Friday, March 6, 2009

Halal @ Saigon

Clean and cozy interior

I have talked about the attractions of Saigon in my earlier posting. The city with more then 20 million populations attracted millions of tourists including Muslims from all over the world.

One of the most important aspects for Muslim tourist is where to get halal food. There are a few halal restaurants in Saigon but the latest addition is Restaurant Halal@ Saigon, located at No.30, Dong Du District 1, along the same road with Shereton Saigon.

Dr. Shimi your friendly host

The restaurant owner Dr. Shimi is a very friendly and influential lady in Saigon. Her special menu provide you with halal local dishes along side Malaysian favorites like, nasi lemak, roti canai, nasi goring, teh tarik and many others. The foods are excellence and the price reasonable, while the ambiance is cozy. All those complemented with the friendliness of Dr. Shimi made Halal@ Saigon one of the best halal restaurant in Saigon.

So for those visiting Saigon do visit the restaurant for fine food and hospitality. By the way Dr. Shimi is the President of Malaysian Business Chamber, Vietnam. Her quote, to be successful " Think like a Chinese, speak like an Indian and behave like a Malay " make sense ya.

Mesjid Jamek Saigon


Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
Belum pernah ke sana dan mungkin tiada dalam perancangan pun. Tetapi siapa tahu, apa akan berlaku pada masa hadapan. Walahua'lam.

Mat Salo said...

Assalamu'alaykum Bang DJ,

Oh yes, Saigon. Brought back sweet nostalgic memories of my time there. Spent four years Bang mid -to late 90s, and many a time I hung around that Jameq mosque with some oilfield cronies (baca: PCSB, haha). Yang best tu the ladies also come out in full force for solat Jumat. They still do that? The hotel I usually stay at is just a stones' throw on Dong Khoi..

Kedai Four Seasons (arwah orang kita and local Champa wife punya) tu takda lagi ke? Disitu lah our 'port' dulu. No, I haven't seen the new airport as the last time I ciluk there for a short job was in '05.

My wife loves Ben Thanh Market! Tak pergi Cu Chi tunnels ke?

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
Boleh masukkan dlm pelan tahun depan sbb semuanya murah kat sana kain baju, barang2 kemas wanita dll. Isteri tuan mesti happy pergi sana dan tak mahu balik sbb murah sgt dan air asia pun selalu terbang kesana.

Kawan saya yang berniaga pakaiyan tiap2 bulan kesana borong pakaiyan untuk jualan.

jaflam said...

Salam MS,
Good to hear from you again. I am sure you have plenty of fond memories of Saigon. The city as usual never failed to thrill the visitors days and night.

The new air port is ready now, small version of KLIA but very busy. The Four Seasons is still there but I skipped it this time and lepak kat Halal @ Saigon. I think Saigon is missing you already, quick plan a trip there. Your wife will definately agree to it.

MULAN said...


oohh dr shimi.. a very good fren of ours masa di vietnam.. kind & helpful.. glad she finally opened one in saigon. dok citer punya lama pasal nak bukak halal cafe tapi akhirnya tercapai jua. if only dia dapat bukak awal2 dulu, before we all balik for good, alangkah indah nya suasana..

i miss saigon so much.. miss every inch of the city.. we were there for a decade..

Nguyen Mon said...

Halal @ Saigon was changed the owner. The ex-onwer is opening the new certified halal restaurant in saigon.It's named Banana Leaf @ Saigon. Visit to to know more info

Anonymous said...

Dengar cerita tukang masak malaysia kat situ sudah diberhentikan kerja...kalau macam tu siapa yang masak masakan malaysia..masih adakah lagi citarasa malaysia