Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crooked Bridge and Mind

With due respect to Johor UMNO Youth, do we really need the crooked bridge to Singapore. Malaysia and rest of the world is facing fatal economic and financial crisis while Singapore itself is struggling to keep the country economy upright. There are so many ways to stimulate economic growth and for once start believing in your own strength and capability instead of leaning to Singapore for progress.

I don’t think the people of Johor need the bridge, it’s more of the prospecting contractors that lobbying for it. Start thinking and put smart ideas for the state development and forget about the stupid crooked bridge.

Today, Bernama quoted Johor Umno Youth who expressed hope that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will review the decision on the project.Johor Umno Youth information chief Khalid Mohamad said today all the people of Johor, regardless of religious belief and race, wanted the government to review the decision.
"The people of Johor are placing high hopes on the Prime Minister to review the decision to cancel the crooked bridge project across the Johor Straits."The effects from the construction of the crooked bridge will be most positive to the Johor economy. We urge the government to reconsider (the cancellation) as soon as possible."Khalid is also the Johor Baru Umno Youth chief.


Anonymous said...

Salam Capt,

UMNO will never learn the lesson.

Ramli Bin Disa

Pak Idrus said...

Jaff, thinking about this is just a waste of energy and time.

It would be better if they redevelop JB into a modern metropolis like neighbor Singapore. As it is now JB is a gray town without soul. The money spend would turn it into a glittering gem just north of Singapore would be worth the money instead of that bridge.

Have a nice day.

jaflam said...

Salam Pak Idrus,
Fully agreed with you and actually there is so much that can be done to turn JB as a tourist destination. Bukit Timbalan itself can be a majestic tourist attraction.

As a Johorian its rather sad to see that Johor UMNO Youth behaving like kids without brain.

jaflam said...

Salam Ramli.
Its ok if they don't learn their lesson but unfortunately taxpayer money will go down the drain again.

Hope the PM will have more sense then listening to these boys.

Anonymous said...

crooked bridge or what ever; they shld do a study on impact affecting the locality of areas affected, plus they should really do a truthful cba(cost benefit anallysis studies). Do we want development until we sacrifice the whole thing or we want something truly beneficial to local economy including others. After all during the tenure of MB Muhyyiddin Md Yassin, he sold plentiful of tanah hasil tp singaporean. As a result he was kicked out to fed govt. as sultan sudh murka gurka.
aS the world is facing another supreme great depression, i think all billion trillion project should be reevaluate and shelved. Gov shld focus on mentaland moral side of the peoples. medical housing ,education help the elderly and the poor and org kampung yang masih struggling and increasing BASIC cost of living. The overgrowth will sacrifice the locals living standard. what the gov shld do to learn how to maintain sometg tht being build rather than KEEP expanding and expansion to cost goverment incurrg more debt and cannnot balance the book AT THE END OF THE DAY.
i wld say if pm is smart man- all trillion billion project zigzag bridge etc shld be scrap. bukanlah negara kita ni terra sgt macam negara barat yg mana suffered from credit crunch and bad market let the laissez faire conduct the economy.
we just ok and reasonably comfortable. we shld maintain the best we hve. after all yg kenyang dan kaya only a bunch of people aja. not menyeluruh.

this new gov shld see the root of the caused of many problems affecting the people on the street:
more studies and spending on education- after a chaotic system under hishamuddin, created since Anwar Ibrahim as education minister started a mess of our education syllabus.- look the impact berapa banyak budak budak buta dan terpesong the understanding of rukun negara dan bangsa sebab buta sejarah. thanks to Mr AI.even anak AI pun masuk Geelong Grammar School. So much faith in the education system.
What do thy want of the ed system? to keep children a bit longer in education or cut short but cannot provide a job due to lambakan graduate dan quality prduce below sublime and unemployment is rife. unless u r connected otherwise it will be dif story altogther.
Any changes of language shld be made in long term transitory period like what they did last time during LCE to SRP for exam paper and conduct.
shld have more vocational and apprenticeship scheme as student can be trained for few years before they can fully absorb into full employment.
More help on pre sschool since now aday kid are expected to know how to read and write and count in pre school so masuk darjah satu dah mesti tau everything. this wont affect the city ppl as they can send to smart reader, kumon etc each cost $rm 1,00 a month which outside big town and cities ppl struggling to make ends meet.
so what happened whn the gap created by these super excellent result produced by these budak bandar and the luar bandar kids can never achieve the same std required by our higher education system or scholarship requirement.
The money shld be spend on tis.
revamp on the result to enter uni or get scholarship as budak luar bandar without extra tuition etc can never achieve as budak di bandar. scholrship shld be only utk org luar bandar etc as main and priority. and anak menteri shldnt take a scholarship regardless the resultr is outstanding.
Next medical - more good quality dr for our gov hospital. no more dr from india, rohingya etc who can't comm with our pakcik and kg folks. pay the local the dr well with perks. so sponsored student yg breach contract tak nak serve country pun balik to serve the nation. ni pak cik makcik dari kg kena malpractice dgn dr yg nak guna atm pun tak reti(yg datang dari india esp tapi jadi hHOD).

Housing-now we increased our population Govt shld committed and shld provide medium cost hsing with reasonable bedrom, sizes with some compund etc. with good recreational are, school and infra structure.

anyway to cut short this- we are asking the man who asked people to eat and spend less, a few years ago who cannot see, or clueless or have true ideas on how people on the street are struggling to make ends meet to decide.
rather than have the zig zxag bridge build my friends and i thot we can make do without one. Instead the budget should be use to build more the cell, software of the nation ie membina insan dan masyarakat. whereby the hardware/ infrastructure shld be sufficient for the moment right now.we shldn't be gung ho in building but negelecting the software/ the human development side. ignoring this bt can lead to a lot of imbalance in our society.which has becomes a norm.
money well spent if money for zig zag bridge used for the nation development at large.

The danger in msia we have so many careered politician either the great grand dad is a politician or father mother etc uncle etc as politician. Whn they absorb into the system they lost the whole perspective need and good intention and purpose why thy are there. They were comfortable and insulated thy cant see the reality and plight of the people on the street.
thy just look at the rating for their popularity but not the core of the problem.they become insular.

sorry long comments
thanks bro

jaflam said...

Salam Bro,
Thanks for your long comment which shows your cocern on the subject matter. Really hopes the leaders appreciate the reality of life for the ordinary people and use their common sense in governing.

Anonymous said...

salam, eheheh sorry bro, i'm a sister la

take care

jaflam said...

Oops sorry Sis, thanks for dropping by and good comments

Anonymous said...

it's ok.

Anonymous said...

they are worse than us. or in fact at par?