Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Najib Cabinet Lineup

Well it’s settled, BN lost both in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selembau while won in Batang Ai. Much have to be done if they want to win back the heart and soul of rakyat at the PR controlled areas. BN has to transform itself to be the party of choice or will face more losses in future.

The Cabinet line up that going to be announced soon will be one of the key indicators on BN seriousness to reinvent itself. If the corrupt and self centered leaders are being elected to the cabinet it shows that Najib is not listening well to the rakyat warning. Actually the most important man that has to change will be Najib himself. He must throw away all his bad traits and enhanced on his good attributes. He must governed this country with his best cabinet lineup and leave his wife to focus on charity works. Never let his wife interfere in his work because she will be the weak link in transforming this country to greater height.

By the way Najib need to revamp his web site 1 Malaysia which looks so old fashioned and unfriendly. The access to the site is very slow while font too small for good reading. You need to change there and fast too.

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