Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remember the name & face.....Zulkefli Nordin

Remember the name and the face. Remember the leader and the party.

Zulkefli Nordin ( PKR – soon to be sacked ) – defended the name Allah for Muslims only

Khalid Samad ( PAS Shah Alam ) – fight more than the Christians for Allah to be shared with Catholic and others

Najib Abd Razak ( PM/ UMNO ) – defended that Allah for Muslim God only ... not to be shared by others

Anwar Ibrahim ( PR/ PKR Advisor ?? )– Yes, why not let share Allah with the non believers .... ok apa!

Nik Aziz ( PAS Spiritual Leader )– Why not share the name Allah.....with the Catholics or others pun ok

Awang Hadi ( PAS President ) – Have to follow the spiritual leader ma.

Harun Din ( PAS Deputy Spiritual Leader ) – Those who supported the use of Allah by Catholics are “sesat” themselves & Against the use of Allah by Christians.

After listening all the arguments from learned ustaz from both side of the divide I am more convinced than ever that Allah should not be allowed to be used by the non believers including Catholics Christians. I fully believed the issue was being raised for bigger agenda to undermine Islam and Malaysia. For the power greedy they do it to win the support on non Muslims and for the bigger unseen hand they do it to make sure Islam in Malaysia will becomes name only not in practice and beliefs. They would love to see Islam in Malaysia to be like Indonesia and better still if like in Pakistan and Afghanistan where fellow Muslim kills each other on daily basis.


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