Friday, March 5, 2010

MCA Showdown....

MCA showdown will take place within a month after Dr Chua Soi Lek and friends decided to quit the CC. From now until then there will be all sorts of manoeuvres from all groups to get the most from the coming election. Will it be a fair game for all? You must be joking to expect that because all groups will try and win the election at all cost.

Actually MCA leadership has no choice but resolved their outstanding problem or will be made irrelevant when BN direct membership take place. The BN direct membership scheme will definitely change the country political landscape. With the system more individuals, small political parties and NGOs can associates themselves with BN and became part of the system. Whether it will really work out for BN only times will tell but looking at the problems faced by few of BN component parties the system will definitely help.

After the showdown will MCA brings back the Chinese votes to BN? I am quite sceptical that will happen in a big ways. Make your guess why?

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paloibinmulau said...

muhyiidin sakap mca akan kuat lepas pemilihan semula. saya penuh yakin sakap muhyiidin sbb chua jauh lebih hebat dari ong sbg ketua mca. tambahan pula ong selagu berlaga angin dgn amno. kalau chua ok sbb dia org johor suda biasa dgn amno.