Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Put the PIG behind bars....

Catch the PIGS that put pig heads at two mosques yesterday and put them behind bars. The idiotic PIGS are trying to create racial tension in peaceful Malaysia and perhaps there will be few happy power crazy politicians that hope to benefit from the incident.

The police must catch the culprit fast and put them behind bars. The Government must direct all resources to ensure Malaysia remains a peaceful multi racial country. Its looks like the opposition leaders are bent in smearing Malaysia reputations to the international community through foreign media. Anwar Ibrahim remains the champion in bad mouthing Malaysia to International community. He portrayed himself as the saviour of the minority community in Malaysia and professing liberal Islam by undermining the basic fundamentals of Islam. In fact it looks like they will be happy to sell Islam to gain power.

What have happened to this ungrateful Malays and their followers? It looks like God has taken away even the common sense from them.

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