunate.

elviza said...


It still amazes me that these parlimentarians can behave like this. From the start of the august house last month right until today.

Perhaps we should send them to reform classes. Or manners classes? Just a thought to ponder

cakapaje said...

Salam Dato',

Prior today, I never wanted to watch Parliament Sittings live, nor do I bother reading about them in the prints. However, after reading you and Cikgu KTN, I think I will have to begin watching. Otherwise, I'm missing all the fun which was previously provided by Mr Bean :)

jaflam said...

Salam Shirzad,
It reflects the quality of people we put into the Dewan. They just could not debate intelligently and with substance. Their prime objective to represent the Rakyat became sidelines, instead they choose to become clown.

jaflam said...

Perhaps they should be sent to PLKN to teach them about manners, responsibility and morals. I think they need it more then the youngsters that going through the program now.

Their antics and attitude should be recorded and used in PRU 13 when the Rakyat select the new representatives. To much taxpayers money are being wasted by this unproductive and useless MPs.

jaflam said...

Salam Shah,
They are better then Mr. Bean because they are doing it life. Perhaps you should start thinking of creating typical characters that reflect them and turn it into a cartoon series just like what Lat is doing with the Kampung Boy. I bet it will be a knock out.

kingmaker65 said...

Salam Dato',
it really makes we wonder sometimes, don't they realise that we the rakyat are watching them? The rakyat that vote them in as MP's are watching their behave as if we watching the circus. the rakyat send them in the arena to fight for the rakyat's cause not having fun on the expenses of others. the rakyat pun have to jimat & so does the MPs. have anyone of the so call MPs have ever offer to cut their remuneration as MPs as a gesture to the rakyat that have to tighten their expanses belt? they know that they are managing the rakyat's funds so start with cutting their remuneration first le. even the PM also one kind, when he start to speak je memang nyakitkan hati. example " rakyat perlulah berjimat cermat & berbelanja dengan berhemah dalam menhadapi kenaikan harga barang" hati sapa yang tak sakit. makcik2 kat kg koyak suratkhabar le bila baca statement mcm gitu. cakap sedap mulut je tapi tengok le macamana dia berbelanja lak, sebab "anak-anak saya kaya, mereka berniaga, tak perlu le periksa mereka itu harta keluarga saya" boleh lak gitu...tak faham bila fikir & tengok kelaku manusia yg tak pernah bersyukur kepada Tuhan kerana telah diberi mereka akal untuk berfikir.

well dato', sorry for spoiling your weekend. :3) have a wonderful weekend and have a nice week ahead dear Sir...Take care. Moga Dato' diberkati. wassalam.

jaflam said...

Hai Kingmaker,
Thanks for dropping by and putting your views on the antics by our MPs in Parliament. Actually you don’t have to be smart to behave and be responsible. Unfortunately those corrupt minds and souls must have thought that the others are all fools that they could out wink anytime.

Unfortunately for them the Rakyat has changed and will exercise their right without fear now. Hopefully those jokers will be taken out in the next round.