Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pak Lah toll hike break dance

While everybody welcomed the deferment of the toll hike but the earlier decision to increase it was really a stupid one. I would have thought the Government has learned its lesson from the petrol hike that made the rakyat furious and later needed to be lowered due to the slump in global crude oil price. You don’t need to be an economist or strategist in realizing that the proposed increased in toll is counterproductive in current financial crisis. Making a decision that has to be reversed in just a couple of days by giving lame excuses is just not on for a government. It implied that the Government could not see or predicts beyond the horizon or for that matter under its nose.

I foresee there is another stupid decision that going to drag the government further in its popularity. Despite almost everybody that matters is now going against the teaching of science and mathematics in English the government especially Datuk Hishamuddin the education minister is still defending the flop program. For God sake listen to the people and admit it when you have failed. You don’t need to be a Professor in Science or English to realize that speaking English has nothing to do with teaching other subjects in English. When you are supposed to solve the problems of poor English don’t burden the children and teachers with learning other subjects in English. Just make them speak and write good English full stop.

Of course in the end they have follow the tide and rakyat wish but not after making a fool of themselves.


Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
Penangguhan kenaikan tol tu dah agak dah, sebab 3 PR kecil kan nak datang tak lama lagi..
Tentang pengajaran Maths dan Sains dalam BI ni, yang peliknya, semasa peperiksaan ada dual language pulak. Jadi mereka tak ambil berat sangat tentang belajar BI tu, kerana boleh menjawab dalam BM semasa periksa.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is leaving in less than a month, Najib has to project himself, therefore they forced Works Minister to announce toll increase and in less than 2 days deferred the decision to next year. You see the drama, the gimmick, do not treat rakyat as fools.

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
Inilah masallahnya kalau mendapat pemimpin yang tidak peka kepada pekara sebenar dan mengikut nafsu kebodohan sediri.

Pemimpin yang serupa ini lah yang menjahanamkan bahasa dan bangsa.

jaflam said...

Despite the change of guard that coming soon the No. 1 is fully responsible for what happened in this country. The current loss control and chaotic political situations in this country is the manifestations of Pak Lah leadership. We will judge Najib after he takes over the country.

Some people and leaders from both sides of the political fronts are fooling the rakyat. Unfortunately they failed to realize that you can only fool people sometimes but not all the times.