Saturday, April 25, 2009

Firus, PENANTI and BYE Election

The effort by certain quarters to get rid of Firus as Deputy Chief Minister 1 of Penang was accomplished, but it may back fired if not managed properly. The former key strategist of PKR was cleared by anti corruption agency (SPRM) making his resignation as DCM 1 and wakil rakyat more unacceptable and lame in excuse. All is not well in PKR and it may get worst as the true colors of it's wakil rakyat and political games revel itself. Apparently PKR is very good in playing games with the emotions of rakyat and making every move by the BN as if against the good governance and civil society. When they won any election there is no words about the fairness of the current system but the minutes they fail in any adventures yes the Government evil mechanics is at work. Just imagine if the BN behave in the manner they did in Perak when Penang, Kedah and Selangor fell to the Pakatan Rakyat in PRU 12. This country will be in chaos like Thailand.

BN must not dance to the PR tune and set their own agenda in transforming this country to higher success. Despite the Anwar rhetoric, this country is better off than it's neighbors and most of the developing country of the world. Yes we must change for the better and the BN must change from their old unacceptable ways to suit the current expectations of the rakyat. But I believed DS Najib has made the many bold moves to effect the changes. Give him and his team time to prove their worth instead of wasting the people time and emotions in political gimmicks and slanders.

As for Penanti let the rakyat know the real culprit that forced the by election but BN must not fail the rakyat by not competing the election. Put your thinking hat and fight them face to face and never afraid of losing. How can you win if you don’t fight and how can you learn if you are afraid of losing. So Najib you made your point about Penanti but soldier on and fight the battle like losing was never the option. You have manned all the posts and let the BN warriors loose to fight their battle fronts.

This country has evolved into a two party system and the rakyat need two good parties to get the best out of the system. Let’s hope maturity creeps into the politician’s minds fast instead of portraying utter stupidity and arrogance.


Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
Setuju PRK di Penanti tidak seharusnya berlaku.
Tetapi jika diutuskan ia perlu diadakan, lawan tetap lawan.
Menang hanya akan diperolehi jika dilawan.
Kalau kalah melawan barulah namanya pahlawan.

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
Begitulah seharusnya Islam diukur pada keimanan umatnya dan pahlawan diukur pada keberanian dan sanggup berkorbannya.

Bangga lihat Lumut menjadi Bandar Tentera Laut dan KD Panglima Hitam di tauliahkan oleh Sultan Selangor. Penghormatan kepada panglima dan wira2 laut kita.