Wednesday, May 7, 2008

IPOH Brue - Political Hot Spot

Perak has all the ingredients and reasons for becoming the hot spot in Malaysian political scene. Having slim margin in PRU 12 to rule the State, the Pakatan Rakyat is very fragile with the Menteri Besar coming from PAS, the lowest representation in the PR. The Sultan and Crown Prince are highly educated and respected by Rakyat. The opposition (BN) is very agile and combative in checking the new administration. Initial negotiation for the appointment of Menteri Besar and current crisis on the termination and reappointment of Jamry as Director of JAIP. The uncalled remarks and comments from Karpal Singh on the Sultan of Perak directive on the reinstatement of Jamry.

Dato Sri Mohammad Nizar the Menteri Besar of Perak was the man on the spot. He has to manage all the above issues despite being very green on the job, or rather still in the learning curve in administering the State. I would say he has the hardest job among all the Chief Minister in the country. Despite the few errors in judgments he has done quite well so far but unfortunately the people beyond his control is not helping by adding fuel to the fire. Its looks like that he has no option but to go through the baptism of fire in managing Perak. He will need more then just human intelligence to keep the administration intact and transform Perak into superior performing State.

Perhaps fellow bloggers here have some ideas and advice to him in managing Perak . I will start the ball rolling with comments below:

1. Keep doing what is best for the Rakyat while respecting the Sultan who is the ruler of the State
2. Do not go on witch hunting but focus on developing the State
3. Do not compromise on cronyism and corruptions in whatever forms
4. Focus on administering the state and minimize political trivial
5. Make sure all the Exco’s work as a team and not back stabbing each other


cakapaje said...

Salam Dato',

I, for one, have a soft spot for the poor and the down-trodden. Thus, mine would be:

1. Keep your ears close to the ground.
2. Offer the people support instead of whacking and burdening them with state taxes and what not.
3. Teach the poor to be self reliant - learn from some of the projects initiated by the Thai government mean for their people.
4. Inculcate - as many and as much as possible - Islamic values to the state civil servants and the people of the state. Early morning tazkirah before work begins is a good place to start off.
5. Set a KPI for State Administration and all ADUN, irrespective of party - governing or not!
6. Give out a monthly report card for the rakyat to read and learn about the progress of the state under PR.
7. Have all district / city councils, together with relevant people and other authorities, to have a fortnightly or monthly meeting with the people.

Well, that's all I can think of for the moment. But one thing Dato, bravo! You are one of the first blogger I have come across with this positive entry. Keep it up, sir :)

jaflam said...

Salam Shah,
Good practical input from you. If we have enough items we can dvelop a check list and mail to YAB as a gift.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Dato J!

in the first place, the MSM failed, or simply refused to to touch on the main thing of this issue. the MB may be wrong for going against the constitution but being a newbie, he deserve to be given another shot. whats bothering me is, Jamry seems to be enjoying all the protection when he was the one who should be criticised and deserve the sacking. let me ask you or anyone here; are there any bosses in their right mind would still let his staff keep his job when the latter becomes complacent, or worse, refuse to do his job?

to DS Nizar, keep up the promises made in the manifesto and by the looks of it, its going pretty well. this jamry is only one small jerk. he wont get anywhere if he keeps being one, a jerk.

Zawi said...

The CM must work in such a way that the palace back him up and notbe a foe to him. Consultation with Raja Nazrin will do a lot of good. It doesnt matter if he seems to be bowing to the whims and fancy of the palace as Raja Nazrin is perceived to be a good educated person whose opinion counts.

jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
I believed Jamry won't be enjoying his reinstatement. It will be a hot seat or cold storage for him until he dumps him if still not performing.

The MB has the right to fire him but evidence and procedures must be followed. In the Government service even to fire an office boy we need to follow the procedures i.e verbal warning, written warnings , show case letter, inquiry etc. Not to worry so far he is learning fast but as I said we don't need a smart ass messing the situation.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
You are right the CM need the palace backing to balance the internal and external pressures that being imposed on him.

The fact that the Sultan consent his appointment is a positive force on his side, he need to keep working smart and not to be caught in the political games created around him.

tokasid said...

Salam Pak DJ:

I agree with what Shah had listed and I am not going to add anything more.

I have several friends who are close to DS Nizar. They knew him at a personal level and they all have good words about him.
We know what is going on in Perak is purely political disturbances from many fronts and the MSM is ever ready to hype things up.

The MB have strong reasons to transfer Jamry.Now all he need to do is present the evidence in black and white t be presented to the palace.Jamry won't be there to long anymore.

I understand the palace's position in this matter.Raja Nazrin esp had been voicing up about the law and other good things for the past 1 year and he would expect the Perak govt to do so.

This episode had taught us a lot of things and I am sure DS Nizar understood that too,now.

Coming from Perak, I noticed that Perak's progress had slowed down tremendously since the tin crisis. Many Perakians have migrated just like many kelantanese or Trengannuians or Kedahan to the Klang Valley.Perak had become like the PLUS highway which runs across Perak,just a highway from Penang to KL.

Many towns in Perak are still like what they were in the 80's. Job opportunities is still the same.
I can speak of Taiping.The Kamunting Industrial Estate is facing a slow death. If not for the many army camps in Kamunting, Taiping will be like the 80's still,in 10 years time.

I am sure DS Nizar will perform well despite many more political mosquitoes will try to bite him.