Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PKR Jitter : Wan Azizah Speak

It looks like Datuk Sri Najib actions in transforming UMNO and BN is making PKR jittery, resulting in the reshuffling of PKR key players. It is obvious that under Najib BN will never be the easy run over by PKR and Pakatan Rakyat again. They may win a few more by elections but their strategy of slender and political gimmicks are starting to run stale with the rakyat. The Najib strategy of not dancing to the PKR tune is making good headway. The focus on economy, performance and priority to the rakyat is gaining popularity. So were the librations of various economics sectors. These are all medium to long term strategy that will dictate the success of the country and thus rakyat support to the government.

It looks like Anwar realised that his statements is not making any big impacts to the rakyat due to the many blunders he made, especially about taking over the Federal Government through party hopping strategy. Once again he has to depend on his wife Wan Azizah to gain sympathy and confidence from the rakyat. Poor Wan Azizah, she always has to sacrifice for Anwar and PKR. I would have thought by now Anwar would have freed her from all the political pain and run the party himself. He wanted to be the Prime Minister but always put his wife as the shield against attacks from BN. So she will remains as the President of PKR and also spoke person for the party (Information Chief??)

Hope Anwar will come out from the de facto PKR leader tag and face Najib head on..... fight like a man and stop the rhetoric, legal fantasy and conspiracy rubbish.

Anwar prepares PKR for long battle with Najib’s Umno
By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made sweeping changes to PKR as Pakatan Rakyat (PR) prepares to face off with the resurgent Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) of Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

PKR insiders say there is an urgent need to hunker down for a long, tough battle with a Umno united under Najib and Anwar’s old nemesis Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Najib has been working simultaneously on several fronts — economic, financial and political — to consolidate his power base, mow down his political enemies and recoup the losses suffered by BN in the 2008 general elections.

“PKR is the main target as PKR is the glue that holds the Pakatan Rakyat together and it is we who will take the full brunt,” a PKR insider said of Najib’s strategy.
Anwar’s decision to give a bigger role as party spokesperson to Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail is significant because it was she, as the aggrieved wife and symbol of resistance, who had held the PKR together during the six-long years when Anwar was in prison.

Dr Azizah stepped back after Anwar’s 2004 release but remained as nominal party president.
She gave up her Permatang Pauh seat for Anwar in July 2008 at a time of great stress for Anwar and the PKR, with her husband again accused of committing sodomy with his former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Anwar’s sterling victory in the Permatang Pauh by-election and his subsequent appointment as opposition leader in parliament helped considerably to overshadow the public fallout from the sodomy allegations.

The allegations however are set to reappear again and dominate the headlines with the opening of the sodomy trial soon and naturally the PKR is concerned about the political fallout of another trial.

It is felt that neither deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali nor the senior vice-presidents of PKR are able to handle a major crisis as well as Dr Wan Azizah who is experienced and enjoys a unique public appeal of her own unlike other PKR leaders.

Besides, she is also well known to and has developed a network of sympathetic editors and senior writers among the international media during the years in the political wilderness.
Such a network can be a powerful positive factor in times of crisis.

Considering the circumstances Dr Azizah is expected to play a prominent public role again as PKR leader even as Anwar battles his political enemies in court and in parliament — a role that only she can carry as the symbol of resistance.

Other changes involve the ever resolute vice-president Azmin Ali who has been taken-off as election campaign director and is expected to be given a major role in the PKR in a second round of changes the PKR is expected to undertake soon.

Azmin is expected to head a key state where PKR presence is dominant.
Another key PKR leader and Anwar-ally — the information chief Tian Chua has been made strategic director and his post given to human rights lawyer Latheefa Koya.
PKR sources said she is more “level headed” then Tian Chua who had several time angered top PKR leaders with his “theatrics” and “rash” media statements.
Like Tian Chua and troubled PKR lawmaker Elizabeth Wong, Latheefa is a well known human rights activist and a fixture in numerous demonstrations for justice.
Azmin is replaced as election director by Saiffudin Nasution, a former Umno youth leader who has shown his skills and organisational abilities in recent by-election battles.
“Saifuddin’s star is shining in the PKR…he is also close to PAS and well liked by the DAP,” PKR sources said.


Anonymous said...

salam bro
politician know nowt the meaning of ashame, moral, immoral, honesty and dishonesty. their moral pole would be power power and to their death bed still dream of power. if selling one soul to the devil is part and parcel of politician, sacrificing moral values like changing dirty laundry/clothes etc, what is selling the family for power and greed and dream to be on the throne of democracy jewel? last time jaja anak anak and wife. Now takde modal lelong je wife at discounted rate. after all the lifelong dream is just to be in power and the rest just tag along with it. As a Dr she should be able to think by now the vision.
conclusion if got into power lelong negara and bangsa pulak. after all what is negara and bangsa when power is more important to this clown

jaflam said...

salam bro,
its is unfortunate that when finally power come their way the politicians became blinded and crazy as if death is beyond their reach.

it is very true when they said that don't go overboard when critizing others becoz you could be worst when u sit in that power.

Zabs said...

Salam DJ,
Saya pun dah malas nak fikir banyak tentang orang politik ni.
Memang tak termampu nak buat analisis dengan tandak tanduk yang mereka lalukan.
You just expect the unexpected, apabila mengikuti perkembangan politik tanah air sekarang ni...haha..

Anonymous said...

yes agreed.. it is easy to point weaknesses of others and very very hard to reflect oneself over the same matters.
I have observed at all levels the conclusion is power is very intoxicating. can be very intoxicating even for a small doses to start with. this is why people exert their authority over nothing due to the strength and addiction of having a power.

jaflam said...

Salam Zabs,
Memanag betul kadang2 naik bosan dibuatnya lihat perangai ahli politik kita. Tak habis habis buat perangai dan sandiwara.

Tapi kalau kita diam dia ingat dunia ini dia yang punya. Seolah2 mereka mewakili hati dan perasaan kita pulak.

jaflam said...

Hai Anon,
It is funny how they cling to power like crazy as if there is no life without it. But it was killing them softly with lust and money.

The sweetness of serving and giving has gone from them forever.

Anonymous said...

salam bro,
well nowadays the true meaning of power for politician means money in the pocket for them n their families for the next generation.power to diver the river of wealth, status, gradiose over others and of course lifestyle rich and famous. Off course at a costs. charged to taxpayer money. so be it. thy want it.
Doesnt matter abt disservice thy gave to people. Remember the quote dont ask what your country can do for you , ask what you can do for your country???
well it applies here for politician in msia and everywhere: but it sounds like tis; ask what your country can do for you, and dont bother ask us politician anything.

When a man with a job, no matter how small and lowly paid the job is, it is a job. A hard earned money -from hasil titik peluh. Even sapu jalan, jual kacang putih, etc still respectable and honest job. When a man whom never work in their life, and made a politic of his life and careers, and made a career out of his politic, then it is dangerous. For his vision only power. And he would not let it go without a deadly and tragedy. He would not take moral and shame as a guidance. for he is immoral and use politic to politicize anything. their goalpost would be power and their bonus would be longer in power and excess comes with it. career politician especially use left and right issues to get attention even to the extent of breaking apart the nation would not stop as in their eyes, if i dont get it why should they.
they will politicize anything. everything around them. they cannot even remember what they have and had said earlier. they only remember today.yesterday never exist . they remember wht lies and facts they want. a selective memory. typical mental case. but in tis world ppl still need to be cucukhidung like a kerbau(s). Regardless their level of education and IQ level. Ketaasuban membuta tuli also empowered tis careered politician ni makin besar kepala. yes i do agree kalau didiamkan dia ingat kita setuju dgn tingkah laku mereka.
I think we should have a requirement for a our mps andpoliticians. Care to add to tis idea? i think age limit should be a bit higher than 22 years old etc. at least kerja and learn to earn hard earn income like people in the street. etc. among others.

careered politician have no vision and all they care is for themself to maintain to be in power at any cost. stay in power even meruntuhkan negara.
kalau tak dapat dia macam spoilt kids behaviour. power =money =power .

worst case scenario some can be religious at the side, open and very westernize at the same time the suporters, liberal to the right and conservative to the left. This sort of application by this careered politician wld applied to these sort of action to gain popularity and power. Kulit dia org kilang periuk belanga made of Teflon probably can take supply contract from this people.

well like u said they have nolife and no kerja so politician=power+money+ loads of money = more power. nothing else n their head= STATUS =SENTIASA DI ANGKAT .NO 1.
Tu yg org kata gila power, gila judi, gila ....etc

Service to rakyat no longer relevant or IRRRELEVANT.
What s relevantis corporate money and contracts and tender and what is their cuts.
problem is is tis sort of people or careered politician would live life longer so actually their conducts is actually killing the people slowly ie the spirit and respect and patient and the stability.


have a good weekend

jaflam said...

Salam Anon,
Thanks for dropping and sharing your interesting thoughts. Fully agreed with most of them.

I think the rakyat should come up with the criteria for MPs and their scope of work and performance expectations. i.e

1. Age i.e more then 30yrs
2. Academic qualifications
3. Integrity
4. Experience in work and community service
5. Loyalty to country
6. ESQ etc

Then we can come up with KPIs for them since they are serving us if they are not up to the marks continuosly then terminate their service heheee on the bicycle!! The requirements applies to MPs from all political party! we can become like the persatuan pengguna for politcal services/workers.

Need to sit down seriously on this emmmm.

Anonymous said...

Bro point to add; a politician of malaysia should be educated under the msian education system ie attending gov of malaysia school till form 5 at least.national history a compulsory subject esp youngs to be leader must have tht until spm.
A community service for them to do not just simply joint pemuda umno sort of thing and politicking their way to go up the political ladder. Time frame ti be a politician to be considered. No more than 3 term. After that perhaps thy can serve the people as independent charity body with no financial gain from govt and taxpayer money.the perks and benefit of mps and minister shld be reduced. Afer all not tht thy beli minyak and kena pu fwd claim macam di ofis. So some perks readily absorb other financial gain holiday abroad for the whole family, big allowance, should be reduced. Pension it should be deducted from their salary as minister or mps.that means thy hv to contribute and allocate the portion of the salary equiv the salary ofto the epf. That means no govt money shld be used to pay pension to these mps and politican.no siblings or uncle. Aunti who prev a ministers or shld be an mp or minister. These are to discurage any tom dick and harry from using politics as gain for personal comfort. This means test shld be used to ward off ppl like ai and the rest who had never work in their life using politics as the platform to their agenda. After all it is they thmslvs set the target and quality and kpi. If these reduction and cut to perks in a way ward off the political scum and con artist with hidden agenda for personal gain from loitering too long to get the place as mps and ministers. When the perks is less they will find it less attractive and thy probably do somtg else that benefit them such as conning ppl or becoming a con salesman. Mps and ministersPension shld be under stakeholder system.
Other req wld be thy shld be able to stay away from all these nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I suke sgt artikel2 macam ni..dia buat aku rasa macam 1 Malaysia akan kekal sampai tahun 2013 saja.macam la slogan Pak Lah-Islam ada had ada hari...heheh..jittery..yes very jittery..hehehe

jaflam said...

Slm Anon,
Fully agreed that the politicians especially ministers must send their childeren to local schools at primary and secondary level but free after that for university level.

They cannot expect rakyat to subscribe to national education system while they don't believe in it. Typical colonial minded.

jaflam said...

Untuk menyamakan Islam Hadari dan 1Malaysia adalah satu andaian yang dangkal.1Malaysia adalah satu program yang merangkumi sistem kemasyarakatan, ekonomi dan pembangunan "capability and capacity" negara berbanding Islam Hadhari yang menjurus kepada keagamaan.

Saya berpandangan zaman dimana pembangkang mendapat jalan mudah mengalahkan BN atas kelemahan Pak lah telah berakhir. Sebab itulah PKR telah memulakan langkah untuk memastikan survival mereka dan behadapan dengan tentangan baru BN.